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Sam Del Valle
The dankest of memes are enough to keep me alive
The dankest of memes are enough to keep me alive

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New Video! Playstation 4 Slim and Pro: Rundown. Check it out!

How's the performance on the Nexus 5X on the latest Android N preview?

Im thinking of test driving N to see if some of the lagginess from Marshmallow was squashed out.

Question. Is SMS absolutely broken on Dev Preview 3 for anyone. Messenger or Hangouts app

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Hey! Love the app! Just one suggestion: if its possible can you add the option to replace that top image on the side drawer with any photo you want. Just a small suggestion hopefully you would consider it :)

Thanks :) 

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Now this is interesting (Not sure if this was in 5.1) either way it doesn't work yet on M
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