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A report on the poll!

The two top choices were the Catastrophe sourcebook and the Encryptopedia adventure.

While I am definitely going to do the Catastrophe sourcebook, I am going to hit the second Encryptopedia adventure, first. I am in progress writing a new adventure called "The Forever Diamonds," which will be my next product. Thank you very much for the feedback, everyone!

Special thanks to for the CC photo 
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Oh! and I'm still going to do that frontier area sourcebook....just not yet.

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This looks awesome! I wish I had $20 to get the PDF - if I lived with kids I would totally scrape together the dough.
The No Thank You, Evil! Kickstarter has been live for only one day but we're already close to reaching our goal. We have a lot of great things planned once we cross into the stretch goal territory - will you help us get there?
Monte Cook Games is raising funds for No Thank You, Evil! a Game of Make-Believe for Families on Kickstarter! A game of make-believe for creative kids and their families from the team that brought you Numenera and The Strange
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Sam Chupp

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I am at 5K on Forever Diamonds, yay! Still have a fair piece to go – I think this one will be from 20K to 32K words.  Forever Diamonds is my campaign-length adventure sourcebook for Encryptopedia.

So far I have covered bits about:

The Heralds of the Queen, a faction that originated in the main Encryptopedia soucebook. The information presented in Forever Diamonds will be in addition to, not to replace, the information in Encryptopedia. So those of you who already own Encryptopedia will be safe.
The Shadowhood, a new faction representing a new type of espionage organization called the Cabal.
A new power system for talents owned by the Shadowhood (which has been a bit of a drain on productivity, I can tell you – power systems eat productivity for breakfast).
A new way of tracking inter-faction conflict between espionage factions.
I’ve also done some basic design work for the big story from which the little stories will get their structure.

All in all it has been fun, so far, but there are a lot more words to put down. More as it develops!
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design
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Sam Chupp

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OK, there are some folks who are playing bumper cars at various starports (Leesti's George Lucas for one) keeping the less agile of us from actually landing (Read, a Big Ol Transport) 

Any advice as to how to deal with these people? I've tried

* dodging them (they are more agile)
* firing on them (the station takes me out)
* running away (they catch up with me and blow me up)

After losing a 40 tons of rare goods, I am a little ticked.

I suppose that's why they do it. Grr.

Anybody want to wing up? Say, an Imperial Clipper or an Anaconda?
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+Suzanne P I wanna hang around you and your Anaconda.. but I think if I do, the scenario might be something like this...
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Comment on the main post! :)
OMG - check out our mission (

Here's the game Wish List so far. What games can be added? Are there quick-prep materials already online somewhere? 

Another Fine Mess
Awesome Adventures
Blade & Crown
Chaos U
Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks 
Cyberpunk 2013
Dog Eat Dog
Encryptopedia: Live & Let Dye Adventure
Escape from Tentacle City
Firefly RPG
Growing Up
Grunting: the Race for Fire
Larps from the Factory
Mist-Robed Gate
New Gods of Mankind
Our Last Best Hope
Princess Drive
Project Ninja Panda Taco
Rise and Fall
Run them Again
SexyTime Aventures
Shooting the Moon
Slasher Fick
Souls of Steel
Steal Away Jordan
Tales  of the Fisherman's Wife
The Dance and the Dawn
The Dreaming Crucible
The Dying Earth: Fields of Silver adventure
The Last Seder
The Play's the Thing
The Quiet Year
The Secret Lives  of Gingerbread Men
The Tavern
The Way of the Witch
They Became Flesh
Tragedy in Five Acts
Weapons of the Gods
When the Dark is Gone
Wild Strawberries

#RPGs   #WeNeedDiverseRPGs
Our Many Games is an initiative to get games played. Browse this site to find quick-start rules, cheat sheets and links for games by people of color, women of all ethnicities, queer folk, trans designers and people with disab...
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TIL that you can spend two hours mining and with an accidentally push of a button, dump 92% of the ore you'd just spent all that time collecting. I am going to bed. Happy Spring or Fall Equinox, Solarians!
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I unbound that control a long time ago. You never need to dump all your cargo that quickly. :-)
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Lunch in the dark selfie for +Rowan Cota 
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Thanks +Rowan Cota your compliment made my day. Hi +Béibhinn Mhodartha always good to see you too.

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I'd love this tent :)
"Glamping" at field/festival LARPs?  I might make an exception in the case of this tent. 
I haven't been able to get these Lotus Belle Tents out of my head since i ran into one while exploring Mercado Sagrado. They feel part “normal” tent + part yurt + part awesome inflatable structure looking shape… that all fits in a duffle bag (or two! depending on size) - and it's SO spacious!
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I support anything that bares that striking a resemblance to a Hersey Kiss. 

Sam Chupp

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Happy birthday to awesome writer, gamer, dirty weasel poet, and blogger, +Meera Barry 
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merrily retweets like woah

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My official Gamerversary is always the Easter holiday. I realize it moves around a lot. But my very first Real Life Gamebook, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, was given to me as an Easter present by the Easter Bunny. I was 8 years old. Now I’m 47 and next year will have my 40th Gamerversary.

A side note: not long after this I got my PH confiscated by the principal at the private school I was attending, and was told that I should take it home and burn it because it was Satanic.

Needless to say, I did not. That poor book fell apart from use and had to be given a proper burial many years later.
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design
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+Corey Brin sorry to hear it! 

Sam Chupp

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I really love the work Anita is doing, and this is a way to find out the games she recommends. I'm signing up.
Feminist Frequency's game recommendations on Steam.
Feminist Frequency recommends: "Games with dynamic or well designed female characters. As well as emotionally impactful games with an emphasis on themes of cooperation, empathy or social justice." · 11. Recommended: March 21 ...
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It's a nifty way to learn about some innovative new games - by their very definition not going with the old tired tropes.

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That and a fiver will get you a cider ;)
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Game Designer, Writer, Tech Support, Dad, Podcaster
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Remember Wraith and Changeling? That's me - I was a co-designer on them both. (See below)

A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His second novel, Heart of the Hunter, was released under a Creative Commons license in audio form. He's currently working on another book in the same milieu as Heart of the Hunter called "Soul of the Sorcerer" as well as a modern urban fantasy project he calls "Eulalie."

Sam Chupp got his start designing games with White Wolf Game Studio and was a principal designer on Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion. He was White Wolf's first Internet Rep. 

His novel, Sins of the Fathers, was published by HarperPrism in September of 1995. He wrote the "Bone Gnawers Tribebook" and "The Book of Nod" (with Andrew Greenberg). His writing has been included in over 40 role-playing gamebooks published by White Wolf, Holistic Design, and Steve Jackson Games. 

In his spare time, Sam has designed, written, organized, and conducted many stand-alone LARP games in the States, Canada, and even one in Ireland, with a total of 300+ characters. He ran a very special children's fantasy LARP for Dragon*Con 1999 called "Six Stones." 

On a personal note, Sam is an Unitarian Universalist Pagan who lives in Atlanta.

Bragging rights
Got three children across the 18-year-old finish line. Wrote two novels. Helped design a few RPGs you can find in Google: Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Mage: the Ascension, Wraith: the Oblivion and Changeling: the Dreaming....
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My favorite Indian food in Atlanta.
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A hotel that won't house people, even when the bill is being paid for, is not a hotel. Bad show for refusing to take Department of Homeless Services money for more nights indoors for people who need it. Shame on you!
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