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Time for another poll! I am trying to figure out what book to go with next. As is always the case, I have more ideas than I have time and energy. If you look back on my timeline you'll see that the last poll actually helped choose the next book: The Forever Diamonds, which just came out. So I do tend to listen to these polls, even though it is my final decision which way I go. Without further ado, your choices are:

* A System Sourcebook: Using licensed mechanics systems, I would create a system book for Encryptopedia, including creating stat blocks and the like for all of the characters created in the books.

* A Romance & Intrigue sourcebook. Intrigue is not the same as espionage, although they have similar aspects. This could, however, dovetail into Encryptopedia stories.The sections would be Coming of Age, Courtship, Consummation, Legacy, and Dynasty. We'd talk about the arcane, divine and political ramifications of romance, and I'd probably provide in depth detail on the te'ohm system of magic (energy work).
* A Fantasy Catastrophe systemless sourcebook: this would cover three kinds of catastrophes; a Mongol-style horde invasion, the failure of arcane magic, and the death of the Gods. I'd go from pre-catastrophe, to the first signs, to the onslaught, and finally the aftermath.

* Player Folios for Encryptopedia: These would go deeper for each type of Agent Roles listed in Encryptopedia: Herald, Crypter, Shade, Fixer, Gadgetsmith, Demonia, Breaker, Grunt, Spook, Snake, Eyes, and Wetworker. These would be short, inexpensive releases until they all get combined into one book as a Player's Guide for Encryptopedia. I'd be offering a discount off the price of that book for anyone who purchases the folios along the way: I hate double-charging people for information!!

* Something else...don't like any of these!

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System Book Encryptopedia
A Romance & Intrigue Sourcebook
Fantasy Catastrophe Sourcebook
Player Folios for Encryptopedia
Something Else - try again!
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I will definitely include that in the romance book which is currently winning :)

Sam Chupp

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I love this!
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That is awesome. 

Sam Chupp

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The Pre-Order sale link for “The Forever Diamonds” is now available on DriveThruRPG
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design

Sam Chupp

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This is a trailer for my new book, The Forever Diamonds!

Sam Chupp

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Today is the day I was born. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I was premature by several months. Had to stay in the hospital until September. I believe on some cellular level this taught me to really enjoy every moment of life as much as possible. I try to live in the moment, in the present, as much as possible.

People ask me: don’t you feel old? 48 years is a long time, but I really prefer it to the alternative!

I am very happy to receive the birthday wishes of folks on Facebook and beyond. If you would like to send me a present, just buy one of my books here: (I promise Forever Diamonds is nearing completion, should have it done before GenCon.) If have already bought one of my books, go over to DriveThruRPG and leave a review.

I want to personally thank my partner Tabitha for her support throughout the year, and the people in my life who have supported my writing: Skye, Melissa, Alan, CynKitty, Shelia, Robin, Caoimhe, Dave, and many others. Thank you very much! I can’t do this without you.
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design
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Blessings, as always❤️


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Hi there, I'm Sam Chupp, happy to be a Local Guide level 3. I'm interested in the "inside scoop" on events and so forth. I'm a freelance writer and work in tech support. Plus if there's any way I can help out a fellow guide, I'd love to try.
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More is Merrier!

Another entry in the burgeoning Fantasy Espionage sub-genre!

Evil Hat has released, “Pay What you Want”, the following supplement for Fate Core:–A-World-of-Adventure-for-Fate-Core

House of Bards focuses on the political side of intrigue and espionage. If you are interested in focusing on the shadowy world of Espionage in your House of Bards campaign, Encryptopedia will be an excellent supplement for House of Bards.
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design

Sam Chupp

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Don't miss this cool steam punk novel kickstarter!

Sam Chupp

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HI all! I'm Sam. Lately I have been creating systemless sourcebooks for fantasy espionage stories through DriveThruRPG e-books. Next project will be a romance and intrigue sourcebook for the fantasy genre.
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Yay! I'll go back and re-listen then. Cool!
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My books are inclusive. I take some extra effort to make them so. Are they perfect? No. Are they going to hit you over the head with how inclusive they are? No. But they are.

Take for example, the characters in the latest book “The Forever Diamonds,” which came out yesterday. ( )

Of the 15 characters, 7 are female, 7 male, 1 is non-gendered. 9 are People of Color, 5 are White, and 1 is a reptile (very pretty color reptile though). Two of the men are lovers. A woman has a crush on her supervising officer, who is also a woman. There’s at least two asexual people. There are differing body styles – not everybody is “Body beautiful.” One of the men is disabled and has to wear a prosthetic arm and legs (I wish everyone could have magical limbs!).

But is it a big deal? No. I only bring it up as a point of interest.

I don’t need a medal. I don’t expect any cheers, or to be carried on the shoulders of the downtrodden. I am just this writer and I have written this book. That’s all.

I bring all of this up because it wasn’t hard to do. Didn’t take any extra time. So I encourage my other game designer and writer colleagues to pay attention. Next time, if you have a chance, try the inclusive way. It just makes sense.
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His writing has been included in over 40 RPG Gamebooks from publishers like White Wolf, Steve Jackson, and Holistic Design
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+Am Queue Thank you! 

Sam Chupp

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Deal of the Day worked! I got 37 sales of Encryptopedia at half price in the 24 hours at DriveThruRPG.

I discovered it's a "Copper Seller" - copper is not the best, but it's better than nothing!
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Make that 38 - one somehow got in just before the change!

Sam Chupp

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37 hours... doable! 
The Continuing Adventures of Molly Danger! Molly and Austin's partnership is tested as "Father" gathers the Supermechs!
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Remember Wraith and Changeling? That's me - I was a co-designer on them both. (See below)

A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner. His second novel, Heart of the Hunter, was released under a Creative Commons license in audio form. He's currently working on another book in the same milieu as Heart of the Hunter called "Soul of the Sorcerer" as well as a modern urban fantasy project he calls "Eulalie."

Sam Chupp got his start designing games with White Wolf Game Studio and was a principal designer on Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion. He was White Wolf's first Internet Rep. 

His novel, Sins of the Fathers, was published by HarperPrism in September of 1995. He wrote the "Bone Gnawers Tribebook" and "The Book of Nod" (with Andrew Greenberg). His writing has been included in over 40 role-playing gamebooks published by White Wolf, Holistic Design, and Steve Jackson Games. 

In his spare time, Sam has designed, written, organized, and conducted many stand-alone LARP games in the States, Canada, and even one in Ireland, with a total of 300+ characters. He ran a very special children's fantasy LARP for Dragon*Con 1999 called "Six Stones." 

On a personal note, Sam is an Unitarian Universalist Pagan who lives in Atlanta.

Bragging rights
Got three children across the 18-year-old finish line. Wrote two novels. Helped design a few RPGs you can find in Google: Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Mage: the Ascension, Wraith: the Oblivion and Changeling: the Dreaming....
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This Kroger is packed in tight but still has everything I need.
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One of the best beard trims I've had in Atlanta outside of a private consultant.
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Excellent Cafe Americano plus friendly service and clean bathrooms
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Helpful staff will explain the menu. I got the chicken. I was a bit worried about it being too spicy - was pleasantly surprised that they let you self-regulate the spice level by applying your own jerk sauce. The chicken was delicious, there was a lot of it, and got extra plantains instead of cabbage salad. Great meal, will probably go there again!
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Good food, OK service, waffle house is great for travel
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