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Here it goes, for those friends that do not understand Portuguese.
An honest and objective view of Brazil!

+Houssem YAHIAOUI, if you can commit on taking care of a FireBase backend, I can commit myself on taking care of the Polymer frontend.

Hi Guys!

What happened to Google+?
The new interface looks like a problematic downgrade.

It's ugly and is missing a lot of features.
The features I miss the most are Hangout on AIr, the profile's About page and the Circles page.

Is Google+ becoming a sort of a Twitter clone?

Please, don't enforce the new interface!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question.

Was the new Google Plus interface built with Polymer and or Web Components?


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Think you’ve got what it takes to beat me in Real Racing 3?

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Guys, how's the camera access permissions through the webapp manifest, for Android and iOS devices?

Is it a reality now?

Last weekend our team own the first place at the Startup Weekend Education São Paulo. Now we are setting up things to launch the project as a new startup.

I've become the CTO and I'm planning on developing the front-end using Polymer, as an installable Webapp for both Android and iOS.
(The back-end will most likely be coded in Java)
Access to the devices cameras is a requirement.

Thanks in advance for tips and advice.

+Eric Bidelman 
+Addy Osmani 
+Rob Dodson 

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How nice,
our team own first prize at the Startup Weekend Education, last weekend! :)

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