Shared publicly  - is very tempting.

Give them your zip code and 20$ for the year, and they send you seeds for fruits and vegetables when it's the right time to plant where you are. Like everyone else I know, I'd like to be more self sufficient. This would chop the entire planning work off the front of that.
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wow, so time as well as climate in consideration?
I believe that is the idea.
It just will not send me the seeds.
ok this is very tempting. My issue is going to be getting the soil decent. I tried a garden a few years back and found that I had way too much sand. Been meaning to get a load of topsoil in.
Nice. So these two sites need to Voltron up.
+Roy McLeod We did a 4x8 raised garden last year, filled it with garden soil and a bit of manure, and buried a soaker hose attached to a timer. If you're okay with the limited footprint and/or just experimenting, it's awesome. It's isolated from the rest of the yard, it waters itself (unless you hire shockingly stupid yard guys and then go on vacation, like we did), it never has drainage problems, and you don't need to do much about soil amendment for the first year.
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