What has Google+ done to our photo albums? I spent so much time, energy and investment into ordering my photo albums in a way that any one who wanted to see my work would have all the best albums and best images showing up at the top. But now the albums as we knew them are gone, and the photos that show in my "photos" stream are not ordered in the way I want them to be ordered. I feel like I have lost control over the way I present my photos. I was using this page previously as a link for people to view my best work, as a kind of portfolio. But not any more, it's now all muddled up, process photos I posted to specialist communities are showing up above final, polished art works. Taking away creative control from the artists = like taking candy from a baby.
+Alex Lapidus did you notice this change yet?
+Brian Matiash sorry I know you are on vacation, but tagging you for when you get back, I'd love to know how we can have input into changing the order of our photo pages?
Also, I am not convinced that the 'public' view works correctly on this page. 
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