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After reading a few articles and tips about google plus, I decided that I'm going to delete all my original circles and create circles around post content.

So, I am asking you all, my friends, what content would you like to see (if you don't respond, I'm just going to put you in a lump category and you won't see much from me)?

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Technology - tech articles and interesting finds
Writing - writing articles, interesting tips, and sometimes questions about best style practices
Reading - bits of my own fiction and writing
Books - book news, reviews, and possibly spoilers on stuff I'm reading
Random - random internet finds (probably cute pictures, silly nonsense, and reddit junk)
SLR - Sex, Love, Relationships, GLBTQAI, other stuff
Personal - personal status updates, possibly interesting life news, etc
Everything - If you want to see it all... beware the flood of posts from me, I guess.
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Put me down for Tech, Writing, and Personal
You can definitely put me down for everything. I wanna know what neat things your brain comes up with!
Anything that strikes your fancy, Samwise.
Everything for me, please...I like your floods :)
I added a category SLR - see above. I added all the people who wanted to see everything already. :)
Since you're virtually the only person in my circles who does anything here, and since I find your posts interesting, I think I'd like to see everything. (I'm also a creeping creeper, but that's neither here nor there.)
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