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Sam Bice
A Man, A Plan, A Cannolo. (But, seriously ... Painter, Artist, Drawerrer, interested.)
A Man, A Plan, A Cannolo. (But, seriously ... Painter, Artist, Drawerrer, interested.)

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A lazy 3.9 Million for a Whiteley at Auction. #painting #art

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Had the winner of the Doug Moran Prize on my mind all week, it bothers me someone doing 6 years for a violent armed robbery gets $150k in prize money.

Listening to music* and painting in the studio, after a morning of cooking up a boatload of spinach, tomato and feta lasagna. Bechamel cheese sauce, the works.

(*using MusicBee as a media player on my Windows 8 laptop in the loungeroom, that's accessing my FLAC music library on network drives (NAS) that are plugged in to the router, served over WiFi by a DLNA media server, outputting to the Hi-Fi speakers, and scrobbling to, using an android app on my phone as a remote control from the studio ... Simple, right. ;) )

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I CAN NOT help dancing and smiling when I hear this! :) XO

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Some gorgeous, molten sublime, by +Abigail Markov . :)
Per +Max Rubenacker's request - Convocation & Delta together. 

Left a bit speechless. 

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Some damn lovely painting!
Sviatoslav Richter.
Oil on paper 23x33 cm.

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Oil on Board
1200mm x 900mm

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Gorgeous photo, very reminiscent of a Bouguereau painting.
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And this is the shot we start off 2013 with! Taken with the Pentax 645D medium format camera yesterday early evening at a closeby location with my usual outdoor one light setup. Some issues on arriving by breaking a speedlight hotshoe, rf trigger not firing due to bad contacts and an unexpected yet welcome cold windy weather change but we pulled the shot off within 15 minutes! A great start to 2013! ;)

#plusphotoextract   #portrait   #portraitphotography  

Agh! Does anyone know how to disable invitations, reminders, etc, to events that are not even on the same side of the planet as you? It is driving me motherflipppin' crazy! Why the bloody hell do people invite everyone to events on the other side of the world, that they are clearly not going to be attending, even if they wanted to! It is just spam, when you randomly slam whatever lists you have going without considering whether it is remotely targeted, or relevant. It. Is. Fucking. Annoying!

I disabled all my event notifications via email and sms, after googling how to rid myself of them. Now they are coming through as calendar reminders via my phone, from one of the many multi-directional syncing of accounts.

If anyone has any bright ideas, short of disabling google+ entirely.... I would dearly love to hear them, please.

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I am rapidly turning into my Grandfather. :)
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