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Sam Bartle
I'm Sam Bartle originally from North Seaton, but now living in Sheffield.
I'm Sam Bartle originally from North Seaton, but now living in Sheffield.

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Wow. That's the country fucked then. 

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APK is marked as compatible on the Motorola Defy+ (I'll check but I bet it doesn't actually work), and Incompatible with the Nexus 4 (Which I bet does work.)

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He likes snow almost as much as me...

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Google Buys Word Lens Instant Translation App

According to an announcement last week, Google has purchased Quest Visual the company that made Word Lens ( ), an amazing instant translation app & for a limited time has made it free to download from the Google Play store.

What's cool is it also works with Google Glass.

Quest Visual is joining Google!

By joining Google, we can incorporate Quest Visual's technology into Google Translate's broad language coverage and translation capabilities in the future.

Google Acquires Quest Visual and its (Awesome) Word Lens Translating App  from PCmag

Google has acquired Quest Visual for an undisclosed amount. In doing so, the company has picked up a means for augmenting its translation capabilities in Android and Google Glass, in addition to bolstering its own Google Translate service with Quest Visual's eye-catching technology.

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Anyone used a Fuji SL1000?

+Google+ Why cant I have the personalised URL:  - you made me pick despite + sambartle having NO ONE USING IT. Maybe this is why no one uses plus. 

If you own a website which I host for you, please follow the steps I've mailed you soon, otherwise your site will soon go dark when I pull the plug on my old host. You have been warned.

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What is wrong with Google. Why do you insist on sitting down ask the good apps.. And keep junk like Google plus. 
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