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Well crap, my DroidX has started getting a few black lines on the screen which a reboot didn't fix.  It'll be two years old in September and still runs fine, so hopefully it doesn't get worse.  To move to anything else on Verizon I think will cause me to loose my unlimited bandwidth plan.  So if that happens i'll either just downgrade back to a normal phone or migrate my number to TMobile or Sprint.  
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Check out Ting also...They don't subsidize phones but they also only charge you for what you use.,,
I've got 5 phone lines via Verizon. And I'd really like to dump the whole kit and caboodle.... it would save me $120 or more a month.   Attrition happens slowly... 
I just switched to Sprint from VZW.  unlimited data!
I am in the same VZW boat with an original DroidX. Slow, buggy. But if V changes my grandfather clause, I am gone. Looking for options now in case that happens in August when I am up for a new every 2. Just about everywhere I go has 802.11, so I could go back to the old flip phone and a PDA thing. Hey, I'm cheap...wanna fight about it?
+Brian Wagner Wow, I hadn't heard of Ting, but looks great though they only have like 5 phones to pick from and don't allow bringing in your own device... from what I'm reading anyway on their site.

+Corey Goldberg Any problems with Sprint thus far?  That's probably the route I'll go if/when I need to get a new phone, but if not i'll just drop back down to a normal phone since I could live with 
+Sam Alexander so far Sprint is great.  Samsung Galaxy S3 rocks!  Just beware that Sprint's 4G LTE network is just rolling out, and not available in as many cities as Verizon.  But if you are happy on 3G + wifi, it's awesome.. no probs.
+Ken Watson I'm looking at the same thing, just moving back to a flip phone and getting a Nexus 7 since likewise there's wifi about everywhere I go now'days.  Heck I probably have an old flip phone in a drawer someplace to use instead of buying something new since I'd really love to forego contracts.  Heck if I can find my old Motorola v60 in a box someplace I could go back to it.. it's basic but about the most rock solid phone I've ever owned given it has a metal casing.

I wish there was a device like the Mifi with decent battery life, else i'd just say screw the cell phone and pay $50/month for a mobile hotspot then use either a Nexus 7 or even iPod touch with Skype or Google Voice for voice calls.
You might want to check things out first and see if the new shared plan will save you money or not. Go to My Verizon on the web, and check your data usage for the past 6 months. (Check past bills). Add up all the data usage, then check the price of the next highest level of data plan. Add up the prices of the phones that you have and you will have what it will cost. Compare that to the cost now (make sure that you either remove the fee price from your current bill, or add the fees to the new data plan price).

For me, if it was just the 2 lines (wife and myself) I could save money. But adding in the new expensive price of the 2 dumb phones for the kids likes (yes they are old enough to have their own phone, one is in law school, the other unemployed at the moment). and the new plan will cost me money.

Second thing to consider, coverage. Yes Sprint has unlimited, but how is their coverage where you live, where you work, and where you travel? If their coverage is spotty where you use the phone the most, what good is unlimited data when you do not have a signal?

Not saying to stay or go, but check it out first.  I don't have to make a decision for my situation until next year when my Galaxy Nexus comes up for replacement.  I do know one thing. My Galaxy Nexus is a LOT less buggy without the skin of any of the manufacturers. My Droid X has some bugs, but it was a LOT more stable than a lot of people with the same phone. I was happy with it, in fact, I will have it and use it for testing. 
I'm in the same VZW boat. I have 2 unlimited plans through them and would hate to loose them.
On average I use around 700 minutes, though on Verizon 95% of that is in my Friends and Family group.  Plus I'm still on a 900 minute plan for $59 I got when I was through Alltel, so that's something else I'd hate to loose.  They carried it through when I got my DroidX, but I'm betting they'll force me to drop it if I get a new phone.

As for data it's between 2 Gigs and 6 Gigs over the last few months, but that's mostly because I download and stream podcasts from my phone daily.  As for texting, not much at all... i honestly hate texting.

I need to research flip phones with a decent camera because as long as i can post pics to Google Plus, Flickr, email, and text that's really all I need.  If I get the Nexus 7 I can download the podcasts I need to it and use that in the car.
probably corrosion or damaged flex circuit, fun times. do you keep your phone in a sweaty pocket?
My phone does go into my pocket, but not all that often... at work or in the car it stays out, and only when in the grocery store or picking up the kids do I put it in my pocket -- though working in an office I can't say it's sweaty.  
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