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Father, Husband, Nerd, what else can I say...
Father, Husband, Nerd, what else can I say...

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We watched the first episode tonight with the kids, and it definitely didn't disappoint! It's geared more for adults or teens then younger kids, but other then possibly the episode(s) on sex we hope to let your kiddos watch them.

#BillNye #NetFlix #Science

To all the cord cutters, can someone suggest a simple way to capture OTA HD programming on OSX?  I've seen the El Gato EyeTV, but that thing is like $200.  Surely there's something else.    Rather not resort to bittorrent if I can avoid it.

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This is by far the best video I've seen about the ACA.  I thought I knew most of the major details about it, but I learned several things from this.  It's put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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This picture is full of SO much awesomeness!  
"16-bit memories" -- a geeks room from the late 80's early 90's


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This is neat to hear.  I was like 11 when Farpoint aired, and I stayed up late that night to watch it plus recorded it after one of my parent's shows.  Blah thing is I fell asleep half way through which was about the same time the tape ran out, and it was about 2 years later before I found someone with a copy I could borrow.  

But from that first episode I recorded almost every Trek episode each week even through DS9.  So I have this box of VHS tapes labeled and cataloged in our garage using my old VCR's counter on when each episode starts, plus I recorded specials and anything related to Trek.  I think it's like 45 tapes.  I have an episode of Good Morning America filmed on the TNG set, an episode of Reading Rainbow from PBS (hosted by LeVar Burton of course) filmed on the set, an episode of Primetime Live (old news program) where Deforest Kelley gave a tour of the TNG set, and some others.  So yeah, that and the commercials make these keepers.

I have most of these on DVD now plus they're all online through Netflix, but still I can't part with these old tapes.  But dang, I can't believe this was 26 years ago.  I feel old knowing I can measure events in my life by quarter centuries :-D
It was 26 years ago today, Encounter at Farpoint premiered. Happy birthday Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Why do you love Star Trek: The Next Generation?

I generally pride myself on being up on the latest technology, but just recently I started looking at VUDU and other services that use the #Ultraviolet codes that some DVD's and BD's now have.  Maybe we just never had a simple way to play them, but with our #Roku I installed #Vudu, linked it to a new UV account, and scoured our movie collection for any movies that had UV codes.  Unfortunately most that did the code is missing thanks to the kids.  Most of the times the codes listed in the cases are for crappy games or 'free' stuff, but in these few instances I think we could've used them.

But at least we have the last Harry Potter, the new Star Trek movie, and Rock of Ages out there, I did have those plus the 10 free movies they added to our account which was neat.

I took back the Chromecast and picked up a Roku 3 instead. About $65 more, but it does exactly what I hoped the Chromecast would do which is a stream content from our Mac. Within about 10 minutes I had the Plex software setup and streaming like a Boss.

So #Roku is definitely the way to go. 

Okay, I'm finally working on some videos to post to Youtube showing how to do some MS SQL stuff, and my first venture is to install a MS SQL 2012 cluster from the ground up in a VM environment.  It'll cover downloading eval copies of Windows 2008 R2 and SQL 2012 (yeah I'm still not all up on Win 2012 clustering yet), Virtualbox, and freenas, then building the domain, iSCSi interfaces, and a two node Active/Active cluster.  Heck I'm even planning on using mount points, dual network cards, and everything else to hopefully demo it as close to a production level installation as possible.  

If anyone would be interested in such a tutorial please let me know.  Or if anyone has other videos you think would help the MS SQL DBA community please let me know.  Replication will probably be the next thing I show since after this I'll have two instances of MS SQL setup and ready to use.

Thanks --


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Doing it right!

They opened an #ALDI grocery store in town earlier this year, and we finally stopped by there to do our weekly grocery shopping.  I have to say my wife and I were both impressed!  We walking out at $53 compared to two or three times that at our usual grocery store, which was NICE.  We'll have to pick-up a few niche things from our regular grocery store sometime this week, but I'd say 95% of what we normally get they had.

Anyone else shop there? 
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