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BMW and +TOYOTA held a joint press conference in Munich this morning. While speculation that the 2 companies would share hybrid, fuel cell and diesel powertrains has been rampant for several weeks the surprise was that they would collaborate on a new sports car architecture. Back in 2010 when I visited Toyota in Japan Akio Toyota admitted that he wanted to revive the Supra. This could be a great opportunity to do just that combining the lightweight carbon fiber technology that BMW has developed for i3 and i8 electric vehicles

The two firms plan to extend their tie-up with the creation of an unspecified future sports car
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It looks like this may be the new way of the world for cars that cater to smaller niches. First Toyobaru, then Mazda Romeo, now this. I think it's wise of Toyota to work with BMW. This should allay the worries of those that may think Toyota has forgotten how to make a premium GT.
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