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Salt Therapy for Hay Fever, Rhinitis, Seasonal Allergies.

Spring is in the air, along with Hay Fever Season! Pollen from trees, grass, flowers, dust and other particles carried by the wind cause sensitive people to sneeze, sniffle, get headaches, watery eyes, itchy throat, develop sinus infections, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and more.

Salt therapy helps allergies by reducing inflammation, swelling and pain while it breaks down and eliminates mucous build up and kills bacteria and viruses. Because salt therapy boosts the immune system, it can also reduce the triggering or severity of further attacks.

If you suffer from hay fever, rhinitis and other allergies, call Salts For Health today and book a Salt Therapy session to get some natural relief.

Check out our session times and packages:
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Pineapple juice has been proven to be effective natural remedy for coughs and respiratory infections:
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Salt therapy Special Discount @ Salts For Health. Limited-time offer - 3 SESSIONS FOR $50. Experience 45 minutes of relaxation and improve your health. Free for children under 12 with paying adult.

or bring in your special-offer flyer

Find out more about our #salttherapy session times and available packages:
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Did you know that negative/stressful thoughts shut down your immune system and that happy thoughts boost your immune system?
Try some happy thoughts as much as possible to stay healthy (and happy).
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Negative Ions & Salt Therapy
Generated naturally and abundantly in nature via sunlight, lightning and thunderstorms, mountains, moving water such as ocean waves and waterfalls, etc, negative ions are important to our health and feeling of sense of well-being and feeling "alive".

Modern living by reducing the amount of negative ions in our environment and body. This leads to a range of health and mental complaints.

Because salt is negatively charged (negative ions), sitting in a Salt Room helps re-balance the harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our body, reducing stress and providing calm.

Read more here:
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