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Sal's Heating & Cooling

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11701 Royalton Rd, North Royalton, OH 44133
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Sal's Heating & Cooling

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11701 Royalton Rd, North Royalton, OH 44133
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11701 Royalton Rd North Royalton, OH 44133
11701 Royalton RoadUSOhioNorth Royalton44133
HVAC Contractor, Furnace Repair Service
HVAC Contractor
Furnace Repair Service
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Today 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
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Furnace & AC Repair and Installation in Cleveland, OH. New Water Heaters Installed. Call now for 24 hour emergency assistance 216-676-4949.
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"Later on that day, the workers came out and removed my old hot water heater."
"My hot water tank bit the dust around 11pm on a Friday night."
"You offer the best quality products, fair pricing and exceptional workmanship."
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Neil McGowan's profile photo
Neil McGowan
a month ago
I want to write to thank you and the employees of your firm for an excellent job. Your employees performed two services for me this year. The first was the removal of my hot water heater and replacing it with a tankless water unit, and the second was a complete tear out of two furnaces and an air conditioner, and the replacement of the units with a high efficiency heat pump/ furnace combination. Your staff also completely replaced the ductwork in my home. Your staff was friendly, courteous, thorough, and prompt. They stayed late in order to finish a difficult job, and did so with minimal disruption to our home. The home itself is more comfortable now, with fewer cold and hot areas, and the system is significantly less noisy. Also, I can take showers for as long as I want without running out of hot water. I also wanted to share with you the savings I am experiencing, in the hopes that it may help you win some new clients. My total metered charges from July of 2013 through October of 2013 averaged $250 per month on electric bills due to air conditioner use. I kept the house at 70 degrees. This year, my average bill in July, August, September, and October was $110, and I kept my house two degrees cooler. This represents a savings of $560 per year on AC costs. I do not have data on heating costs yet, but will update this in the Spring. Finally, I wanted to mention that I had a unique situation in which the equipment I received had a faulty part from the manufacturer. Sal's quickly came out to diagnose the issue, ordered the replacement part, and repaired it all under warranty. Their quickness and responsiveness in an issue like this says volumes about their commitment to customer service. I would highly recommend this company to those interested in having work done. Make sure to check for deals when they come up. Sal's frequently offers savings on jobs through Angie's list or other online promotions. As far as pricing goes, I received a new tankless hot water heater, a 17 seer heat pump, a 96.5% efficient furnace, top of the line thermostat, and brand new ductwork for $9,500. I think that's a screaming deal. Part #2 (9/8/2015): A contractor at my home did damage to my outdoor unit. I asked Sal's to come out. Sal's guys did an inspection, ordered the parts, and kept me updated the entire time as to the timeline of the job and scheduling. It's refreshing to deal with a company which cares about the value of my time and properly scheduling as this company does. Definitely will use them again.
• • •
Response from the owner - 8 months ago
Thanks! I agree, this was a difficult job, but we prevailed again. My response will not be as long but I am proud of this review and I know he is a true supporter of our company. Thanks You! Sal
Bob Trujillo's profile photo
Bob Trujillo
3 months ago
I read some mixed reviews on here before calling, but was certainly glad I called Sal's Heating and Cooling for my hot water heater repair. Scheduling the appointment was easy and the gentleman on the phone was very professional and helpful in regards to my questions. The service technician came out later in the day (Mike C.) and he too was very professional. He showed me what to look for if my water heater has problems again and even gave me advice on what I can do to troubleshoot before calling for service. This was my first time using Sal's Heating and Cooling and I will certainly contact them again for assistance in the future. Thanks!
• • •
kat w.
7 months ago
I recommend that you go some where else for service. I had them to fix my furnace they charged me 189.00 for a 30.00 part and 125.00 for a tune-up, the heat worked for 1 day. When I called them back they told me it would be a addition 189.00 for coming out because it was after hours. I told them I had just had some one out to fix my furnace it did't matter. I ask to speak with the manage and he promptly called back in about 5 minutes and told me it would be a additional charge of 79.00. So I am still out of 328.00 and my furnace is still not working. I would never call them again and I hope no one else uses this company because they are a real rip off. Since the owner want to put it out there as if I was lying or something I have no reason for that. If I was trying to get free service I did't have to call a company with certifications, I was expecting to pay and paid don't be ridiculous. I was upset about the fact that the work that was just done on my furnace failed and I was told that it would be a additional 189.00 charge to come out and see what the problem was. So what should I have done kindly paid again. I do expect for a service that I paid for to be corrected. Anyway I called back in a few days later and did get the results that I wanted and should have gotten when I called the first time. I can say thank you for living up to your advertisement of being a dependable reputable company, you followed thru.
• • •
Response from the owner - 8 months ago
Since we have no picture or last name I can only assume this is K. Woodson in the Randal park area. The service call was $50 and the part is a genuine Rheem factory pressure switch. Not a $30 part from China. We were on site an hour diagnosing the issue with our education and certifications. The clean and check was done because the furnace was not maintained. The Rheem part NOT the Sal's Heating manufactured part, failed beyond our control. Warranty work is done during normal business hours. We offered emergency service she declined, her choice. We returned at NO Cost 9 days later from the 1st part install, FOR FREEEEEE. This customer is not out anything as the furnace was repaired and Sal's is the only one out due to a faulty factory part. Rheem don't pay us. What more would a customer want? I guess the repair for free.? We stand behind every service we do and there was no exception here. We have been in business 40 years and not by ripping people off. I encourage this customer to seek an alternative service provider in the future. We service thousands of people every month and their is always a customer that because they have no understanding of the business takes the time to write a false and unworthy opinion of their experience. I apologize but we do all we can to serve the public and the prices reflect the expense to be at the ready for a service such as this. Good Luck! Sal
Laura Sheffield
6 months ago
I had a leak in my upstairs bathroom and had plumbers out over the course of a few days, a few different sets of plumbers came out and eventually got this well under control. We hit a few speed bumps along the way, but the company worked with me to get them corrected and I have to say, I'm impressed that Sal himself called me after the work was completed.
Nicole Willis
5 months ago
I had Sal's Heating and Cooling remodeling arm paint 5 rooms in a my new home. Their response time was the best! They got back to me right away to schedule a consultation and I had my project quoted and started on the same day. Allyn was very professional and I felt very comfortable with Sal's staff in my home. I would definitely use their services again and recommend to all my friends and family and use their services again in the future. The painted rooms look great and done within the time I needed. THANK YOUI!
• • •
Robin Castagnola
10 months ago
I NEVER write reviews but I've had such a positive experience with Sal's I felt I needed to do one. I had scheduled service with someone else but it got late and they never showed up. The Sal's employee called and said he was running late but came later on that evening. The person that came out to my house was very helpful and informative. He gave me advice on the proper Carbon Monoxide detector to buy to keep us safe. I feel like I can trust Sal's and I will be using them in the future!
• • •
Response from the owner - 8 months ago
Thank You for doing a review and never doing one. 5 stars is a great sight on this site. We always try to be here for any customer at any time. We do this to assure there always is help a phone call away 24/7. Thanks you for the business and trust in our company. We appreciate your support. Sal
Joyce Piteo
7 months ago
Not a good company for business or repairs. I paid 102.60 for an estimate where I was told that I needed one part to repair my heating unit. The following week two men came out with this part and after 2 hours they told me they could not repair the heater. I had been quoted 310.00 for this repair, and when they had not been able to do the job, they demanded payment anyway and said they weren't going to leave my residence without payment. The owner then turned me over to collections. DEFINITELY NOT A OCMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH !
• • •
Response from the owner - 7 months ago
DIFINITLEY DO BUSINESS IF YOU PAY YOUR BILLS. I am just amazed at what people will do when they are clearly in the wrong. Estimates are FREE on new equipment not on diagnosis and repair. This is the 1st inaccuracy. As soon as the 1st part that we found to be faulty was replaced, it lead to another bad part. The only way to find this out was to replace the first part. We are not GODS. We can not diagnosis all the problems until we run the unit through it's course. We could always just say you need all the parts involved. Then what? We try to replace only what is needed. It is a mechanical device anything can happen. Mike F one of my top techs was there. I have no doubt he did all he could to get it running as he is a guy you send when there is nobody else. It is like having a bad starter in a car. You know and have no doubt it is bad. So you change it and now the engine wont turn over because you need a new engine. Then the customer says, I AM NOT PAYING YOU FOR THAT BRAND NEW STARTER. You definitely needed it to attempt start the car, right? It didn't because the engine was seized. No way to have known this. She owes the money for the part and the time. When you kick us out and refuse to pay after agreeing and signing a contract. You can bet you are going to collections. This 1 star review is because this chiseler did not get away with her responsibility. When you sign a contract, remember you must do as promised at the very least. If you think we did not want this to work the 1st time you are mistaken. The unit needs replaced as it is very old at some point you must bite the bullet and buy a new one. Sorry, I only want customers who pay their bills. I am sure the folks who do pay their bills can appreciate us giving this person a rocky road and why we received 1 star. We are an honest fair company that has done the right thing for 40 years. I know one thing. It is wrong to not pay your bills. Instead of writing reviews that help nobody why don't you write the check? Press on! Sal
Mike Chen's profile photo
Mike Chen
a year ago
I had Sals come out to replace our hot water heater. Initially it went well- they came out the next day and evaluated my problem. They gave a reasonable quote to have the hot water heater replaced, along with getting the permit for the job. I agreed to it. The price was competitive. Later on that day, the workers came out and removed my old hot water heater. They did a nice job placing cardboard down to protect my floor, which I appreciated. When I arrived home from work (my wife had initially let them in), I saw my old heater sitting on the driveway with my brand new heater sitting on the driveway getting wet from the rain. When I got their they placed a piece of cardboard to protect it. Not very confidence inspired. They had a problem, they told me. They were able to remove the original tank out of the door, but because the new tank was wider, they wouldn't be able to get it in through the same door. This was the job of the initial assessor to determine this. The only fix would be to remove part of my furnace in order to get the heater through another door and then put it all back together again. Because this would take more installation time, I would be charged at the normal rate- $90/hr x 2 people to install the heater. This upset me, because I had already agreed to a certain price and here they were, already having removed my heater, let my new heater sit in the rain, and then tell me that they were probably going to have to take apart my furnace and then charge me another probably $360 in labor costs because their initial estimator had messed up? I don't normally get angry, but this seemed wrong. If you made a mistake, you need to make it right. It would have been one thing if they told me about it beforehand and I agreed to the additional labor that would be necessary. I called the office and was connected to the manager eventually. After explaining the situation, from my perspective, he said he would check with Sal, the owner of the company. After checking, he came back and said that I was going to have to pay for the full labor costs, but that they would only charge me normal hours prices, not after hours prices. This, he was saying, was in effect "doing me a favor". In my mind I was thinking- "you guys made a mistake, want to charge me another $360+, and tell me that you are "doing me a favor"? I was quite upset at this point, honestly not about the money but more at the injustice of the situation and I pretty much said, "that is fine, but I am an Angieslist member and will be posting about this in my review" and said "goodbye". The two installation guys worked hard and got the heater installed and it seems to be working fine, though I hope that the rain on the electric motor on top of it does not cause any premature failure. When they presented me the bill, they "only" charged me an extra $90 or so, even though they worked a solid 2 hrs. I suspect that after my threat of a bad review, management had a change of heart, which makes sense. While I appreciate their "discount", it really bothers me that if I were not an Angieslist member, I would have had to pay the extra $360. I tipped the guys $50 each for their labors, because I appreciated their hard work- and honestly it was not about the money, it was about doing the right thing. Sal's has lots of good reviews, and I suspect they do good work, but this experience left a horrible taste in my mouth. I have not been so angry in a long time and I do not think that I'll be using them again. Hopefully this review will cause them to treat all customers, not just AngiesList members, with respect and courtesy.
• • •