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Salman Ahmed
Software Developer....and Android Enthusiast.
Software Developer....and Android Enthusiast.

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I have YouTube app in the excluded list. While watching YouTube if I press volume keys to change the volume the filter comes on and then it turns off after the volume pop-up disappears. Can the volume pop-up be ignored from enabling and disabling the filter please?

I attended the intensive beginners DSLR course (instructed by Edo) back in August. I immediately decided that I am definitely coming back for the intermediate course. The course was very well structured and introduced the basic photography concepts (ISO, aperture, shutter speed) in a very effective way.

Last weekend I attended the intermediate DSLR course (instructed by György). Again, very well structured course. The right balance between theory and practical. If you are starting into photography and want to learn the right way, then this is a must. 

How can I filter ambient display? I don't want twilight filter on when the ambient notification screen comes on. I m using it on Nexus 6p running marshmallow.

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I hope they have the three laws programmed in them.

#irobot #skynet
Oh wow, this is amazing. Oh wow, we're so screwed. #SkyNet

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United we stand. Divided we fall.

Captain America Civil War

#marvelcinematicuniverse   #captainamericacivilwar  

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Zheng Wang has built a self-driving car using a Raspberry Pi! OK, so it's a little on the small side. There's a neat demo to watch, and a very detailed write-up digging into all the maths behind the navigation.
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