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Salman Shah
In Pursuit of Awareness...
In Pursuit of Awareness...

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Captured with DxO One camera attached to my iPhone. Beautiful painting by unknown artist. When the gallery is open I will find the name of the artist and post.

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Enable LockScreen Widgets in LockScreen Widget.

Hey! I've been using AcDisplay for a while now.

One of the features, which I have always wanted to use is the LockScreen Mode. But that would have been at the expense of LockScreen Widgets I currently enjoy on my default LockScreen.

Now with the launch of Android 5.0, this feature will imminently be gone from my phone (Nexus 5). It would be great to see widgets in AcDisplay, omething similar to the AOSP implementation.
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Widgets! Yes, please!
Nay, maybe not.

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+Azhar Sayeed +Nakul Kumbhare +Vidhyuth Vaidhyanathan Its (really, really) long, but its a fun read. If you've watched all the Pixar Films... 

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Made the picture using this amazing Mozilla Experiment
(Are they called experiments? ; I know of Chrome Experiments)

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