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It’s been a crazy day… I’ve been awake since 4am. Hubby’s away, both kids are sick, and the baby woke at 4am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. But I still did it - I published my first book!

My book, “Make Money On Airbnb”, shares how you can earn a side income by renting out your home (or part of your home). If you have a moment, I’d love for you to download it – it’s FREE to download today. 

If you have two moments then please share and help more families find a way to earn a side income.

Thank you!

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Make Money On Airbnb Book
Make Money On Airbnb Book
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In my latest blog post I share a recent website review, including three easy ways to increase your email sign ups.

I had a blast reviewing Marilyn's Treats website and I'm so thankful to Marilyn for letting me share her review publicly. In the 23-minute screen-cast I also discuss:

* How to stand out online by getting crystal clear on your message.
* What’s meant by social proof and why it helps you attract more email subscribers.
* One small change you can make to your blog posts to increase social shares.
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Are you tired of being told what you “should” do in your business?

You “should” be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

You “should” create blog posts, videos, social media, podcasts.

You “should” promote your content.

You “should” launch big.

You “should” build a large email list.

You “should” go big or go home.

But you’re one person. You can’t be everywhere and be excellent.

Which is why I wrote this manifesto.

To show that you can have a small business and make a big impact.

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There’re two ways to increase email sign-ups:

1. Drive more traffic to your site.
2. Convert more of your existing traffic into email subscribers.

I’ve reviewed 100s small business websites. Increasing conversions is always the fastest (and cheapest) method.

It’s also the first thing you want to do. Why spend money and time driving traffic to a website that’s not converting?

The end goal is to make your website irresistible to your ideal customer. You want him or her to sign up for your email list and buy.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and work on increasing your website traffic.

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Your website is like an invitation. It’s purpose is to invite your visitors to subscribe or buy.

So how do you craft an invitation that’s irresistible to your target audience?

In my latest blog post I share the key ingredients to creating a website that converts more visitors into subscribers.

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7 marketing myths exposed... What do you think? 

I definitely agree with #3. We each need to figure out what works for our business.
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When your lead magnet is not working you need to become a detective.

Take out your magnifying glass and look for clues. Figure out why your offer is not attracting subscribers. Then fix it.

I’ve done this many times for my own offers and for my clients.

Over the years, I’ve identified 3 main reasons why a lead magnet fails to convert.

Here are those reasons and what YOU can do about it.

#listbuilding  #leadmagnet
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Love this +Copyblogger article about creating an empathy map to get inside your customer's head. One of the things I like about this approach is it emphasizes research. Don't just make it up! Some suggestions are:

> Data from user interviews
> Testimonials
> Insights from your web analytics (related to customer actions)
> Social media mentions

Here's the article -->

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Have you read Cialdini’s book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"?

Here's a great post on +Unbounce that discusses how to use the 6 Principles of Persuasion to create landing pages that convert. Some key takeaways:

> Offer great value in exchange for the visitor’s commitment.
> Ask for a very small commitment upfront.
> Break up your “asks” into manageable steps.
> Use convincing testimonials from people who are similar to your target customer.
> Cite and reference experts and trusted institutions.
> Use images of friendly people who belong to the same demographics as your site visitors.
> Use conversational copy that speaks your visitors’ language.
> Make offers limited in terms of time or quantity.
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It’s Monday morning.

Your 3 year old wakes you up, complaining of a stomach ache.

Bleary eyed, you look over at your alarm clock.

It’s 6:00am.

You crawl out of bed to comfort your daughter.

20 minutes later you both clamber back into bed. While your daughter drinks her milk, you reach for your phone and check your email…

Woohoo! A PayPal notification. The first sale of your new online program.

In my latest post I share how I made my first sale using a simple, low budget sales funnel.

#listbuilding #emailmarketing #salesfunnel
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