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Sally & Bruce Witt
We want to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online! We think that Working @ Home is the SMART way to success!
We want to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online! We think that Working @ Home is the SMART way to success!


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Subject: I just this signed this petition

Cruel and craven Republicans are trying to gut our health care again. I just signed a petition demanding that Congress block the cruel and heartless Graham-Cassidy bill.

Can you add your name? Click here to sign the petition:


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Please read this campaign message from my good friend Christy Hernandez.

She is a kind and sweet young woman who always keeps a great attitude.

Christy is in a wheelchair and explains her problems with hospital bills and copays for treatments that she has been getting. On top of all this she was the victim of a gun crime recently and is quite traumatized.

People think that we are lucky for getting approved to be on Social Security Disability, but it is really hard to pay for the charges that medicare does not cover for doctors and therapies and medical devices.

Christy is always trying to do her best and take care of herself, but she needs help now.

Read her campaign, donate if you can, and share to everyone to help find more people to help her.

Thank you!!

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Subject: I just signed this petition -- will you?

I just took action urging the Senate to reject the nomination of Sam Clovis, an anti-science, racist, climate change denier, who Trump has picked to be the USDA's chief scientist.

I think you should sign the petition, too:

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Check out my friend +Conston Taylor on Empire.Kred!!

This is his intro there --

I am new to Empire.Kred but not social media. I have a strong social media footprint. Feel free to connect with me on the following and I will reciprocate. (K4K) (F4F > 500 followers) (Limited to FB, Typically accounts > 2k followers (All of my social channels can be found here)

I am a big "reciprocator". If you need something and it is within my power and principles to do it I will.


#SocialMedia Marketing Agency Owner
#Michigan Business School grad
✓ Business Consultant
✓ Founder ZenSocialKarma

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Shared with me by +Reg Saddler

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Marketing for small to mid-sized businesses is a different animal than it is for big brands.

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Leave Messages as a comment here for people in Mexican Earthquake

Positive Thoughts, Intentions and Prayers do make a difference. With all the dangerous and negative things happening in the world, I want the people in Mexico City to know that people care....

I am also collecting comments on twitter at

And on Facebook

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Get to know the members of the Social Squad!! #SocialSquad

Social Media superstars, ready to connect with you.

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Highlighted Today--

+Jay Hoque!!

London based photographer with a healthy obsession with SEO, Wordpress and Digital marketing. And I love cake! Lots of it! And it shows!! See my work on my website: I'm mostly active on Facebook, Instagram and recently Twitter. So do pop over and follow me. :-)

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