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Sallie Goetsch
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Apparently Zoho isn't too well clued-in about good and bad incoming links, never mind communication. I just received this in my capacity as webmaster for the BACN website. Gave him an earful of Google's definition of unnatural vs. quality links, with references and a cc to their PR team.
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Thanks for the mention +Rebecca Caroe - always appreciated.
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Sallie Goetsch

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This happens all the time, I know, but this is the first time I've seen it in the SEO-related spam I get. The guy calls himself a professional social media manager, but clearly he's a professional slimeball.

-----Original Message---
From: Nick Grey [] 
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2013 12:19 PM


My name is Nick Grey, and I am a professional social media manager.
I have something to offer that might interest you.
In todays world, interaction between companies and their potential and existing customers is carried out through social media.
I offer what follows: What I suggest is to raise the ranking of your website PODCASTASYLUM.COM on the most popular social networks by placing more than 700 likes using Facebook accounts.
The high rating will help increase the credibility of your website and of the services which you offer.
These indicators (Facebook Likes)  will be visible on your website. If you have not installed Facebook Like count button on your website - I can help you install it!
After my work is finished, the Facebook Share Count Button will confirm a high ranking of your site, which will be noticed and appreciated by your visitors, and they will also be able to recommend your site to their friends on these social network.
For this offer, you wont even need a Facebook account.

The cost of the service is only - $ 49. I work without pre-payment. Payment is carried out after all the work is done.
You pay only once and all Facebook Likes are placed permanently.
Please let me know if you are interested.
If this does not interest you, I'm sorry to have bothered you! Have a good day!

Nick Grey
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+Isaac Pigott Good point. Fortunately, too many of these promoters are trying to carve out a living on the thin ice of a false conversation network. Since they cannot actually communicate, the thin ice will crack over time.
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Someone mentioned the Latin root for "communicate" in a recent FIR. It's actually the same as the root for "community," and "common" and "commune" and encompasses the concept of sharing in both verb and noun variants.
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That was me, Sallie. I was reading something about Lewis and Clark, which included a citation from a journal that noted they had come to the spot where river A communicated with river B. That led me to do a bit of research, which is where I found the "to make common" reference -- that is, the two rivers became one. It was a good lesson in communication, since so much of it is one-way when the real meaning of the word has much more to do with the sender and the recipient coming to a common understanding.
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Sallie Goetsch

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Added photos to “So whadda YOU do?” Better Prospecting with Cox Ferrall.
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Sallie Goetsch

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Ever walk into a meeting with a prospective client and feel like you've discovered a soul mate? You land the contract easily because she seems to instinctively understand where you're coming from.
And then there are the times when you're trying to show the prospect how you could help his company, and it seems like one of you must be from a different planet. Everything you say gets misinterpreted. The sales process goes nowhere. You find yourself leaving the meeting wondering what the heck happened.
The key to both scenarios is personality styles. Each of the four basic personality styles (Blue, Green, Gold, and Orange) has different values, temperaments, pet peeves, blind spots, and strengths--not to mention preferred types of communication. It's easy to trip up if you don't understand these.
But if you do, you can double your close rate. Join us at BACN on Friday and let Jocelyn Kung show you how.
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hello dear
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FTC warns against deceptive advertising at workshop on sponsored content. Learn how it went on FIR 733.
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Sallie Goetsch

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Register at

Fill Your Practice in 30 Days or Less with Ted Prodromou. 

Ted will share what he learned about how to engage your ideal clients and have them trust you immediately, the best day and time to share your content with your target audience, and how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.

Before You Hit Send with Marla Rosner

Learn how to analyze and identify communication situations with high stakes outcomes, recognize when to switch gears and change communication approaches, and match best communication approaches, digital or otherwise, to day-to-day communication demands.

The Art of Creating a YAWN-Inspiring Presentation with Ethan Rotman

Recognizing the ways that speakers turn audiences off is the first step in knowing what NOT to do, and more importantly, what you CAN do to inspire, motivate, and provoke your listeners. Learn how to create a presentation that people want to hear, including 3 highly desirable qualities for a good presentation and 8 “tricks” for a great one.
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I was born in Chicago--you can still hear it in my voice sometimes. But we moved to Cleveland's East Side when I was seven, so that's really where I think of myself as growing up. On a dirt road. With horses. And a pond.

I attended Laurel School for Girls in high school and still wear my class ring and go back for the occasional reunion. (Stefan says the school looks like Hogwarts, but this is an exaggeration.)

After that I went off to college and haven't lived in the Cleveland area since.

I was trained as a classicist and spent four years teaching Greek and Roman drama at the University of Warwick in England. But I was also a geek from an early age, and first got online in 1985. (BITNET. Mainframes. Dumb terminals with green letters on black screens.)

Somehow all of that led me to become a consultant with multiple business personality disorder, living on the West Coast with two cats and an Extreme Software Developer.

All my life I've contested with a name that people can neither spell nor pronounce--and then I met Google. There is only one of me in Google. It's wonderful. I am vindicated in my name. So if you remember me blonde, or a bit chubbier, or just a heck  of a lot younger--not to worry. You have the right Sallie Goetsch.
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