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Sallee Poinsette-Nash
6'2 Londoner, Brand Builder & Founder of TALL GUIDES MAGAZINE
6'2 Londoner, Brand Builder & Founder of TALL GUIDES MAGAZINE


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Although we refer to it as building, what we're actually doing is tapping into a community that already exists. It just hasn't come together under one brand yet.

There is a big difference between audience and community. An audience is one-way, they passively watch or read. An audience doesn’t participate; or share with others. On the flip side, a community is a two-way conversation. A living, breathing thing. Community is extremely interactive and social. Sure, some people will just watch or read, but many will participate and share with their friends.

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When you’re running your own blog, startup or small business, it’s likely that your enthusiasm alone will generate a constant stream of new ideas. Most of these often fall away because of limited budgets and limited time but what if you could harness that creativity into thinking about how to market what you’re doing to make your content, products and messaging stretch further; enabling you to share your vision with the world.

Bootstrapping is in my DNA so I’ve come up with five strategies you can try out to shine a spotlight on your blog or business.

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I love delivering Brand Creation and Community Building workshops to help others to attract new opportunities, form authentic connections and build unstoppable momentum.

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I am motivated by connection and people so working one-to-one is something I thrive on and I’ve have been mentoring others privately or through organisations like Virgin Startup for years.

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As Roca celebrates 100 years as a successful brand, this panel discussion featured leading industry experts who considered how brands are created; how companies develop a brand identity and how design plays a key part in communication.

Speakers included Danny Clarke aka The Black Gardener (TV Presenter on the BBC show The Instant Gardener); Sallee Poinsette-Nash (Brand Expert, Entrepreneur and online Publisher); Satwinder Samra RIBA (Architect and Director of Collaborative Practice, University of Sheffield School of Architecture), Robert Opie (Historian and Founder of the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising) and chair Sonia Beldom (Brand Consultant, D&AD Trainer and TV Producer).

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Is it true that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? Maybe you’ve begun to notice that the people who are staples in your life are not such great choices after all or your friendships need a refresh. If so, it might be time for a spring clean…

If you would like to meet new people, make new friends or simply, make a few adjustments; pushing past your comfort zone can allow you the space to grow. If you choose to build relationships with people who have diverse interests, goals and experiences, they may introduce you to possibilities and opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

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Whether its work, life or startups on a mission; it’s no secret that together we are stronger. Here are 7 strategies that you can apply to whatever you’re doing and become a better team member. Because teamwork makes the team work!

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We work with entrepreneurs daily and we’re passionate about creating the businesses of the future. We’ve helped over 350,000 small business owners realise their dreams via design.

So we wanted to know exactly how and why they had decided to quit their day job and start a company. We sent out a global survey in 2016 to ask our SME community how they had become a business owner and what really makes them tick.

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There are more women entrepreneurs starting new businesses today than at any point in history.

We will all benefit as a result of this trend. Women are more likely to see and fix industry gaps than men are, making them more likely to identify business ideas that will succeed and help others.

And while it’s always challenging to start and grow a new business, there are many terrific resources tailored to help women entrepreneurs start, run and grow their businesses more quickly. As a result, women have founded very diverse businesses, across many industries.

For example, what do a fitness expert, sustainable apparel enthusiast, online magazine owner, media co-founder, and two crowdSPRING creatives have in common? They are all trailblazing, empowered, and highly successful female entrepreneurs that have worked hard to carve their own unique paths in the business world.

We spoke to 6 female entrepreneurs about their experiences with starting their own businesses, raising families, and their overall journey as female entrepreneurs. With years of wisdom, different industries, and different ages, these women represent a glimpse into what being an entrepreneur is really like. Here are the important insights they wanted to share with you.

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How to target a niche market at a small business

Identifying a small group of customers can prove as valuable as having a tiny share of a mass market. But it comes with challenges, as Sallee Poinsette-Nash found when she started an online magazine called Tall Guides, and a Facebook group, #TeamTall, to unite and celebrate taller women.

On attending the Tall People Convention in Germany in May 2016, the 6ft 2in Londoner realised that there was nowhere for tall women to regularly meet. That, combined with being fed-up with being teased for being tall, made her determined to tackle the gap in the market.
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