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I share this just for having it on my list because I am lazy explaining to iFans why I don't (won't) buy an iOS device
Update : Due to requests here is the complete series plus a bonus ending :
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please, tell me what is the phone ? i want to buy it, future thanks
Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's available for Verizon and Sprint but you can get it unlocked to use it with GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T
I would probably agree with you, but I signed up to a two year contract with a HTC Wildfire. Now 'droid has moved on to 3.2 and I'm left dead in the water with a year still to go with a growing list of stuff not available to me. I'll wait until things level out thanx.
I've seen this video a weeks ago. Generally I agree with video.
The iPhone is very nice expensive phone that cannot do so many things. It is "trendy" thing. Some people like trendy simple thing.
So I have a mobile with Android. :-) It is up to everyone.
Great vid and validation of why my brothers-in-law can't convert me to Apple phones. And why I love my TAB tablet.
Well, android has moved to 4.0.4, and you're stuck with a crappy QVGA device...
Can'r wait to watch the next part. Thanks for great review!
You just scratched the surface with this video, +Salih EMIN! Thanks for taking the time to make these. =)
I always loved Android. I love my galaxy nexus.
I'm an android fan who hates apple smugness, but I disagree with you. You're demonstrating this on the fastest android phone out there. Most android phones (including my own) are slower than the iphone, drain their battery quicker and are generally less stable and more loaded with bloatware (htc sense).
+jon wren Tempting, but I think I'll wait until my contract runs out before voiding any chance of support from 3
Good video with great info....I am agree with your IOS points...may be in future Apple will polish it's iOS....
+Jubei Kibagami You seem to forget that most android phones don't cost 500 euros/700$ like the iphone, so comparing a Galaxy Nexus to an Iphone is a fair match.
+Jubei Kibagami I currently own a HTC Nexus ONE, so it's over 2 years old... that will compare it to a iphone 3gs time frame? Yet, It can still run many many programs and do things without lag. Of course he will use the Galaxy Nexus because that's the best out there as with apple, he is using the 4S. I would agree with you if he used an older iPhone but he's not.
Apple "fan-boys" are just mad because they bought apple products and found out how shitty they really are. They are in complete denial because they don't want to admit that they just burned hundreds of dollars on a plastic paperweight. I stopped using apples around the imac. That was the last straw for me. I got really tired of those things locking up every 30 minutes. And now apple just releases crap after crap without even testing their products first before release, so they come with loads of bugs and don't work right away until you wait for the upgrade patch. Total garbage.
+Miloš Domuz fair point. +Emil Georgiev You're entitled to your opinion. I've owned 3 HTC phones so far. It was only when I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S2 that I felt I was using something equal to an iphone. I guess everybody speaks based on their experiences. It just happens that I have very little experience with iPhones. Maybe it's what they say: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
Android it just works! Can't wait for my new HTC EVO 4G LTE!
thank you so much for posting this
+Jubei Kibagami I guess you're right, experience is everything. People that buy the $59.99 Android phones will say Android is horrible and will want to go to iPhone because they blame the OS and not the hardware. Yes, the Galaxy S2 is great and they will announce the S3 on May 3rd so I'm excited about that too. I too have had VERY little experience with the iPhone but my parents own it so I have to do little maintenance work on it from time to time and I can never own one after having an Android. It's just so limited in what they allow you to do. Almost as if they want to control the user so they do not mess up and blame it on the OS.
Have a HTC Desire Z and just love my phone. It is called a smartphone for a reason. An Iphone is just an Iphone, not a smartphone. On my phone, the resolution is awesome, especially when I watch movies downloaded from Netflix. It is in 1080p HD. I have people with Iphones constantly comment positively about the screen resolution.
nice video. agree with you. one question though. how did you got your "X" animation back? i use a nexus s and i have the glass animation while loading since i got the ics update.
To sum up Apple's problem they've become more about litigating than innovating.
Sounds like they are going down the same road as RIM.
As an iOS user, I must admit that this is a very good comparison. It's all true. The main reason why I would still choose an iPhone over almost any android is the quality of the handheld itself. I tried using Google Nexus, and the quality is just sad... Hate all this cheap Samsung plastic. If you consider that it costs almost the same as iPhone I wouldn't say it is a fare trade off.
+Roman Vladimirov My experience with the Nexus S is actually quite the opposite. I find the plastic to be non-disturbing and of decent quality. Besides that, I can drop my phone at any given time and worry less about damage than dropping an iPhone. I'll give you that the iPhone has a slicker build quality, but this shouldn't get in the way of functionality and practicality. In any case, I would warmly welcome a non-plastic Android device.
+Roman Vladimirov, Android is the same price because of what it's capable of doing on the inside and not what it is on the outside. Plus an Android's body is shock absorbant so they don't break easily. Unlike the iPhone, that breaks way too easily because Apple was stupid enough to make the entire body out of glass.
I own a galaxy nexus and I'm a very happy owner but android will never be as smooth and cohesive as iOS.
booo android...u gotz an apple girl right here!
I must admit I am an iPhone and apple die hard however on seeing the video, I agree with a lot of the critics mentioned as such wouldn't mind getting an android phone in the foreseeable future.
This guys doesn't know how to use his iPhone and he already is use to the android so it makes sense that he would like the android more. I, on the other hand have had an iPhone since the 3G and have the 4s now. I have tried to use an android and absolutely hated it because of the complexity and it is so much different. I'm sure if I read the manual and practiced with it, I could grow to like it but I doubt much more than like. Everyone has their own opinion... This guy just made a video about his.
if you want your android to be as good as an iphone, you need to pay top dollar for the best phone - the lower priced phones are garbage comparatively. In the end, if you want a good phone (ios or andriod), it's not the money that's going to determine which one you get - it's the ideology or some other personal/relative value.
Metal scratches too, and it dents as well, so don't think for a moment that the seemingly premium materials used in iPhones make it any better or more durable.

I work in construction and dropped my Nexus S from heights of 20+ feet multiple times, and it barely had a scratch on it. Conversely, I've seen more iPhones with smashed screens than every other device with a display that I've ever seen... combined.
+Jeff Zinardi wow 20+ feet is a really far drop for any phone, surprising it lived. But I do agree. Glass, even gorilla glass is gonna crack/shatter much easier than plastic. Just using premium material doesn't make it a premium design.
It's a difference of Open source(Android) and proprietary(Windows, IOS) Android being the best of the three.
OMG how controversial!!!. It's a phone..
android is better than iphone Bella
Good video but... I had to stop it at the appearance pf UFC..
I call 411 & use a paper map.I don't use plastic
+Brian Aldape I used to say that. I don't think it true anymore but it would depend on how you define those terms. If you zero in on a technical point or two then, sure. But overall, Android is already there.
Android peeps have to make videos like this to make themselves feel better.
I did not find what he say is a problem as a problem! But I when I started going for cellular phone, I liked iOS, but after all I learned, now I don't care as long as it simple and have style, but windows phone does not interest me, so I can say that I could use iOS, blackberry or android! 
you would have to make making these videos a full time job to explain why Android is better than Apple.
Good for the first 8 minutes. Should have gone more in depth on how easy it is (for example) to turn on bluetooth using a widget vs iPhone 5 clicks or whatever. Also, I have seen the "back button" argument against android since it can do different things depending on how the developer chooses to create their app. The last 4 minutes really weren't logically sound.
i agree with him and the iphone froze alot for me
+Fabricio Vai If you treat it like a phone, you lose out on all the amazing my opinion the "Phone" capability is actually the most useless part
The reason users of IPhones defend it so, is the "I" stands for IDIOT! lol
iPhone's are so painfully dull. Thankfully I've managed to convert a good number of my friends to Android and they couldn't be happier. That said, there are one or two iPhone Nazis hanging on in there, being reassured by Siri that everything will be alright... Still it's up to them and their rows of boring icons. I love everything about my Galaxy Nexus! (And hey, I Swyped this comment, can you fruit-heads do that?)
I agree android let you do more and more open sources see i have a DROID BIONIC for six months now...their are sooo many option for me to customize my phone how i want to look like. HERE IS PROBLEMS with ANDROID & APPLE .....Apple you press the button Icons is already need a brain...With ANDROIDS you do need a brain or HIGH IQ..if you are not A TECH SAVVY OR IT you are screw.....seriously that is what happen with phone....i only knew the basic things ....i just like the screen which is big and run on 4g....if apple make a phone w/bigger screen i would considered getting one...
This is a great video and entirely true. I used to have an Iphone back in their first few generations but now I'm completely in love with the Android platform. It's fantastic and I love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
You are great!!! I love my Android ( Samsung) very much.
Love to do recording on it. Just love it!!!
+Emil Georgiev Fragmentation is bit over hype. As a developer myself. From 2.2 upwards ( 2.1 too but it's harder ), it's very easy to build one app that just works.
+Michael Gaines odd cause my iPhone friends with their app store are always asking me for apps to use, I have an Android, never had a issue finding an app I need.
Nice video! :) Thanks 4 sharing ur experience.
My first smartphone was the T-Mobile G1. My second and current one is the T-Mobile Nexus S. I've always praised Google phones over iPhone and this video solidified the opinions I always had about the iPhone. Great review/comparison.
I own a the Motorola atrix and used to own the asus transformer and now bought the new iPad. Android is capable of much more customization and has more capabilities but all of us Google lovers have to be honest and admit that it has far more bugs than IOS. Apple of course has less customization and less capabilities but it makes up with stability and simplicity. Sure those widgets make life easier but if everyone in my family got an android i would have to spend the next whole week teaching them how to set their phones up and even then they wouldn't be able to get the most out of the functionality. Android is made for people that love technology and know how to milk it. IOS is just for everyone else............or for lazy tech lovers like me that just want a device that works smoothly every time you turn it on and docent stutter like Forrest Gump even if it can show u the time in 3 different places.
I am an android user, so my opinion might be biased, but the first time I saw the head of Google announcing android.. that moment I fell in love with andoid
I love my android too! No iphone for this chickie. :-)
+Kyle Smaagard It's not that I don't treat it as a phone. What I meant to say is that after all 99% of the things one phone does the other one does also which pretty much makes the situation up to the taste of the user. We're not comparing an iPad with a 1990s Palm here. The only thing I think these videos point out is that in some apps iOS doesn't fully work in the background as a multitasking system should (and I think that has to do with preserving battery usage) the rest is about the user preference.. The only thing that amazes me is the need to make a video series to point out differences that are not worth pointing out beyond a simple 'friend to friend conversation'.

"That's really cumbersome, it would take FOREVER" after completing a 7-second task
Another thing that I wanted to point out is many people that use the iPhone use it solely for social status and acceptance. It almost seems that people with iPhone look at you weird if you don't own one. One example from real life. My friend (is gay) and he owned an Android phone just like me, hated on Apple, couldn't even stand it. When he realized that all of his "friends" own it, he sold his android, got an iPhone to "fit in", bought a Mac Book Pro, and now is thinking about an iPad all for the sole purpose to make himself one of them. To me that's silly for one, but the more interesting point is that people choose to have something because everybody else seems to and it become this giant ripple effect. At the end we get the mass majority of society using iPhone because it's the accepted phone "to have" and not because it's actually any better than my 2+ old Android phone.

Just my 2 cents
I think for the most part iPhones are less complicated and have an easier user interface. Apple has found the balance of just enough features to make it useful but too much to make it complicated. I don't like the attitude that you are superior because you have a device geared for the technically challenged.
Well my old brother who isn't by any means a tech expert decided to buy a smart phone. He bought an iPhone. I asked him why specifically an iPhone he said because everyone has one!
Great video. Ive learnt a few new things regarding both os. Android all the way.
+Michael Gaines "always getting hacked"? In my 3 years of using Android phones (HTC TV, Motorola Cliq, HTC Nexus One, HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Galaxy Nexus), I have never been, nor heard of any of my friends/family "getting hacked". In most cases, you would have to sideload an application, and then make the mistake of NOT checking the permissions it requests. Your argument is false. And if you'd ever used any sort of phone running Android for any length of time, you'd understand that.
hi , wow , so intersting ,
This pretty much covers why I didn't keep my iPhone.
I 'love' my GNex
Migs B
Android El numero uno
Still loving my nexus s with ics 4.0.4 ..
An inaccuracy in the video: iOS does not require swiping through all your screens to get to "search". You can get there from any OS page with a "Home" button click followed by a 2nd click (tiny pause in between).
Go to the store, find a phone you like, and shut up. It's a phone. The fact that this is a continual debate on here show the small mindedness of both sides. You aren't an idiot for choosing one over the other, and you're not smarter because you prefer one over the other. Find one that works for you, and stop these childish debates over nearly identical technologies.
I love GOOGLE but I love my iPhone/ipad/imac too. Not much of Android though!
HTC one x for me, my nexus smashed after a 5ft drop onto the floor. I'm not a fanboy and own some apple products but android much slicker on the phone. My 2 cents.
Ryan Thompson speaks the truth.
Despite all the talk about Apple 'fanboys,' Android users seem more intent to proselytize about their phones. Customization is not a big factor to me. I get to move my icons around; what else do I need? The primary reasons I have an iPhone over an Android phone are 1) it has a very good camera, 2) it plays nice with my iPad, and 3) my non-technical wife like hers and I don't want to pay for the same apps and music on two different operating systems.
I agree with +Mike Fisher ... two or so decent points the rest was just a waste of time. A lot of emphasis was put on how intuitive Android is, but my 2 year old son can pick up my phone and navigate it perfectly, so I am unsure that you know how to use the device.
+Tom Dignazio regarding iTunes music purchases, there is an application called DoubleTwist for Android that let's you sync iTunes media. Not that I'm pushing you towards a device you don't want, just so that you're aware that there is a way to deal with what seems to be a limitation.
Android till the world blow up.
Does this iOS vs Android debate ever end?
What? Got bored of Windows vs Mac?
Radio vs Tv?

I have read in a lot of comments you should have a high end device to enjoy amdroid, and you have to send a lot for this devices as much as for an iphone etc... in fact I spent 130pounds to buy a smartphone, it is a moto defy, however it runs CyanogenMod. The experience is perfect, no lags, smooth fast, and I prefer that size of screen, rather than the 4.3" one. I don't need faster is completely enough... so you can get a better,faster phone for less, in addition it waterproof etc. Iphone generally equals markering, a trand was created with it..
There is no debate, android is generally better, fact. I hope the new ios will use some features from andi's. That's it, and finally. As an end, people why so silly to buy a worse experience for more? Coz they think they are more if they spend more or to show that they can afford it, this is generally the nature of humans. It doesn't metter the ease of use, just others can see that I have an iPhone. And for those people we can't explain why andi is better.. of course not all iPhone owener owns it for that purpose, they maybe can understand the differences.
I own both. All I can say is that I ended up going back to my iPhone 4. Longer battery life, consistency across all my devices (iCloud), crashes less, more portable, etc.. yeah, theres lots android can offer but at the end of the day I don really care for those extra eye candy that just ends up lagging the device in the first place.

I own a lot of android and iOS devices and I still like iOS better the iPhone 4 just looks better feels better and if you knw your way around the jailbreak community you'll get half of the things android offers on your iOS anyway but thats just me.

Theres a simple reason everyone owns an iPhone. Its reliable, its sexy, and your grandma can use it.
Whats this about iPhone being fashion
Statement ?
Never have I heard such tosh....
When I purchased my first iPhone (ip3) I had no idea about apple or iOS or "fashion statement" or any other lame adjective applied to iPhone 
I owned a Droid X for 1.5 years, and though very customizable, I found it to be less reliable than an iPhone 4+. Android is still very much in beta and has some growing up to do... After all, Android supports a WIDE range of hardware, and iOS only has to run on one device. The Android OS has to be modified/tested for almost every new device, while development/testing on iOS is again focused on the iPhone. This means that more hours of development and testing are spent on the end product (the iPhone) and is theoretically a less buggy product. I think this is a pretty clear point that's often ignored.
+Greg Sandoval you didn't... you just threw away all the valid arguments I had, and used parts of my points to make your point a valid argument. Unless you missed the part where I mentioned how the iphone 4 has a longer battery life, more apps available and how consistent it is through out the devices iOS is used on then clearly you're just throwing a red haring fallacy trying to make your argument and point valid when its void of anything useful to think about.

Clearly you're just defending a flawed reason you chose an android device over an iDevice. In otherwords, you're pretty much an android fanboi and either don't wanna spend money trying out an iPhone 4/S or just too narrow minded too. At the end of the day, anything you have to say is pretty much bias.

Unless you have a better argument for your point, what you're saying has zero substance.

So what if its pretty... theres no way in hell im gonna spend the same amount of money on something made of plastic when i can get more out of an iPhone 4 all the while having a good build quality... Im sorry but I have no idea what your point was when you said I focused on aesthetics. Clearly the iPhone is a winner here if you keep an open mind. But then again it all depends on what you bought it for.

I use mine anywhere from playing games to doing business, and checking up on servers and home computers. I like bieng able to torrent games and movies on my gaming rig when im outside Canada in between travels, have the game installed and ready to play when i get home... and theres no better device to do all of that than an iPhone 4s
damn!!! i should have said first...
Anyways, the whole video series is awesome, to the point and professional, so keep going mate! Good comparison, good for android users who wanna try new features as well.
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