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Get your comics loving mother a RevolveЯ or two!

Magcloud is taking 25% off production costs on all orders, not just bulk [over 20] items, until may the 13th! Mothers Day!

Makes them just $4.88 & $12.15 each!
They come with a free digital issue too for your devices.
Or just get the digital edition for 99 cents.
Full free previews on site of both issues.

You know how you always try to tell your mom how comics are not just superheroes and tights? Well RevolveЯ is a great way to make the point and get her an interesting gift. And if she’s already a convert then all the better. Several short stories appear in both issues, along with sketches, pin ups, poems and old Comic Jam pages. There are tales about facing mortality in the form of a aged downstairs neighbour. Dreaming you lost you’re imagination and finding it again on a planet of bird aliens with fingers for plumage. Finding yourself in a strange city in the sky, and making a new life as a watcher of people while you flip eggs. Or finding yourself falling between the cracks of society and becoming homeless.

And that’s all just in RevolveЯ One!

Sequential tectonic shift:
RevolveЯ One by salgood sam

“Salgood’s drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds. Usually the dynamic movement of the images themselves direct your vision, like little signposts that bounce you around the worlds Sam has created. The narratives sometimes unmoor themselves from everyday reality, moving into poetic or existentialist territory, but never loses its grounding in very concrete images. RevolveЯ plays with how we perceive things, and where we anchor ourselves. This is reflected in the way panels bleed into other panels, if there are panels at all. It suggests that sometimes the dream world or the worlds we create in our narratives appear realer than our actual lives, that the membrane between the world we live and the worlds we see ourselves living in is very thin.”

First impressions by - Sherwin Tjia

RevolveЯ is my personal anthology project. Like Acme Novelty Library, 8 Ball, that sort of thing. A place to put whatever I’m working on at the moment. I’ve relaunched it last fall in a new full colour format, and a second small digest issue was published this past winter. You can get both now for cheep, with credit card or paypal. The quality of printing is first rate, the work nominated for several awards.

Retailers, Hi! This is an ideal opportunity for shops to try stocking the new full colour edition of RevolveЯ with an initial order of 5 or 10 issues? The 25% off leaves you a nice margin even with shipping to add your mark up. I left off the price from the covers as well so you can set one that works best for you. My suggested are $20 for book one, and $8 to $10 for book two.

You can order bulks of 20 or more copies any time with that discount but right now till the 13th the sale will let to test them out in your shop, show to your more discerning customers and try out their legs as strong sellers. I always manage to sell 20 to 30 a day at conventions and festivals so I’m confident RevolveЯ will sell well for your shop. And if you do order some let me know, i’ll be posting a listing of places carrying it!



PS, there’s a deal on my prints, free shipping till Sunday too! One day to go on that!
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