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Dear +Vic Gundotra, please note that my name is my real name spelled backwards, it's the public pen name I use as an artist and have nearly all my digital identities under including my gmail, even my Wikipedia entry defaults to Salgood Sam if you search Max Douglas, it's not a pseudonym I hide my identity with. And I'll be pretty damn upset and noisy about it if you guys go killing my account because it's spelled funny. Thanks.
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cc: Frank Quitely, Seth, and Foolbert Sturgeon.
Speaking of pseudonyms, Stanley Lieber brings one to mind...
I always tell clients Salgood gets the credit, Max gets the money.
Yes, Google people. I have a real name with you and I will vouch for Max is Salgood is Max. And he WILL be mad. Superpower-like mad!
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