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The free sales tax information website for small-medium business users.
The free sales tax information website for small-medium business users.

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2017 Sales Tax Policy Predictions - A lot like 2016 except for...

Prof. +Annette Nellen (San Jose State University) just published a new post which outlines her SALES TAX POLICY OUTLOOK for 2017.

In her opinion - 2017 will look a lot like 2016 regarding:

-Expansion of sales tax base to include more services and digital goods
-Continued discussion/hearings regarding Marketplace Fairness Act - without enactment of legislation
-Continued state efforts to get a case to U.S. Supreme Court to challenge the 1992 Quill decision

But there may be ONE possible exception - namely federal level tax reform discussions that include moving the business income tax to a consumption tax. (See link for additional details…)

Your thoughts and/or predictions?

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The Manufacturing Exemption Misconception - Watch out!

Are you a manufacturer who loves manufacturing exemptions? Well then you better read this VERY helpful post by Lauren Stinson…

Lauren addresses the common misconception that ALL manufacturer purchases are EXEMPT. Sadly - that is NOT the case… AS Lauren explains - even though many states are generous with the sales tax exemptions that they provide to manufacturers, NOT everything that is purchased by manufacturers is exempt. This is a common misconception among MANY, MANY manufacturers. Making the assumption that “we are a manufacturer, everything is exempt”, will probably result in being hit with a hefty tax bill under audit.

What’s been your experience with manufacturing exemptions? Any surprises? Any states which are particularly good or bad regarding this issue?

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Economic Nexus - The sales tax GOTCHA - which can impact ANY company - regardless of size…

There's an int'g post regarding THE most substantial (and worrisome) trend in sales tax nexus (IMHO) - and that is states adopting ECONOMIC NEXUS provisions that openly defy the Quill physical presence standard...

As author Sylvia Dion (Boston-based CPA) explains - these new nexus provisions signal that states are tired of waiting for Congress to act - and are prepared to take matters into their own hands - in an effort to require out-of-state internet retailers to collect their state’s sales or use tax.

But why is this such a big deal? As Sylvia details, although many states have already enacted nexus expanding laws (e.g., AMAZON laws), those laws still focus on meeting Quill's physical presence requirement. However - some of the more recent ECONOMIC NEXUS provisions are based on the premise that even if an out-of-state seller has NO physical presence in a state WHATSOEVER, if the out-of-state seller is reaping substantial economic benefits – such as a significant amount (or percentage) of revenue – from sales to in-state customers, then the out-of-state seller is establishing a sufficient enough connection to the taxing state to be subject to the state’s sales and use tax laws.

Your thoughts? Questions? Is ECONOMIC NEXUS on your company radar? +sylviadion

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Illinois Sales Tax Exemptions – and the Grinch That Stole Them!

Is the Illinois legislature being a Grinch? Well if you think eliminating sales tax exemptions is Scrooge-Like - the answer may be YES!

Christina Edson of True Partners Consulting in Chicago - just posted her first item in the ILLINOIS SALES TAX blog which details the naughty (and not so nice) anti-business tax amendments associated with H.B 293. The amendments concerning sales tax include eliminating the rolling stock exemption, eliminating the manufacturing machinery and equipment exemption and reducing vendor discounts. Additionally - Christina details that the IL legislature has also let several other important exemptions expire in recent years.

Illinois, the country’s 5th largest state, has been facing arguably the worst state budget crisis in the country. But what’s your opinion?

Should the legislature eliminate exemptions in an effort to manage their budget shortfall - or are there better approaches that are more pro-business / pro-growth?

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Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - does NOT mean ALL purchases are exempt

Lauren Stinson of Windward Tax provides a handy primer on current Georgia sales tax exemption certificates - and is a great resource regarding GA sales tax issues. And as Lauren explains - even though you may have a valid Georgia sales tax exemption certificate - that does NOT mean that ALL of your purchases are exempt. What are your greatest challenges with sales tax exemption certificates - in Georgia - or other states?

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U.S. Sales Taxes: How often must foreign (international) sellers file sales tax returns?

If you are a business with U.S. activity (on-line, e-commerce or other) this is an important post to consider. Boston-based tax specialist Sylvia Dion CPA answers a question many foreign sellers with U.S. activity are asking – namely “how often will I have to file sales tax returns” …

If you are a foreign seller - what’s your greatest (U.S.) sales tax challenge?

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The most popular #Aviation #SalesTax post ? It's all about "Location" . @GuyNevCpa explains:

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