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We should do something
National Park week, no entrance fee days and Junior Ranger Day coming up! Find out more at

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Last Day of #Sundance  Ski Team! Start at minute 4. 

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Great article giving the background to this video you probably saw last year. 

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Both funny and sad, because its true. Sorry for being annoying. 

I just got an invite to share Google #glass  anyone out there interested in buying? I can hook you up. 

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This would explain some of the weirdness in engagement page by page. 

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Oh man. I knew the outcome but this was still so much fun to watch. So rad. 

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Look at this
Highlights from the Miami Marathon with running pals +DJ Garcia and +newton anglin 
Miami Marathon 2014 #ThroughGlass
20 Photos - View album

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Things may be trending this way
Facebook is restricting the ability of brands and people who have pages (like me) to organically reach the audience that has Liked their page. You increasingly have to pay, in 2014 it might be the only way at some point.

This is a thoughtful video. Watch it all the way through, including the last 60 seconds. 

Facebook is not YouTube. Facebook has 100% right to make money from their platform, Facebook is not a charity.  Each of you has to decide if you want to be on Facebook or not. But it is important to understand:

1. What Facebook's strategy to make money is,

2. if it was foolish to use your page Likes in the past, it is astoundingly foolish to use them as a barometer for anything and

3. what is the value of each post (look at total Link Clicks if you post links, look at total Shares if you post pure content).

Then decide what your brand's strategy should be.

Oh, let me anticipate your question: Is Facebook dead/going to die? No. There is too much un-thoughtfully invested advertising money out there, way too many pageviews on Facebook where it can be shown to be "adding value to the brand," and way too many un-smart marketers to ask why those words are in quotes. : )

I genuinely mean it. Facebook is not going to die, it is going to do just fine as an advertising platform.
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