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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Lahore
Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Lahore Pakistan
Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Lahore Pakistan


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Microtia Treatment in Pakistan

Few children are born without ear, such condition is called microtia. Absent ears or small ears are treated by us in two stages. 1st stage rib cartilages is harvested & moulded into ear shape. In 2nd stage ear is brought into proper position.we offer this microtia treatment in Pakistan, Lahore at affordable cost. Though it is very expensive surgery in world.

we offer all types of ear reconstructive surgeries in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr Saleem routinely perform otoplasty, bat ear & microtia reconstructive surgery.

Stages of Microtia Treatment

Generally two stages

1st stage

1st Stage takes 6 to 8 hours. In this stages either ribs cartilage or ear implant is inserted into ear pocket. Hospital stay of 3 to 5 days required

2nd stage

surgery takes place 6 months after 1st surgery. In this stage ear is brought into normal position. This stage takes 2 hours.
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Facelift cost in Lahore, Pakistan ranges from 50 thousand to 2 lac rupees depending upon type of facelift (Surgical or non surgical). Mini facelift cost ranges from 85 thousand to 1 lac 25 thousand. Full facelift surgery may cost 1 lac 30 thousand to 2 lac 50 thousand in Lahore, Pakistan. But we offer discount package for mini face lift from 65 to 85 thousand & full facelift from 1 lac to 1lac 35 thousand.

Non surgical facelift cost ranges from 30 to 60 thousand depending upon specific procedure.Vampire facelift session cost is around 25 thousand to 35 thousand.

Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery takes 3 to 4 hours depending upon type of surgery( mini or full). Procedure is mostly performed in local anaesthesia with or without sedation. Recovery is quick with in 2 weeks. Dressing is kept for 5 days. And stitches are removed at 5th day. Painkiller are usually needed for 2 to 3 days.
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Otoplasty cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 75 thousands to 1 lac rupees. We offer ear reshaping surgery cost of 50 to 60 thousand in Pakistan. This otoplasty price is inclusive of hospital , operation theatre charges. To book now contact 03445203650 in Pakistan . International 00923445203650.

Side Effects of Otoplasty

It is relatively safe surgery under local anaesthesia. It has recovery period of one week. After surgery stitches are removed after 7 to 10 days. Main side effects include pain & swelling which are easily controlled with painkillers. Head band need to worn for few weeks after surgery.
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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cost In Pakistan, Lahore

Non surgical rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan Lahore ranges from 15 thousand to 35 thousand rupee

depending on type & quantity of filler. And type of result u want.

Temporary or Permanent?

Non surgical rhinoplasty in lahore pakistan
Non surgical rhinoplasty with filler
Average cost internationally around 700 $ according to realself statistics. While we offer non surgical nose job starting from 15 thousand.

If u want rhinoplasty surgery, check details here.

Nose Tip lift without surgery

Long nose or droopy nose tip can also be corrected without surgery in certain cases. we use injection botox to lift the tip of nose.

BOTOX for nose tip lift.

average cost of non surgical nose tip lift around 15 thousand.
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Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan, Lahore around 1 lac 25 thousands to 2 lacs in most cosmetic surgery centres. But we offer rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery at lower cost. Nose job Cost is determined by amount of correction needed. We offer average rhinoplasty cost around 75 thousands at much more discounted rates . For details about nose job cost in Pakistan, Lahore contact now 03445203650. Or Free online consultation about nose job cost.
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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is important part of plastic surgery to deal with variety of problems like congenital defects, trauma, cancer or disease. Reconstruction of body parts including breast, face defects, limbs & perineum may be required. We offer full range of reconstructive surgery including microsurgery free flaps in Lahore Pakistan.

Dr Saleem is well known reconstructive surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. His areas of interest include head & neck reconstruction, breast & head reconstruction.

For appointment 03445203650 whatsapp, IMO

Types of Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive surgery in Pakistan, Lahore
Reconstructive Surgery Face Before & after
1.Breast Reconstruction

2. Hand trauma including nerve , tendon injuries

3. Face Trauma of soft tissues like eyelids, facial nerve, eyebrows, cheeks & face scars.

4. Burn management including burn scars management

5. Facial palsy treatment

6. Nose, lip, eyelid & ear reconstruction

7. Brachial plexus injuries

8. Lower limb coverage

9. Head & neck cancer

10. Skin cancer

11. Cleft lip & palate treatmen
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Tummy Tuck cost in Pakistan

Tummy tuck cost in Pakistan, Lahore is 6 to 8 times less than european countries like UK, Middle east. It depends upon types of abdominoplasty whether mini or full abdominoplasty. Surgical cost of tummy tuck offered by us is around 75 thousands rupees. while hospital charges, Anaesthesia, recovery room & private room stay for 2 days can cost around 60 thousands. Compression garment & belt is also used. Overall cost around 1 lac 50 thousand.

To book appointment & consultation

Call now 03445203650 for Abdominoplasty cost in Pakistan

Mini Tummy tuck at much lower cost offered by our centre.

00923445203650 International , whatsapp, viber & IMO contact can also be made


Side effects

Main side effects of tummy tuck include seroma formation or wound healing problems especially if more abdominal skin is removed. Swelling can also last for few weeks.
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Gastric Balloon in Pakistan

Gastric Balloon Is latest & best method of weight loss. It is non surgical method with average 15 to 20 minutes duration with minimum side effects. Average Weight loss from 10 to 35 Kg can be expected in period of 6 to 9 months.* It costs u much less than weight loss or bariatric Surgeries.

Procedure include gastric balloon insertion through endoscopy. Initially with endoscope stomach is examined & then silicon Balloon is inserted & inflated. It acts through creating sense of fullness which causes weight loss over period of time. Balloon is removed after 6 to 9 months.

It is FDA approved procedure for weight loss.* expected weight loss

Side Effects

It is a safe procedure without any serious side effects. Side effects include nausea & vomiting for initial 5 to 7 days but it settles down quickly.

Gastric Balloon cost in Pakistan

Gastric Balloon cost in Pakistan, Lahore is much less than bariatric surgery like sleeve gastrectomy. Sleeve gastrectomy procedure overall cost around 4 to 6 lacs. We used FDA approved silicon gastric balloon imported from Europe , Brazil & America. Average cost of imported Gastric Balloon around 2 lac rupees.while gastric balloon procedure insertion or removal cost around 40 thousand with endoscopy to ensure safety .

Appointment for gastric balloon

For Details & Appointment contact now

0923445203650 for Pakistan

International 00923445203650.

Whatsapp , IMO , Viber

contact also available or u Can avail free online consultation click link below
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Liposuction Cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore is much less than weight loss procedures. We offer Tummy lipo cost around 65 thousands ( Local Anaesthesia). Double chin treatment around 35 thousands. Arms lipo treatment around 30 to 40 thousands. Love handles around 30 thousands. Thigh area around 25 thousand per thigh. We offer cheaper price packages including anaesthesia, Hospital , theatre charges, Room stay & Surgeon fee.

Detailed costs of lipo & comparison with other centres. Free consultation about liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore.

Check results of liposuction surgery in lahore by dr Saleem

Belly liposuction cost in lahore, Pakistan

Belly Liposuction cost In Pakistan range from 75 thousand to 1lac 50 thousand depending upon body weight & waist size. Discounted offers can be given after clinical examination. Usually around 3 to 7 liters of fat can be harvested from abdomen or belly depending upon individual body fats.

Tummy lipo surgery before & after pictures
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Body contouring surgery

He performs cosmetic surgical & body reshaping procedures like liposuction , tummy tuck, belt lipectomy, lower body lift, arm lift, thigh or Brazilian butt lift to get best body contouring. Weight loss treatments with gastric balloon available. Mommy maker procedures including breast reduction , body lift.Check & compare cost of body reshaping procedures. like liposuction cost or get detailed Detailed plastic surgery package.

Best plastic surgeon in Pakistan, Lahore
Body Contouring surgery
Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Face aesthetic procedures Rhinoplasty, facelift, Blephroplasty, Brow lift performed at economical cost. Ear reshaping or otoplasty also offered.

Face plastic surgery in Pakistan
Face Cosmetic surgery in Lahore Pakistan *
*Results may vary in different individuals

Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast reshaping surgeries including breast augmentation with breast implants , fat transfer are done. breast reduction,Breast lift , Gynaecomastia, at affordable & cheap costs. Breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients with modern aesthetic techniques. Check prices of breast augmentation in Pakistan, breast implant cost. Ask about detailed cosmetic surgery price package.
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