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In this short video I explain..

How Successful Professionals Get Multiple Offers in a Tight Job Market

I will be going more in depth about this topic to my Inner circle.
For those who are keen to develop and groom themselves faster for the CFO Leadership roles, I invite you to join my exclusive ‘Inner Circle’ where I personally conduct live coaching sessions every other week to train the participants on the CFO Leadership Competency Framework (What it Takes to Become a CFO). A small subscription fee is required. We are about to close the doors for new members at my Inner Circle.

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How Successful Professionals Get Multiple Offers in a Tight Job Market

"Our brain is very smart. We cannot fool it around with false hopes and fake optimism. It requires solid reasoning and hard facts to believe into. There are real opportunities around but to see them we need a different.."

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This Saturday, Jan 17 @ 9PM UAE time I shall be hosting a Live Webinar to explain 'What it Takes to Become a CFO'. I’ll be covering useful tips on how to create a personal brand and position yourself in the job market for a targeted CFO role.

I hope you can join. Please register at:

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If you are seriously targeting to reach the C-suite, consider these 3 easy to learn skills. Once you master you’ll be amazed by the power you experience to speed up your career progress.

In my view, these are the most powerful but most neglected skills to become a true leader. What is your take? Let me know.

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What to Do to Modernize Finance?

The reality is that the role of Finance function in a modern business model is still not quite well defined. As a result we struggle to meet the expectation of our business partners. Resource structure and processes are quite different from one entity to another and even the role of CFO is not well understood.
In a high performance modern day business, Finance main role should be to help maximize the value creation by (a) Measuring the value created (recording), (b) Understanding and advising what drives value (analyzing), and (c) Minimizing the leakage of value (controlling). This role however can be performed if Finance and the CFO deeply understand the value creation part of the business model.
I love the analogy of a car to explain how a high performance business model works and how the top key roles are aligned together to drive maximum value creation. Before driving a long distance, one has to ensure that the car is in good running condition with enough fuel, battery power, tire pressure etc. That’s the role of the back end part of the business mainly Production, Engineering, Quality etc.
Once the car starts moving, three key front end roles come into action. The CEO on the steering wheel must know the destination (vision) and have a good idea (strategy) how to reach the destination. Sales and Marketing push on the ‘accelerator’ to keep the car running at good speed. CEO keeps focus on steering the car in the right direction.
CFO, sitting next to the CEO serves as a navigator (GPS) and is also responsible for the brakes (controls). Why do we have brakes in the car? Most people will say to stop the car. That’s the traditional mindset. We need good brakes in the car so we can drive it faster. Controls serve the same purpose for the businesses. CFOs role is to keep the brakes in good condition so that the car could be stopped when required to avoid damage.
The most important role for the CFO in a high performance business model is to provide navigation (GPS and dashboard). CEO knows the vision (destination) and CFO helps with the street directions and keeps providing alerts for speed, mileage, engine speed, fuel level etc.
A GPS can only be relied if it is a trusted brand with updated street maps. To serve as a reliable navigator, the CFO must prove to be a trusted advisor to the CEO. This can only be achieved if the CFO demonstrates a deep knowledge of the business as well as a fair understanding of the external competitive environment.
CFOs with their financial background are in the best position to serve as the Chief Strategy Officer of their businesses provided they deeply understand the value creation process of their business. This requires a different mindset than the traditional focus on financial or shareholders value creation.
Today’s business models are quite different than what we had just 15-20 years ago. The high performance businesses we see now are complex business machines fueled by huge amount of intangible resources such as people, culture, brand, systems, leadership etc. We cannot support the value creation process of such modern businesses with a 500 year old traditional accounting system.
In order to support the 21st century business models, it is critical for the CFO to ensure their senior Finance teams are properly trained in business strategy and equipped with modern business tools such as balanced scorecard. If we do not urgently initiate such actions to upgrade ourselves, the gap between Finance and non-Finance business part will only widen.
Questions? Thoughts? Please post your comments below and I will try to reply.
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- Saleem Sufi

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10 Step Formula to Get Rid of Busy-ness Syndrome…

Let’s accept; busy-ness is an addiction for most of us and we actually enjoy it. It provides us with a sense of being important and in demand, indirectly satisfying our need of job security. If we are not busy or not fully occupied, we may feel insecure.

The issue gets further complicated by the fact that most of us never received a formal training in personal productivity. What is preached in the name of time management does not work either. In reality, there is no time management; there is only self-management we can do.

Self-management requires a mindset change; it cannot be managed by to-do-lists. It requires a higher level of consciousness. We cannot solve the problems with the same level of thinking at which they were created... (Con't Reading)

#CFO #timemanagement   #productivity
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