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This dish called Odori-Don. It has a dead squid on top that “dances” when Soy Sauce is poured on it, activating it’s neurons. ( Remember, it's dead.)
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Zombie, I can't eat something that move
and a spectacular thing .. If you are not aware that only by pouring soy squid ripprenda its vital functions .. would be a heart attack the person who assists in this process ...
frankinsquid.. Its alive.... bwahahahahahahaha
Sa a l'aire pa bon :(
en plus elle et vivante
this is absolutely disgusting
it actually is alive and the soy sauce is like pouring salt on it
it really had knew sumthin wuz wrong..
your saying that they can activate dead bodies,but it would have ta b kept cool an moist or it would not b able to b activated...if itz freezer burnt or dried out,i bet it wont react like that since u say itz dead!!
Don't look dead to me.....lost my appetite! 
I already used it still don't look dead to me....
it isn't dead dude... +Salah Seddik...  i've seen it in TV shows... some country  like to have live fishes... there was a cookery competition for live fish dish & people were doing it in different ways.... i also saw a fish fried live but only till the body, the face or the mouth part including eyes weren't fried & it was served with these sauces & salads. people were forking it in that half live condition...
Oh my Goodness ,what the hell food is it ,who can eat this DANCING FOOD.
The octopus ia actually dead....the sauce is just messing with its nerves
omg is that moving and he is about to ear that.
Oh gads no!!!! I couldn't eat that,no way,no how,no never. How weird is it though,eeekkk!!!xx
Anything goes well with Soy sauce. Gotta find a Japanese restaurant that has this deliciousness.
Oh no, don't be monster, let the poor thing live.
I agree with you Chree...nothing dead about that thing!
So cool, now I feel like having Japanese food. They do a similar thing with lobster and shrimp.
He waves to say Good Bye,. ;-)
Lesley yhu just nasty and take this mess off here
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