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+Rajini Rao Jan 21, 2012
Gutsy school children. School children in Lebak, Indonesia cling perilously to a damaged rope bridge across the Ciberang river to get to school. Hopefully this publicity will mean that the bridge gets repaired quickly.

Reuters video in the link.
+Josh Barrick
It used to be that villiages would build these types of bridges and maintain them through the year. What happened that now everyone there is waiting for someone to come and do it for them?
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that is cool for us but for hem it's so hard
Do something every single day and it becomes a norm.
Zak Mag
al hamdou lillahi lladi faddalana 3la katirin min 3ibadihi
OMG ~ bLESS ~~
this is bad..if a school bus comes to pick you up errday,give thanks to the Lord cuz u are so much loved
I live in Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia - and yes we have a very serious Development GAP, if you just travel 40-50 km outside Jakarta you'll see a very huge mind boggling GAP of Urban VS Rural Development, it's like you travel back a decade in time.
crazy stuff, puts your problems in perspective!
not so good...i so wots the community doing about this!
And instead of helping them.....let's take a picture!
exactly,y they r using such type of way?is'nt an other way?
" It used to be that villiages would build these types of bridges and maintain them through the year. What happened that now everyone there is waiting for someone to come and do it for them?"
Are you serious? In Third world countries where most children have to leave school to work before they are a teenager, have most people working for little to no money 60 plus hours a week when they are not fixing their own homes, taking care of the meager gardens and livestock they have. HOW are they going to fit in repairing a bridge? There is no Utilities management in these villages, and some people living in them still die from diseases and illnesses because of no access to medicine or clean running water because of urban sprawl polluting major water sources. But by all means, when you have no tools, no skills, and no time, why don't they repair the bridge? what an idiotic first world opinion.
Hardwork for cross the river..........
They should not expect this to be done from outsiders or government. They should only take initiative. With 10 people using some ropes and wood it will hardly take 5-6 hours to repair it properly. I have worked in my village to work on some of the things for helping people...Hope they get someone to suggest them
Very dangerous.. should be repaired shortly.. & made durable and trouble free .
talk about adaptation...90% of schools on the planet would probably cancel the school day and sound the alarm. I hope they atleast don't get loaded with homework.
+Wb Prince , I meant that as an expression of shock.. I didn't really mean it as 'wow' like I'm happy about it.
Wow that's bad that is, but it's like sum1 already said the people from the village wud have maintained it in the past... Maybe they've already had so much charity that they expect it doing for them.?? I mean jn the actual post about it it says maybe now it's been publicised summin will get done xx
Just in case you needed a bit of perspective 
that looks fun. also i would sit up there and drop a cast net and pull in hundred of fishes
Terrible is d word. Really sad and terrible
Omg, what is that? It's similar to some poor remote areas in Viet Nam. However, in Viet Nam, when that news were put on newspaper or online news, many people donated to build new bridges for the poor.
if you take a close look at the bridge you will see that it is not built using traditional materials. So the old tools and skills will perhaps not work so well.
hello anee they r cross the river to reach the school because where are not any facility in remote area.
Poor people.... Why I they fall in? Ö
What makes anyone think they're sitting on their asses? In a poor region devastated by floods there's a lot of repair work to do and materials are scarce. Some people can be so clueless.
Woooow very really pic I like 
Matt V
They should be teaching how to build a bridge in that school. 
I am Indonesian
I think that Indonesian is beautiful country. there are many kind of plants and animals, and many things interesting can be found here.
help them for criling out loud there can be a alligator in there yuh know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dammnnnnnnnn.....................hw they use to manage to pass thrugh.........dse rivers......:O
And we think we have problems...
Kids wouldn't even go to school here if the school bus didn't stop at their driveway. 
what a pity in this world....
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 
omg.dis is condition of indian
it's real in Indonesia - my homeland
And it's not photoshopped
See what happen to the people
While the house of representative are planning to build new office building worth of Rp 1.620 billion (184 million USD)
One of the most corrupt nation in the planet
why you army can built temporary bridge till proper bridge is constructed .
"HOW are they going to fit in repairing a bridge?"

Like any other group of humans who have done the same throughout the ages. Today's modern industrialized countries did not get gifted these things from aliens.

Stop looking at those people as helpless victims, the genetic difference is not that great between them and my distant ancestors who made my cozy life possible.
This bridge is not the worst
Believe me
There's children walk over the river (literally) with water to the neck holding their bag and shoes and uniform above their heads
Because there's no bridge at all
quand je vois ses personnes vivre avec de tel difficulté je n ai que de l admiration ....
That's what happens when people get used to the idea of Government doing everything for them.
they must know swimming with it .. mandatory
So why haven't they fixed it? Maybe it's a way of thinning the population.
Common ppl of indonesia save your children....
Instead of us sending them more money, their government needs to be educated on how to take care of a population of people.
OMG poor woman she is carring the baby on her back.
why is this happening to arab kids?
so rasis
it is sad - if it happens to white/ black /arab/ srilankan- sad is sad. indonesia - is none of them
great peoples............great efficeincy..........
J'ai discuté de ce post avec 1 personne dans une bulle.
Priorité à l'éducation... Il n'y a pas qu'en France que c'est le mot d'ordre
I wouldn't have walked across that thing when it was in good shape!
Indonesia is so corrupted that 99% of the wealth goes to 1% of the population. There are no money left for these people.
J'ai discuté de ce post avec 1 personne dans une bulle.
what does the gavament do with the money people pay TAX.
mais vous habitez quel pays c'est triste de voire que vous traverser cette riviere sur un pont qui ne plus c'est un risque de mort pour ces enfants.
all is self fish they are dont thing small people and poor people so like this
Please dont start this......this is why i left facebook. No it wont help if people get word. It's up to their government to help them.
Now I can quit using abstract references with my kids about "when I was growing up...", and just show them this instead. 
Ma godness,tis is so scary..!
As a community of young Entrepreneurs we need to have a Solution for the same. A sulution that shall be supported by the community, a socially impactfull solution............We must offer a solution.
comment faire pour dépasser quelqu'un ?
god! money and development is for advanced country!
seems worse than Missouri bridges.
omg...this is dis a circus??
Suspect I be a school dropout if that was the only way to get there
how can dey even adjust like dat in such a situation....
Lets hope its falls into the ears of the authorities concerned, but terrific really
OSEF !!! Dans ma rue il y a un nid de poule et la DDE ne fait rien... Personne ne va réagir et faire un super pavé pour dénoncer cet état de chose ? Que va faire +Saturnin Le Coinc'h notre président ?
No comment! Please be informed that they have to pay to go school.
And also for the more economic it's a big effort for poor families.
its mind blowing...its the situation no one can adjust it, terrific.....
How sad but maybe the peace corp or someone like that will help. Meanwhile the villagers can maintain it like it looks like they have keep trying to put it together and keep it up for themselves.
Wha can some one do to help? would love to so please if you can send informarion on an organiation that helps? we are all chidren under the same god? Please forgive me if some take ofense?
incroyable ils traversent encore!
Kinda makes me wonder about our own bridge situation...
What a fuck... Very dangerous
Plz do something ... 
pauvre gens qui doivent traverser ça tous les jours. Tous les jours l'angoissent de mourir. Le monde est beaucoup trop injuste...
they can't do it themselves ?
Salut à tous je suis tout nouveaux sur se cite j'aimerai bien savoir les particularité et qu'est on peux fair de beaux et surtout à quoi il serve merci à tous 
Cool.That will put a spark in your morning.
c'est là une très jolie vue
OMG this is so dangerous...i hope a new bridge is built...damn
çà, c'est la vraie volonté d'apprendre; que DIEU vous protège et vous aide mes enfants.
Any one ever thought about fixing the damn bridge?! ... even a tribe from 300 B.C can fix it ... and look it's full of patches already!!
jolie vue pour certains et grand danger pour d'autres...
very cool but daring act..............
It's sad that a self-reliant population has been reduced to this degree of dependency.
looks like a sas exercise asault course
imagen alligators in that river lol
They want the crybabies in the USA to build a bridge for them so they don't have to do it
Les pauvres , j'aimerais tant les aidés ces gens là.
Adventurous for me bot it's a torture for those poor people who have that bridge as their daily necessity! Something must be done about it!!
daam whats going on this is not life
ohhey estas mua fea en la photo the bridge is very ugly how scary
and here in the US kids will go to great lengths to skip school.... makes you feel guilty. I hope they get the help they need to fix the bridge.
Je pense pas que c'est du trucage. Mais remarqué qu'il passe tous en même temps pour faire sûr que le restant de pont tombe.
Omg i wikll help themmm lol im justkidding ;]]!!!
And to think I hated going to school, while others are risking their lives just to get to their own schools. Those are determined kids right there.
pour rien au monde je vais monter sur ses cordes
quand on voit ça on se dit qu'on sait pas du tout c'que c'est que la pauvreté et la souffrance
C'est affolant de penser que toutes ces personnes et les enfants passent la dessus tous les jours.
il faut faire qqch !!!! ces personnes ne peuvent pas continuer a vivre dans de telles conditions ! il faut réagir !
en regardant ca , on se dit que y a encore des gens qui se plaignent assis confortablement dans leurs voitures a attendre que le feu passe au vert .
ses habitants là ont du courage !
Ça dépend comment sont-ils élevé. Pour eux c'est comme on croise une rue. Il ne faut pas agir de cette façon quand on comprend leur mode de vie.
ca c'est de la prise de risque!z'on une assurance pour ce genre de courses??lol
j'adorais tester dans de si belle conditions
si vous remarquez bien, il font traverser ses enfants pour allé a l'ecole ,alors parfois il faut remercie dieu qu'il existe du trsp chez nous
tant que l'on ne le vit pas on ce permet de critiquer ce que l'on à,mais quand on sauras prendre la place des autres on comprendras mieux qu'on à + que d'autres
De la mouriture au crocrodille c'est gens ils peuvent tombé
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