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I'm pretty stoked about my Good Friday lunch even without any meat. Positive vibes going out to all. Have a great holiday weekend and Good Friday. #sals #goodfriday #lunch
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It still sits in my head so I think about it and make an effort. 
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Funny video: One-liners from +Matt Cutts are put to music. Nice edits and special effects. Cracking me up, lol. #spamaroundtheworld #mattcuttsvideo  
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True story. Seriously. These actually happened. #17 is just monkeying around while I'm not sure what is going on in #16. The little girl looks all to happy holding the gun. So wrong. #awkwardfamilyphotos
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There's something here for everyone to take-away from this. #wordpressseo  
5 WordPress SEO Tips to Help You Boost Rankings and Traffic 
Simple ideas to help you make more out of on-site SEO

When it comes to conversions, organic traffic is the way to go. Getting the search engines' attention is easier said than done though... 

For WordPress users however there are some tricks that can help. 

And in the following post you will discover five rather simple techniques that can improve your results! 

See them right here:

#Blogging   #Marketing   #SEO   #WordPress  
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Always worth checking other plugins and features for #wordpress.
Good list from +HostDime 
Wordpress has a database of over 26,000 plugins. HostDime dug deep to find 10 essential plugins you probably haven't heard of.
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I wouldn't say there are any silver bullets here, but lots of practical and easy to follow steps for improving your Google Authorship from +Neil Patel#authorship #socialmediamarketing #socialnetworking  
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Looks like the new version was just released. Time to update Wordpress again. #wordpressupdate  
WordPress 3.9 is out today announced the debut of WordPress 3.9, which adds a slew of "refinements" to the blog management tool. You can download the new release now from ...
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A very impressive and detailed study on brands and visibility on Google Plus from +Dan Petrovic.  Thanks to +Jeff Pineda for sharing this with me and for pointing out that I showed up in one of the screen shots. #visibility #googleplus #branding  
+Salvatore Surra you're on the pie chart! Check it out!

Also: a very #informative  article about Google+ for those of you who are new to it and for those who want a deeper understanding of how the system works!
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Just saw this new #autoawesome motion pic in my media library from the trip to my ma's house last weekend.  We did an early egg hunt and these were taking just as they were wrapping up.  #sals #easteregghunt  
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You know who you are. Drafting players like DMC can bring huge points, but be ready for injuries and have a solid back-up.  #justsaying   #fantasyfootball  
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Have him in circles
23,414 people
Web Strategist, Sr SEO Specialist, Webmaster, Fantasy Football Writer, Fantasy Sports Expert
Web Strategist, SEO Specialist, Webmaster, Marketing, Blogger, Wordpress, Fantasy Sports, Writer, Fantasy Football Commish
  • Source Interlink Companies, Inc.
    Sr SEO Specialist, 2010 - present
Fantasy Football Expert / Fantasy Sports Writer & Editor / Sr SEO Specialist / Blogger / Gamer / Husband / Father
Some might call me a web dude because I've been on the Internet since the late 80's.  The first time I got on the net we used an actual hard-line telephone that we would stick the large phone receiver into a modem box just like in 80's movie War Games. There were no browsers or interface like today and we would access sites by typing in simple DOS commands. We mostly just played games, but thankfully things have come a long way. :)

I started to build my first website in 1995 when there were no programs to build websites, only blank pages that needed code.  I still love the code side of the web and always love checking out source code for cool websites, new UI features that wow users, and other web interests that grab me. Since I've been working on web development, Internet strategies, and online marketing for over 15 years and I've seen the fads come and go, the giants that looked mighty get knocked off, and every year or so another big player come along.  I'm pretty hard to impress on the web, but happy to be allow myself the opportunity.
Currently, I'm busy working with a great Fortune 500 company as a Sr SEO Specialist in their major automotive division.  The collection of sites generate millions of visitors and are some of the most recognizable brands names in market. I also design and build websites privately for clients, blog for several sites and share my expertise in Social Media Marketing, website and UI design, fantasy sports, and a few other topics.
One of my biggest hobbies is playing fantasy sports and have numerous championships to my name in both fantasy football and baseball. I write and maintain my own fantasy sports blog, as well as an editor for a fantasy football site where I publish regular articles on fantasy football. I play in a dozen or more leagues per year, as well as commish around a half of dozen of them.  Some are for money, where others are for bragging rights and research. 

I'm also provide travel consulting and share my reviews of the best local spots in Socal and OC at my Orange County travel news and reviews website.
I enjoy playing sports like basketball, riding bikes, wrestling, and playing with my kids.  When I'm not on the computer or my iPhone, I'm usually at home hanging out with the family or working on one of the many projects I'm involved with.  My door is always open and I'm happy to help and share my knowledge.  Feel free to contact me and let's connect.
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I've got great 3 kids, a beautiful wife, new minivan, and rocking through life! What more can I say, but that I'm the defending fantasy football champion for a couple of 12 team leagues.
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February 15, 1974
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