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Please, I want to record voice inside the app.
Is it possible;
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It's not possible now but interesting idea, we'll keep it in mind.
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Μια νέα ιδέα στην εξατομικευμένη μάθηση της τεχνολογίας!

Sakis Koukouvis

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Happy Birthday by the way!

Sakis Koukouvis

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#sciencesunday humor 
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+Sakis Koukouvis LOL - true dat, sometimes. 
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The Earth’s Seasonal “Heartbeat” as Seen from Space

We all know that as the seasons change on Earth, temperatures rise and fall, plants grow or die, ice forms or melts away. Perhaps nobody is more aware of this than NASA's Visible Earth team who provide a vast catalog of images of our home planet as seen from space.

Sakis Koukouvis

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Demographers Discover The Fundamental Law Governing the Growth of Cities
The discovery of a law governing the growth of cities means that future urban populations can now be forecast in advance

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I have a column in the form of Datetime.

I want to create a virtual column in the form of Date to show only the date of the Datetime Column.

My questions are:
How I could do this?
How could I group data in the menu of the app grouping data per date?

Have a great weekend
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Found the problem with this (DateTime to Date). It will work by EOD Monday. Thanks for pointing it out.
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Mobile at work is going through a similar transition, with organizations now interweaving the next generation of mobile productivity into the lives of every employee and through every workflow.

Sakis Koukouvis

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Could high-end camping gear save lives around the world?
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σακη ευχαριστω πολλη να σε καλα
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Play of Color: Imagine a gem so iridescently beautiful that a phrase, play of color , is coined just to describe it. How does an ordinary sludge of sand and water, boringly described as hydrated silicon dioxide (SiO2. nH2O), express every color in the spectrum of light?

Precious opal is formed when a solution of silica seeps through cracks in a rock very slowly : at a rate of one centimetre thickness every five million years. Under pressure, spheres of silica 150-300 nanometers wide, deposit in crystalline arrays. This regular packing, spaced close enough to the wavelength of light, has the effect of a diffraction grating, and the scattered light can be described by Bragg's Law. Nearly all the earth's supply of precious opal comes from Australia, formed in the Cretaceous period, more than a hundred million years ago. 

Eric the Pliosaur: Now imagine a massive thick necked beast that once cruised through the Late Jurassic oceans, with a jaw four times stronger than T. rex and 10 times more powerful than any living creature. 150 million years later, our pliosaur has been "opalized" to an iridescent sheen, his fragments discovered by a lucky miner in Australia's Coober Pedy and sold for $250,000 USD to a wealthy businessman who subsequently lost his fortune.  Christened Eric the Pliosaur by a mischievous archaeologist who was asked to put the bones together, after Monty Python's Eric the Half a Bee, the fossil turned out to have a fish inside its belly, fittingly named Wanda. After a public campaign, Eric was eventually purchased for display by the Australian Museum.  What a thrilling journey for Eric. 

► Musical accompaniment: Monty Python - Eric the Half-a-Bee (1972)  

Half a bee, philosophically, must ipso facto half not be .
But half the bee has got to be, vis-à-vis its entity - d'you see?
But can a bee be said to be or not to be an entire bee
when half the bee is not a bee, due to some ancient injury?

► Pliosaurus:
► Opalized Fossils:

#ScienceSunday   #fossilfriday  
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+Kate Wilson , delighted to meet you here on G+ and looking forward to exchanging more gems..whether from the earth or of human nature, as in your share of the touching Westjet Christmas "miracle" story:

Sakis Koukouvis

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Hybrid Heart

Via +ScienceSunday
Stem Cells Grow Beating Heart

● Heart Beats Again
"A newly beating heart is part-mouse, part-human. For the first time, a mouse heart has been made to pulse again by stripping it of its own cells and rebuilding it with human ones (see video above)."

"To create the hybrid heart, Lei Yang at the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues took the heart from a mouse and, in a process that lasted 10 hours, removed all its cells. The remaining protein scaffold was then repopulated with human heart precursor cells – stem cells that had differentiated into the three types of cell required for a heart. After a few weeks, the organ started to beat again. "Our engineered hearts contain about 70 per cent human heart precursor cells, which provide enough mechanical force for contraction," says Yang."

● Video:
Mouse heart uses human cells to beat again

● Full post via +New Scientist:

● Citation:

● Tags:   #ScienceEveryday   #StemCells  
Ambrosia Fawkes's profile photo the rich of the world mixing their bloods with that of the animal I wonder???
Have him in circles
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Can Humans Really Feel Temperature?

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