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Sakari Maaranen
Conservative with nature, liberal with ideas.
Conservative with nature, liberal with ideas.

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Tonight's game is I shorted S&P 500 @ 2,395.66.

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Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release: Study shows 52,000 square miles in rapid decline, with sediment and carbon threatening the surrounding environment and potentially accelerating global warming. #Arctic #Permafrost

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Whilst this is a cultural problem, each and every individual still have to take care of their own part. That's what makes up the culture.
So Travis goes to the doctor, with a toad on his head. Doc asks "What's going on here?" Toad sez "Well, it started out as an anal wart." This guy needs to collect his things and go to Disneyland or something. 

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"Encouraging and securing exploration and commercial development in space by all lawful and non-hostile users of space —  regardless of nationality" — in times of 'Murica First fits like a glove — of Darth Vader. I'd rather have an International Space Force under U.N. command.
This is a thought-provoking essay on how the US government should organize its military approach to space. In essence, it suggests creating a US Space Corps which relates to the Air Force in the same way that the USMC relates to the Navy. There's a great deal more detail to it than that, and a fairly strong argument that a reorg should be made.

I'm not sure what I think about it yet - whether I agree or not - but it's definitely an idea which merits thoughtful consideration. 

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Whilst Sanders is absolutely correct, you need to understand that the people behind Trump are doing this intentionally. They won't stop by Sanders or anyone asking them kindly.

They are inciting violence in the strongest terms possible without getting sued for it and trivially beaten in court. They are already taking actions that can be questioned in court and they will become even more blatant if as soon as they gain stronger control of the legal system. It's only a matter of time, if you don't stop him.

These people do not care - they want madmen to physically intimidate and kill "illegal immigrants" or anyone looking like one. They really do not care even if you're legal or not - they just want you out, if you're an immigrant and/or wrong color. Their actions and inaction - what they choose to say and what they leave unsaid - clearly suggest this. You are dealing with ethnic agitation that aims for ethnic cleansing. We have many historical examples of what that means. The Holocaust is but one example in a long series that goes back as far as human history. We will soon be adding the U.S.A. again to the list:
"The murder of anyone is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to all families who lose a loved one to violence. But let’s be clear about what Donald Trump is doing tonight in inviting family members who saw a loved one murdered by an undocumented immigrant. He is stirring up fear and hatred against immigrants and trying to divide our nation. That is his political strategy and we must not allow him to get away with it. Why didn't Trump invite the family of Srinvas Kuchibhotla, the immigrant from India, who was recently shot down in cold blood by a white, native born American? Didn't his life count? Why didn't he invite the families of the black parishioners shot down in a church in South Carolina by racist Dylan Roof? Weren't their lives important? President Trump, any murder is a tragedy. Don't use these tragedies to stir up divisions by race and nationality."

Sen. Bernie Sanders

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Avoid traveling to America. Not only are they intruding your privacy but if you are unlucky you may end up in a conflict with the authorities and/or locals who may be mentally unstable.

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Purple X in beehive URL patterns...
Goal! Scientists teach bumblebees how to play soccer.

Bumble bees are surprisingly innovative, Science Magazine
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#EchoChamber on steroids. Google+ may now recommend you your own posts. "Suositeltu sinulle" is Finnish for "recommended for you".
Google+ suositteli minulle omaa kirjoitustani

Hupaisaa. Tottapa G+ veikkasi, etten ollut lukenut kirjoittamaani tekstiä. Teksti "suositeltu sinulle" näkyy kuvakaappauksen yläreunassa. 

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Rye bread reigns as the Finnish food

"Rye bread wins the title of Finland’s national food in a vote held in honour of the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence.

What’s more, February 28, 2017 is not only the annual Finnish Culture Day, but also has one-year pop-up status as Rye Day..."

Read on - thisisFINLAND

#RyeBread #Finland #Food #RyeDay #FinlandExplorer

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"Models indicate that sea ice will continue to decrease and the prediction is that the #ArcticOcean may be ice-free in the summer by 2030."
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