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I am currently targeted on Google+ by a bot that generates new accounts with cute cartoon characters as profile pictures and adds people (including me among others) to their circles.

All the pictures seem to be slightly different, likely generated.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Yeah, many cute toons adding me lately!
Not sure. Maybe other strange accounts.
Nope. All systems nominal.
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Nothing half naked here, just ordinary females usually in Asia / India. Very strange.

Sakari Maaranen

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A radio telescope on the far side of the Moon would be free of Earth's radio noise---and have a much clearer view!
Researchers are making strides on a radio telescope array that would be unfurled on the farside of the moon by an unmanned rover operated by astronauts hovering nearby at a gravitationally stable point in space.
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Sakari Maaranen

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It is okay to shoot... (Select last that applies.)
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No, it is not okay to shoot.
Stationary, round targets
Realistic, moving targets
Game for food, population control, etc.
Anything legal for sports and fun
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I've had deer eat a garden of mine to the ground. Over $100 worth of purchased seedlings gone overnight. Without some hunting pressure animals will eat our farms and gardens bare. 

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If you are a U.S. citizen, you can help.
If you want to be part of the #Bernie2016 #BernieSanders campaign in the U.S., text WORK to 82623
Thanks for signing up to volunteer for our campaign! We will be in touch with you soon. Click here to return to the home page. Bernie 2016. PO Box 905. Burlington, VT 05402. Paid for by Bernie 2016. (not the billionaires). © Bernie 2016 | Privacy Policy.
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Via +Octavia ²
Police officer Ray Tensing will be indicted for murder for murdering Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop. Yes, I meant to say it that way.

Prosecutor Joseph Deters said during the news conference, "I'm treating him like a murderer." [Well good, because it's about damn time a murderer in a uniform gets treated like a murderer who doesn't wear a uniform.]

Deters also says, "This is the most asinine act I have ever seen a police officer make.” [Hey Deters, I can think of several more. But yeah, you do your job in your jurisdiction and hopefully you'll be an example to prosecutors elsewhere. Live up to your name, Deters. Don't fuck this up!]

The footage from Tensing's body cam, which shows the shooting, is being released.
Authorities release body cam video showing a cop killing a man during stop.
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This will be the turning point +David C. Frier​. We are witnessing a pivotal moment. It is only one case, but will serve as an example.

Sakari Maaranen

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My point is the same as what Senator Sanders has said in almost every one of his speeches. It is that even if he's elected President he cannot enact these changes without a real nationwide political revolution.

We must send people like him to the US Congress to replace the corporate Dems and fascist Republicans. 

We must send people to Congress to overturn Citizens United and enact Public Campaign Financing of elections so you don't have to be beholding to the rich people to get elected to any office in America.

We must help create a new rising awareness of the importance of civic participation and education as our patriotic duty as citizens. 

We must all use our voices every day in talking to elected's and neighbors to let them know every worker deserves a living wage, war is not normal- peace is, women deserve equal pay and people of color equal treatment under the law! 

These things take constant vigilance and advocacy because the moment we stop fighting for them the forces of greed and hate who never give up fighting win. 

Thank you!
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Another #pizza ready for the oven. In about ten minutes we shall see the results! This one has tuna, river crab, Kalamata olives, and fresh mozzarella on the upper side in the picture and river crab, pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella on the lower side. I will add some home grown peppers and basil after it is baked.
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Actually, I added the peppers before baking... Let's see what we got! Just a minute.
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Obama fixed American health care. It can still be improved, for example by moving to a single payer system, but ObamaCare has been a giant leap in the right direction.
I'm not hearing very much these days from the Republicans about how urgently we need to repeal Obamacare.
That must be because numbers don't lie:

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Far from fixed. ACA is holding it together with duct tape and string, but still needs major overhaul.

Sakari Maaranen

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Good luck Ethereum, although I am a bit sceptical about cryptocontracts in general -- unless officially recognised by law. I agree that someone has to develop them first and they will receive official recognition afterwards. We shall see if Ethereum can offer a solution in this space.

Via +TheBlack Box
Ethereum Launches

We may look back on this day in history as the start of something important. Ethereum just went live. 

It's too soon to know just how transformative this new blockchain-based technology platform will prove to be, but I'm excited about its potential. 

#ethereum   #blockchain   #DAO  
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I'm excited now that the dev version has launched. I thought their presale was strange and was suspicious of the number of ethereum they claimed to have sold. I have ideas, so hopefully I'll fit in room to take on a couple more side projects.

Sakari Maaranen

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This is long running fraud by Warner/Chappel to illegally collect millions, even lying to the court. Returning the money is not enough. There should be a criminal investigation.
Sing along, everybody!

It's pub-lic do-main
It's pub-lic do-main
It's pub-lic, you assholes
It's pub-lic do-main

$2m per year, for 80 years, plus pre-judgment interest, plus inflation, is a hell of a lot of money. Sadly, most of it is barred from collection because of the statute of limitations (and laches), but it's still going to take a huge chunk out of Warner Music's hide.
Last minute evidence that completely turns a legal case on its head doesn't come about all that often -- despite what you see in Hollywood movies and TV shows. The discovery process in a lawsuit generally reveals most of the evidence revealed to...
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Sakari Maaranen

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This could be the #HolyGrail for #Pastafarians.

#FSM #miracle
Spaghetti in a cone: a miracle of physics, a genius food delivery system | Life and style | The Guardian

' ... Eating spaghetti out of a cone is, oddly, easier than eating it from a plate. This is because of the well-known “twirl method” that sophisticated humans have learned to use to eat pasta. The cone shape facilitates the trick by giving natural purchase to the tines of the fork as they twist. The curved sides of the cone help guide the strands of spaghetti into a ball around the fork. ... '
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Praise be the noodely goodness!

Sakari Maaranen

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Here are the results and the jury verdict

(I'm testing the Google Photos app album sharing.)
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Thanks for the feedback +Finland Explorer. I tried what happens if I remove a photo from the shared album. It did not disappear immediately, but apparently it did with a delay. I may delete this test post a bit later.
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