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Google is no match for American teleoperators.
Google Fiber is making changes in its operations, as it "pauses" its plans to expand to more cities, along with job cuts and the departure of its leader. #News #GoogleFiber
Google Fiber, which launched a few years ago with the promise of bringing 1Gbps Internet access to many cities across the US, has decided to curtail its once ambitious expansion plans. The company announced today that while it will continue to operate the Internet and TV service in the cities that already have it, or are in the middle of construction, it will 'pause our operations and offices' in the remaining cities that were being considered fo...
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Sakari Maaranen

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Now that voting has begun, remember the pledge:

I pledge not to vote for any Republican in any election for any office at any level in years 2016, 2018, or 2020.

It's not that the Democratic party is all that great, rather we should reform our system by first eliminating the organization that elevates tiny minority racist and religious extremists. Then we can go on and incorporate the good parts to reconstruct (and possibly split) the Democratic party so that it/they is a) reflective of our country and b) forums for rational discussion and resolution of the problems we are facing.
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Sakari Maaranen

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Thanks, +Brian Gauspohl​​​. Added to my reading list.
Video intro:
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History book by Elizabeth Kolbert

ISBN-10: 1250062187
ISBN-13: 978-1250062185 anthropocene anthropogenic warming climate
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Sakari Maaranen

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Would you like to learn how to upload your mind to the internet? #SingularityAI #WholeBrainEmulation #MindUploading

Image source: Hagmann, Patric; Cammoun, Leila; Gigandet, Xavier; Meuli, Reto; Honey, Christopher J.; Wedeen, Van J.; Sporns, Olaf; Friston, Karl J. (2008). Friston, Karl J., ed. "Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex". PLoS Biology. 6 (7): e159. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060159. PMC 2443193 . PMID 18597554.
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What do you think I'm doing here with 900+ posts? ;)
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Sakari Maaranen

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Welcome to America, girls!
Really Austin?!?

You're better than this. 
AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - A new billboard off interstate 35 is causing a lot of dispute among Austin's citizens. The advertisement hints undocumented immigrants should join the dating site to avoid deportation.The sign reads, Undocument
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Well, apparently it's not. Trump didn't do it, but he caused it to believe the story, prompting this ad from the matchmaking site in response to his xenophobic tirades and plans. Phew. The mystery is therefore that this billboard is the result of Trump interacting with a fermi twin of his that's owning the matchmaking site.
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Sakari Maaranen

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Despite of a highly publicized campaign to get voters to update their records, thousands of dead people and duplicated record holders have failed to act.

Have you already double-checked your voting registration and asked the redundant record to be deleted while updating your real record and making sure they don't delete that?

If you have died recently, don't worry. Being dead is considered a perfectly acceptable reason to refrain from exercising your right to vote. Remember to notify that you won't be able to participate this time. Rest in peace and have a great day!
Do the deceased prefer Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? A data analysis firm found that Indiana's voter database contains thousands of people over the age of 110 who would likely be deceased and are still registered to vote.
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#Gaming again a bit - bought some wheat @ $401.38
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Okay, good enough for this gaming session. I will have to focus on other things for today. Closed 05:36 @ $404.88 that's about +200% profit on margin.
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Sakari Maaranen

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So they say they would first focus on building a refueling capability, and geodesic domes for habitation. Sustaining those capabilities, economically speaking, would be a nice bonus of course.
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Sakari Maaranen

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Good riddance. I sold my German combustion engine in 2007. We should ban them sooner, say by 2025. Eight years notice is plenty.
No more petrol gasoline cars to be sold in Germany after the year 2030? Will the rest of Europe follow suit?
A recent vote by German heads of state sparks political debate on banning internal combustion engines
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+harri manni Let's try this the other way around: This is the only planet 99.9999999999% of all humans will ever set foot on. It is the only planet with an ecosystem that can support human life.

Continued burning of fossil fuels is destroying that ecosystem.

We, meaning humans, germans not excepted, live within the budget of daily solar energy or we die. By "we die" I mean all living humans and all future humans. If any "economic activity" can't live within that budget it has to go. If that means shutting down German industry because there's no wind and overcast conditions for some week in mid-winter then German industry needs to shut down those days.

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Sakari Maaranen

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American kids are as racist as they are taught to be. And that's... well, read it for yourself.
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+Sakari Maaranen See, it works like this: if you're stupid, you secretly know it. Admit it? Never! So how do you compensate? You need some pride in something, so you make out as if the people who aren't stupid are just Pointy-Headed Elitists.

Well, yes the PHE are elitists, they learned to spell, their values systems are different. They earn more, they marry better looking women, they live in nicer houses, they drive nicer cars - all this is terribly annoying to the stupids. So the stupids resort to populist rage: a variant on Aesop's sour grapes. It's the pride of the fundamentally lazy. Even their alienation is affected.

There was a day when even the most rural people would attempt to educate themselves, dress well, affect the manners and fashions of the elites. Drive around out here in rural Wisconsin, look at the older houses, they're not slovenly shacks, they're beautifully constructed. Nobody drives those roads except the people who live on them - and the snow plough driver and the postman. Those people cared about each other, cared about their society.

What changed? The Great Depression ended and with it, this culture of rural respectability. Those poor farmers had been hard done by and their sons went off to war in WW2. The grisly war in Korea, the difficult 1960s, the appalling 1970s, the jobs disappeared, the alienation settled in like dust and nobody saw fit to sweep it away.

America's fucked all right. That populist pride, fuelled by gut-level insularity, Nixon's Silent Majority, would in turn give rise to these Trumpkins.
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Sakari Maaranen

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Korkea aika olisi herätä kokonaisuudessaan digikehityksen sairaisiin piirteisiin ja etenkin sairaaseen vastuuvapauteen jota sallitaan mitä älyvapaimmilla "käyttöehtosopimuksilla" tms.

Jos tavallinen tekniikka aiheuttaa vaaraa, onnettomuuksia tai kuolemia niin siitä joutuu isolla varmuudella vastuuseen. Mutta jos viallinen OHJELMISTO tekee saman niin syyllinen ei vastaa mistään mitään. Eikö jo tarpeeksi ole näyttöä vai mistä tämä ohjelmistobisneksen epäjumalanpalvonta johtuu?

Tekoäly on vain (murto-)osa digitekniikan ja ohjelmistoalan sektoria.
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Tekoälyn kehitys on ollut niin nopeaa, ettei sitä varten ole vielä laadittu yhteneväisiä pelisääntöjä Euroopassa. Europarlamentaarikko Liisa Jaakonsaaren (sd.) alulle panema hanke pyrkii siihen, että tekoälyä ja sen algoritmeja ohjelmoitaisiin avoimemmin.
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