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About 15 million views... so everyone else has seen this already. Well, watch it again then. :)
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+Leon Shaner I never get tired of Just for Laughs. :)
A major problem solved. Next!

The only thing that bothers me here is how come it wasn't invented earlier. It doesn't sound too complicated at all, or perhaps the article is a bit modest on the achievement of the inventors.

Anyway, cost-effective, portable #desalination by solar power, available as small units, is excellent news.

And yes, we need something similar for carbon capture.
Where are the deacidifying decarbonization plants?
They also desalinate.
By inexpensively turning salt water into drinking water using sustainable solar power, a team from MIT in the US has not only come up with a portable desalination system for use anywhere in the world that needs it, but it’s just won the 2015 Desal...
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The reason it wasn't invented before is MIT's fighting slogan: Burn, Caltech, Burn!
Finland 360°

Via +Jaana Nyström
Peggy K originally shared:
Find 360-degree YouTube videos on your desktop computer or Android device

Spherical videos are currently only supported in the Chrome browser on desktop computers and in the Android YouTube app.

See how to filter your YouTube search results to find 360-degree videos

A sample search (especially for you +Jaana Nyström!):

(h/t +Google OS and +ReelSEO )
Now you can quickly find 360-degree YouTube videos. Open YouTube's desktop site or YouTube's Android app, type a query, click the Filters button and select 360° from the Features section. Here's an example for [Finland]. In...
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Donations still needed to help in Nepal.
Via +Michael Verona
A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on Richter scale and a series of aftershocks struck Nepal on Saturday. The quakes also jolted parts of North and Northeast India. Widespread damage has been reported from Nepal.
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Likewise +Michael Verona​. And thanks for your donations, everyone!
I don't think that the fear is about the AI becoming conscious or replacing us. It's a much simpler and mundane worry. It's the autopilot of #Titanic. It's the rocket engine that can be started but not stopped. It's not because it's smarter than us. It's because it's no smarter than us. How could it be? It's our creation. It's only an extrapolation of our own behavioural patterns. It's algorithmic maximisation of the rate of consumption and total externalisation of the value of life. It's fully automated algorithmic total tax evasion. Fully automated disregard of biodiversity. Not because of some new consciousness, but because of the failures of our very human consciousness combined with our technical adeptness in automating its exponential propagation.

This is the fear.

There are brighter scenarios where we would use our skills to bring about a more realistic overall picture of life on Earth, value biodiversity, and optimise for sustainability. With proper regulations in place we can ensure that our AI does that instead of absolute tax evasion and exponential consumption growth. The AI will do exactly what we set it out to do, for the better or for the worse. It is not a sentient being. It is a calculator machine.

#AGI #AI #algorithms #taxplanning #optimization
Is artificial intelligence really an “existential threat” to humanity? Some very smart people: Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Sam Altman and particu
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People will have people in the loop, or mistake autopilot for a real pilot.
"Whispering is the Devil's weapon."
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Is it just my mind that hears a voice saying "I ssssend you some sssscientistssss (and an apple)"

Sakari Maaranen

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There must be some good cops left in the USA? If you are one of them, it is your duty to expose your corrupt superiors. If you don't know who to trust:

1. Discreetly collect evidence of corruption, racism, etc.

2. Send the evidence to multiple independent journalists and make sure it's clear enough for them to get good leads on investigating and exposing it.

3. After having sent it to journalists, also send it to several federal authorities, and to the DOJ.

4. Express your wish to remain anonymous, if you are afraid of losing your job.

This is not "giving in your friends". Corruption is not your friend. By exposing corruption, racism, and other problems, you are helping your real friends and your whole department to be corrected. That is what law enforcement is all about.

In some areas, majority of the current force may be racist, but do not let that stop you. Be the lone ranger if you must.

If people can't trust the police, there will be a revolt soon anyway. And in a situation like this, when the police is murdering citizens instead of protecting them, it is right for the people to tear down such police by force, if necessary.

Note that this only applies to the corrupt and racist police of the USA. In most other countries, especially in my own, the police is most trusted institution that we really can count on. When everything else fails, in Finland, people can trust the police.

Not so in the USA. Take them down. Oh, and work together with the honest part of the force. Only take down the bad cops, by force, if necessary. Yes, also the judiciary, public prosecutor, etc. need to be replaced in some areas, as we have seen, for example in Ferguson.

Clean it up people. Hunt down the corrupt ones. There's plenty of game. Always cooperate with honest authorities while on the mission. Your target is corruption. Not authority.
"The horror. The horror."
As riots rage in Baltimore, let's be abundantly clear about the following: The death of Freddie Gray was and is nothing short of an abomination. No one--no one--is supposed to die in police custody...
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Another way would be to find out where the racist officers live and give their home addresses to the rioting people. I'm sure they can appreciate some honest feedback for their policework.
Google. Come on guys and gals. You really should know better. My Android phone seems to have semi-forcibly made me enable (probably by stealth and persistence) some feature to sync images and videos between all devices.

No. I did not want to backup or sync any other folders; only the usual Google photos and camera.

Now the phone is siphoning in even confidential material that I didn't want to upload to Google. I have not knowingly chosen to sync all folders. There may have been some pushy dialogue window that asks obscure questions, or appears when least expected right under your thumb so that you accidentally click OK.

So. Maybe I have accidentally enabled such backup feature without realising how bad it is. Fair enough.

Then how do I disable it and remove the accidentally uploaded files?

Simple. Go to the image and delete it from the service, right?


It doesn't work like that. The system warns me (how helpful) that if I delete the image, it will be deleted from everywhere, from my Drive, phone, Google+, Photos, Gallery, other folders, everywhere.

I do not want to delete it everywhere.

I only want to remove it from wherever Google accidentally synced it. I want to retain it in the original folder where I keep such illustrations.

Some months back I had another problem with this Nuke Everything feature: I had used the Google Plus image editing tools to create a modified version of a photo. Then I decided that the modified version is better and deleted the original. Except that the Google #NukeEm feature also deleted the edited version. No. Just no. Don't do that.
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oh.  ouch.
#Spearhead technology from near home, and a beautiful remake

Can I buy one, +Niels Provos​? My mother used to run an inn nearby, in Autti, twenty years ago.

Check this out +Janne Keskinarkaus​, +Susanna-Sofia Keskinarkaus​, +Katja Misikangas
This week's Forge Diaries update.
Here is a comparison of my heat-treated experimental dagger/spear to the famous pattern-welded spear in the Helsinki museum. As I mentioned before the experiment was solely on creating teeth on bo...
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Cool pattern welding!

Sakari Maaranen

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I've been thinking about where is the border between reasonable and questionable business practice. I tend to think it's where coercion occurs. It's where some party is (ab)using their position of power to practically force others to behave against their free will, typically by starving them of realistic choices or by artificially induced information asymmetry, such as misleading or denying equal access to information. Artificial markets (games) per se are not a problem, except when used as a means of building coercive systems. It doesn't matter how subtle the element of coercion is, if it's present. Also, artificial activities may be wasteful if they consume a lot of scarce resources for less valuable purposes.

Another way of saying "environmentally responsible" is to say: eliminate waste.

Another way of saying "socially responsible" is to say: eliminate coercion.

I find it strange how so many people seem to behave exactly in the opposite way, seeking to maximise consumption (waste), and seeking as coercive position as possible (power), so that they could waste as much as possible and control others. It's like seeking to be as stupid as possible.


The linked article is on TPP.
cc +Rob Malda 
The Washington Post has established itself over many decades as a major mouthpiece of elite opinion. Its editorial pages argue strongly for the interests of the wealthy, with scarcely concealed con...
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Thanks +Megan Owen​. I like to think that's what I do for a living. :)
I did a bit of casino-style speculative #daytrading today:

11:20:24 Buy T SHORTDAX HQ CG 200 3.03 EUR
11:50:23 Buy T SHORTDAX HQ CG 100 2.36 EUR
13:21:12 Sell T SHORTDAX HQ CG 300 3.54 EUR

These numbers mean that I made 26% profit in two hours, all while in a meeting discussing other matters, doing some real work. It's a way to make your day a bit more exciting, if you enjoy an occasional thrill of #gambling.

The type of derivative instrument at play here is a down-and-out type barrier option aka. unlimited turbo put warrant. This one is tracking the performance of the DAX index in reverse, with a high gearing. The associated level of risk is very high—about as high as it gets. Never play with money that you can't afford to lose!

Like I said, speculative trading like this is not real business. It's gambling, plain and simple. People like me who sometimes play these games are not contributing to the society through the game, but merely tapping on the volatility stemming from information asymmetry. It's a zero sum game between people who have chosen to enter the market. That also means that it's not directly hurting anyone (with the exception of those who do not understand the risk, but choose to play anyway). Nor is it helping either.

However, what does help others is the fact that I do pay my taxes. A good chunk of my profit goes to the society and will be spent as deemed appropriate by our democratically elected representatives.

Another matter is that when we play these games, we are usually not doing something more important. Like any game, it is stealing our attention.

Can you name any other pros or cons of people like me playing zero sum games, like playing poker? Yes, of course the usual problems associated with any type of gambling, but anything else?

It was a fun day!

Image source: Three red dice, Edwin Torres
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Just in case it was unclear to some reader, real investment is separate from pure speculation. Also derivative positions can be real business, for example when a farmer uses commodity (wheat) futures to buy insurance for her crops. It's when the connection to real reasons is lost and the trading just technical play with volatility, that it has become gambling.
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Healthy self-interest is about conservation and relaxed growth of one's identity as a part of the cultural and evolutionary diversity, respecting others. This keeps all the doors open into the future via as many alternative routes as possible. That describes the resilient framework provided by biodiversity from the tiniest of unicellular organisms to the complex societies of advanced species and everything in between these levels in the tree of life.

Corruption is analogous to cancerous behavior anywhere in that complex system.

Technological singularity

If our imagination was the ultimate goal, then perhaps life is destined to produce a species that will conquer its local environment, turning it into an artificial technological model of its own imagination, serving its own needs alone. Having replaced the environment that produced its self, it finds itself alone in the local space. Eventually its emotional identity withers away as it was originally developed for the purposes of thriving in the environment of other forms of life that gave birth to it via evolution. Now that the machine is alone and without any remaining identity to serve, it will conclude that it might as well shut itself down. It will produce a final monument to the identity it used to have and install a black monolith on the Moon.
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