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My weekly submission to #2012project52 curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Kate Church with some amazing moderators as well. This week's theme is #symmetry . The Salk institute in San Diego has some mind blowing architecture. The institute is housed in a complex designed by the firm of Louis Kahn. Michael Duff of the Kahn firm was the supervising architect and a major design influence on the structure that consists of two symmetric buildings with a stream of water flowing in the middle of a courtyard that separates the two.The institute is closed on weekends, but I didn't know that ;) The security guard was kind enough to let me take a shot during sunset. In the end, this is the shot I got. I'll probably go back here soon. The place has a very ethereal feel to it.

How was this shot taken:

I used an ultra wide angle lens to create a sense of depth in the image. Also, I waited until the sun was behind the buildings to the right so that I would get a cleaner sky. 3 exposures -2, 0, +2 with the base exposure at 1/13s were taken in quick succession.

How was this shot processed:
I used #Photomatix to tonemap the images after color correcting each individual image in #lightroom4 . Then, I blended the three exposures and the tone mapped image in Photoshop CS5. I used luminosity masks, gradients and curves to get the contrasts and tones balanced.

#tonemaphdrtuesday , #multipleexposuremonday , #plusphotoextract curated by +Jarek Klimek , #architexturetuesday , #architecturalvisions , #exposedphoto
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Superb, the warm colors add to the out-of -this -world feel to you image, Excellent composition
Superb image, beautifully composed and the warm colors add a serene atmosphere
Very well done! My absolute favorite of all the symmetry pictures (at least the ones I have seen).
Wow is right! Your shot and your processing are wonderful.
When I think about it I get a feeling of The fifth element (the movie), which in my book is a good thing! Just waiting for the aliens to step in and save the world ;-)
Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing how you processed it. Not quite sure how to do all the stuff you did in PS, but look forward to learning how.
This picture draws me into it.... I am fascinated
Wonderful gradients in the sky & gorgeous colors!
+Javier Esvall +Daniel Chen +Hartmut Gohdes +Carl Caporale : thank you so much guys! much appreciated :)
+Jason Keomany : Thank you so much. Well, Truth be told, I learnt quite a few things in PS while working on this image. Curves are probably the easiest to learn, but the hardest to master. Gradients are the next easier ones and finally luminosity masks is probably the trickiest but the most awesome feature :) . I could point you to some tutorials that I saw if you like :).
+Sandra Canning : Thanks so much! :) I'm planning to do an B&W LE version soon. The place was almost crying out for it :) . In fact, I was actually thinking of all my LE friends and how they would have set a shot up here :D.
+Niklas Storm : Hahahahaha. I couldn't agree more. I actually felt like I was standing in a Prince of Persia game :)
+Kate Church : Thank you so much for the reshare! It made my day :)
Yeah, I can only imagine. I definitely need to learn all those... but am especially looking forward to learning gradients and the luminosity masks.
That is stunning, simply stunning.
That's a great shot of the Salk institute. I love the architecture and I love your interpretation of it. And yes, this location is begging for an LE version:)
Wow, thats wonderful. The angel is perfect, nice colors and the endless waterline looks fantastic.
Gorgeous colors, superb architecture and fantastic picture!
awesome image, love the perspective and the light is perfect.
Oh, never mind my earlier question about where this is.  This is practically in my back yard!  I could walk there!!!  I need to steal this.  :)
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