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Born of the Sand Death Valley

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour."

I took this one a couple of years back in the mesquite dunes. I was drawn by the golden light hitting the peaks and hiked up a vantage point to get a composition.

How was this shot taken:
These dunes were quite far off, so I used a telephoto lens to compress the scene. Who said you can't use telephotos for landscape work? :)

How was this shot processed:
Double RAW processing in the Camera RAW, followed by some curves and levels adjustments using luminosity selections.

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+REBECCA GUEI : merci beaucoup :)
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One of Gratitude and Love 

They say surprises can make your heart skip a beat. I think mine just skipped an entire day's worth! I'm so overwhelmed with emotion thanks to the wonderful and amazing people I get to call the #SLPTeam  

I didn't have the slightest clue that you guys were working on this, neither did I even think I was worth any of this. What an incredibly beautiful gift!!

I absolutely love adore this book guys. Every single page took me down memory lane, to each week, where you all would come up with these incredible images. I really had tears in my eyes when I first opened up the package. 

Thanks for putting up with my newbieness over the 12 week program, thanks for making sure that I communicated my ideas clearly. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your infectious enthusiasm that really kept me going.

The SLP program worked not because of me, but because of all of you! I feel privileged and honored to call you my friends. 

Thank you +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers , Thank you all you wonderful people filled with awesomeness!

+Alex Lapidus +Björn Kleemann +Christin McLeod +Dana Lynn Moyer +Craig Szymanski +Darla Hueske +Ellie Kennard +Giselle Savoie +Grant Meyer +Heiko Mahr +Jayme Spoolstra +Maki Silberberg +Mari Luukkonen +Pam Wolfe +Ralph Mendoza +Sébastien Beun +Sharon Willson +Stuart Dyckhoff +Swee Oh +Ugo Cei +Ursula Klepper +Lauri Novak +Elizabeth Lund  and anyone else this dumbo left out from tagging owing unhealthy levels of happiness and excitement! 

Time for a GROUP HUG !!!

Love you guys!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! You've made my year folks. Seriously!

P.S : I'm still not sure I deserve this much love!
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Ugo Cei
Big thanks to you, Sairam.
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Magical Elowah: Oregon

"A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path"

If the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy could have been shot in any place other than New Zealand, I'm pretty sure Oregon would have been the first choice. The Columbia River Gorge is so incredibly beautiful with lush greenery and an infinite amount of waterfalls in all shapes and sizes. One of my favorites during my first visit here was the amazing Elowah falls. The falls is so huge that if you get close to it, you'll be soaked with spray. The trail is a windy fun hike starting from the highway, and soon, the sounds you hear change from buzzing cars to the chirping sounds of the forest. Near the end of the trail, you'll hear the falls thundering down, much like hearing an orchestra in an amphitheater. I tell you, I will visit this place again and again and again...

How was this shot taken:
There is a bridge in front of the falls that lets you walk across, but I found that to be a distracting element in a natural landscape. Being my typical crazy self, I jumped head first into the bushes, tripod and camera dangerously above me. I got into the water and thought this should be a no brainer. The more I waded in, the deeper the water got. Eventually, thigh deep in water, and surrounded by the friendly neighborhood mosquitos, I set up shop to take this shot. I had to take multiple exposures here, both for Depth of Field for which I used various focal points, and also for dynamic range. The sun was casting a harsh plane of light on the giant rock face near the falls. I had to wait for the sun to hide behind the clouds to capture that part of the image. My routine was quite simple. Focus, wipe lens, click, wipe lens, get soaked, wipe lens, click, etc etc. This was truly a rewarding hike, for I felt like I was in a zen state of mind in this beautiful temple of water.

How was this shot processed:
This is my first attempt at trying Depth of Field blending. Given that I had to use a long shutter speed for the water, the foliage appeared blurry since the wind decided that it would make the flowers dance. I had to take a separate exposure with a fast shutter speed for the foliage. Then using a combination of different focal points, I had to pain stakingly align and blend them for a proper DOF. This being said, each focal point had two exposures, which I blended for dynamic range prior to doing the DOF blend. Then I processed the image using the standard curves, and other adjustment layers. Phew.. I'm exhausted. Need a coffee...

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many thanks +rohan reilly , much appreciated my friend :)
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Timescapes I : The Martian Warship La Jolla, San Diego

"We travel on a time machine but once, and one way only."

The first image from my new series, Timescapes. The basic idea behind this series is to show the passage of time in a single shot. More like an entire time-lapse sequence compressed into one shot. Hope you folks like it.

Please view this on Black, trust me it looks much more awesome

Do remember that today is #coffeethursday. Share your awesome coffee pictures with the #brewcrew +Maki Silberberg +Jason Kowing +Stuart Dyckhoff and myself!

More time travel coming soon ;)

How was this shot taken:
This was one of my pre-scouted locations. In fact, I visited this place a couple of days in advance when +Maximilian Laue and +Larry Nienkark  visited San Diego, and also met +Lisa Co  . However, sunset was a bust, but I found this interesting rock and decided to revisit it under better conditions. A couple of days later, it was the same story. Sunset was a bust, and I instead waited for twilight to set in. I captured two exposures, one for the foreground rock and water, and one for the sky with the stars. Then it was a case of careful blending.

How was this shot processed:
Balancing the light was the biggest challenge here. I didn't want to go too bright or too dark. I used luminosity masks, dodging and burning to achieve this look. Hope it appeals to you folks :)


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+Larry Nienkark : It was great to meet you and Max, Larry. I hope I can catch you two for a fog shot over the bridge soon! :)
+Garry McCarthy : thanks so much my friend! Are you up for an outing sometime soon?
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More fun Plaigarism
So this guy here want's to say that he took +Trey Ratcliff 's shot in Death Valley. Would you kind folks help reporting this?
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Well it has been removed so good job +Sairam Sundaresan for noticing it
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Shameless Self Promotion: The epic shameless saga continues...

Vote and Fav this one if you guys like it. Thanks for your time folks :) 
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Eye of the Sun Arches National Park, Utah

"What are men to rocks and mountains?"

I took this one back last during probably the worst time to visit the desert, early July. The heat was so intense that we could only go out early in the morning or late in the evening. The light also eluded us for the duration of our stay. However, it was a great chance for us to scout the place for the next visit. Note to self : You want Desserts not Deserts in summer.

How was this shot taken:
My friend and I went up to the windows section to catch the first light of the sun on the windows and turret. While everything looked very promising and clear, just as the sun came up, along came some friendly clouds and blocked it off. Just perfect right? That's nature for you. However, I did manage to get a brief moment during which it illuminated the turret. I added a person in the composition to show the scale of these magnificent formations. The picture doesn't do justice at all!

How was this shot processed:
First, I had to clone stamp out around a 1000 people from the shot. I took so many exposures with people moving all over that I lost count. That was the hardest processing step. For the rest of the image, I had to tease out whatever color was there.

P.S: This place is freakin crowded, even at 6am!! 

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+Craig Szymanski : Thanks very much Craig! Appreciate it my friend :)
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Shameless Self Promotion:
Could I put in a request to the kind folks here to take a moment to like and fav, if you like this image?Cheers .. Yes, I'm shameless. #500px  
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haha, many thanks +Johan Peijnenburg ! Appreciate the kind words my friend :)
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Sairam Sundaresan

Shared publicly  - 
My #POTD   from +Swee Oh ! Just love seascapes like this. 

Please leave your comments on the original post :)
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Swee Oh
Thank you!!
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Engineer & Photographer ;)
  • Sairam Sundaresan Photography
  • Qualcomm
    Engineer, present
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San Diego, CA
Chennai - Ann Arbor - San Diego
Photographer by passion. Love Nature, Landscapes and people :)
Hi, I'm Sairam, an engineer by profession, but a photographer by passion. Photography is something I've been really passionate about. It was in early 2010 when I got my first SLR, a Canon Rebel Xs, that things became serious. I predominantly shoot landscapes and nature, although I dabble with other forms of photography. I always try to seek out the best light in the scene, and try to convey the emotions I experience through my pictures. I'm deeply inspired by Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry and other great photographers. 

My goal in photography is to create images that move you, make you experience it in the same way that I did. I hope to inspire you with my work, and in turn be inspired by yours.

Interviews and Publications:


- Published in Plus One Collection Magazine, Architecture issue, October 2012 

Published in Exposed Magazine, May 2012

Published in 500px blog, Best of 2012, City and Architecture Category

- Featured Photographer of the week on, November 2012

Interview with Fotoshkola, a Russian school of photography :

You can follow me on:

My Website :

500px : 


Google+ :

1x :!/artist/223389 

Gear :

Camera(s) :

- Canon 5D Mark iii 
Canon 7D (Dead :( ) 
- Canon Rebel Xs (Sold) 


Canon 17-40mm f/4.0 L ultra wide angle lens
Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 L lens (walk around)
- Canon 50mm f/1.8 Prime lens
- Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Kit lens (sold)
- Canon 55-250mm f/4.0 telephoto lens (sold)
- Canon 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 telephoto lens (sold)
- Canon 10-22mm f/4.0 ultra wide angle lens (dead :( )

Filters :

B+W 10 stop ND filter 
B+W 6 stop ND filter
- B+W Circular Polarizer
- Singh Ray Reverse Grad ND 0.9 hard edge filter
Lee 0.9 Hard edge Grad ND filter

Tripod :

- Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head
Gitzo GT0531 Series 0 6X Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod with G-Lock

All photos are copyrighted by Sairam Sundaresan. Do NOT use my images on blogs, websites, or anywhere else without my explicit permission. I'm glad to work with you on projects. 

For prints and other information, please contact me through my website
Bragging rights
Flew an Airplane and Dived off of one too ;)
  • University of Michigan
    Electrical Engineering, 2009 - 2010
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