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Hello (rest of the) World

Google+ is finally open for the rest of the world so I thought it was about time I updated the Google+ Start-Up Guide.

Today I am releasing version 2. Thank you all for the tremendous feedback for version 1. I took the most important things and updated the presentation accordingly to help increase its clarity. The changes are subtle but helpful.

Please share this version to your new friends instead of the original :) & Enjoy!

Also, if you have read my 3-part meditation on Google+ you know that I don't think Facebook will be going anywhere anytime soon. So I finally added the subscribe button to my Facebook profile so feel free to add me there as well :) Competition is great. or

+ Cy
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this is very well done, major props. What font type is that if you don't mind me asking?
#s not matching in profiles and the circle editor any help
Is this available in video format? That would be nice because this is an excellent guide.
Thanks Cy...
The only question is, after all the "name policy" troubles you'd been thru, why aren't your account verified?
I recently went into the archives of my google plus posts to help some newbies out with your 1st version...i'll sharing this one as well thanks.
+Marvin Hood Busy with School :( Can someone please convince me to dropout so that I can focus on G+ and my startups??
o_O How old are you Saidur? BTW school is important, don't dropout! ;)
goole est le plus grand reseau et avec se google +
c'est vraiment mondiale
If you can not detect the difference they did an outstanding job making them.
thx! i'm still new on G+ before, i cant access it unless i get an invitation, now i can finally start to using G+
thx to ur guide i wont be blind on any feature G+ have :) thank you :)
Thanks. I'll re-share your guides in a few weeks as needed... once the mud puddles seem to settle. Good luck on midterms.
thank you...find it very helpful ^^!
Pages and/or Groups (a la Facebook) is still missing from Google+, it seems. That's why I'm still on FB. Also, FB's design is arguably nicer.
You mean, like FB has? ;) Imnsho, G+ has some catching up to do.
Still, social pages/groups is what I miss the most.
I have tried it for a couple of months already. Feel like I arrived at the party too early.
But I'm confident G+ will become a serious contender to FB in the not too distant future.
Hi +Saidur Hossain, +Loïc Echene advises me to tell you if you could share your CS5 files to reuse within a keynote for my school. I will mention you creation at the end of my school work. Is it ok for you ? Thank you.
Nice update, but I was surprised that you did not add the Circle called "Extended Circles" in your list of "standard" circles like "Public", etc. (Slide 24) - plus nice job on slide 6 showing how 1 person may be in multiple Circles! Kudos!
Bookmarking to send to new G+ users I encounter. Thanks!
Thank You so much for sharing!
Very nice! can you send me all pics to Many Thanks!
Thanks! Very helpful.
+Saidur Hossain Ok, this is driving me nuts, so I'll just ask because I can't figure it out. How is it that this album/post is locked but yet, it can still be reshared? I tried to recreate this scenario (locked post that is public) and Google+ won't allow me to make a public album/post locked. Do you think it's possibly just an anomaly that exists due to changes made after your album was created?

UPDATE: Please disregard. I now understand that the actual album itself cannot be reshared (is locked), but the post containing the album can (is not locked). However, I still cannot lock my own album if it is public.

UPDATE2: For anyone interested... Ok, so to lock a public album, you can't do so directly from the individual album's page. You have to click Change how your albums are shared on your albums page and can make the change there.
Great 5 minutes start-up guide!
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