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Introducing the Google+ Start-Up Guide

UPDATE: Version 2 Now Available!!:

UPDATE: More languages available here:

UPDATE: Pro Guide Available:

I have been having the same conversation with many of the friends I invite over from Facebook. They are having a hard time figuring out how everything here works. Google+, I realize, is a concept that is a bit hard to grasp. It's a blend between Twitter and Facebook, private and public. There are no friend requests or even friends. Just people. People you circle and who circle you, and depending on what they think about you they share more or less with you. The end result, is a post that is more meaningful and relevant. You can scale a post based on what the appropriate audience is. You can share messages with a circle, multiple circles, or even people directly (or even emails). All this is new, and new things always scare people.

Naturally we are people who are against change. We resist change because change requires energy, whether it be physical or mental. But as history can attest to, we need change. I have seen many guides out there that attempt to lower the learning curve but no one wanted to go read a multi-page article about how to use a social network.

And so I decided to give it a try, with a short presentation instead, almost like an intro video.

I have been spending the whole summer freelancing as a full time job and wanted to use my design and user experience skills toward a fun side project that would let me go crazy. I wanted to create something that tells you only the bare minimum of what you need to know to get started and something that is easy to digest. Over the past week, what started as a small side project became my main project.

This presentation is my attempt at lowering the energy required for change. (Hope all the work pays off)

I would love this guide to become "The Guide" all the new folks see. Let's make this this spread like wildfire! If you got improvements please send them my way and I will credit you in version 2.




I got the idea of using G+ as a slideshow from +Vincent Wong's awesome presentation.If +Guy Kawasaki or +Robert Scoble is listening, you guys would be rockstars for sharing this!
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Hey thanks so much for posting this. When others ask I will def show them Great job of communicating the points! Thanks again!
Very nice guide! I like the design!! simple and slick!!
This is simply brilliant! Very professional and simple, just what we need to help our friends get on G+ I tried to write my own simple how-tos, but they are nothing compared to this. Big Thanks!
Well done! I wish Google+ would let you choose NOT to have the individual slides show up separately in your stream when someone comments on them.
Great guide! Like you said, perfect for twitter and facebook friends I am trying to get to use G+. I will be sharing this with a lot of people.

Oh, and I like your profile picture. Fight On, fellow Trojan.
It would be great to turn off commenting at will of the original poster - then folks could just comment on one image of a set - someone mention that to goog
This has an awesome old television show feel to it, and yet there are all these modern Google additions. How fun. Well done.
This is awesome man! Keep up the excellent work
The quality of work produce to help others is incredible sometimes. Newbies in the world are going to have it easier and easier to get up to speed on news, trends, short cuts, and start producing their own great stuff even sooner.
yes, thanks for this. it's been a chore trying to help people unfamiliar with g+
Why don't put'em all in a gDocs published presentation? so people can embed into different sites ;)

Nice work btw
This is nicely designed! Well done man!
Best presentation i have ever see about Google Plus!
Well done job +Saidur (Cy) Hossain..well done, I'm sure it will be very useful for many :)
Kudos! 'Tho I note you don't mention the awesome pwer of "Extended circles".
I love this guide. Great design!
Beautiful design and easy to follow! Definitely the guide to give to your friends and family.
Saidur Hello, I would use your guide to the translated (Portuguese-Brazil).
If authorized, will redraw the text and put the credits Saidur as you did in your ok.
Thanks to reply!
the is very helpful, it answered most of my wife's questions. Thanks,
true... there's more stuff needed, but it explains the basics to get you started so you can discover the rest.
yep, but I think that Sparks are important as well, anyway well done and great design
Thanks....Google+ makes a lot more sense to me now. :)
Excellent visual guide...great work.
+Jan Battenfeld yeah ok this is what i know .... but the person doesn't get a notification .. the person only see this post if they read all new posts.. or ?
+Jefferson Krautsieder Don't worry, they get a notification anytime you share something directly with them, whether it be a new message or a hangout invite or anything else
There is also a cool trick. If you want to notify a whole circle about your post, just add that circle, hover over it, and click on "Notify about this post". But dont always do this as people might get annoyed.
ah cool thx i didn't know this, but i saw that this work only for circles and not for 1 friend...
Thank you for creating and sharing this clear, straightforward guide for Google+ beginners
Thank you. I have shared with my friends and family that I want to be excited about this space.
This is amazing!!! Great job!!! Thank you so, so much :D
Fantastic. Great Job, Thank you so much
Great tutorial for incoming users.
I only wish I had a direct link so that I could bookmark to quickly share and use to invite people at the same time.

edit/ I found it, you just click the drop-down arrow on the top right, and select link to this post.
This is great. Thanks for creating and sharing it.
Hi Saidur, amazing it is really good for begginers, is it possible that i take that slides and make a spanish version on video with camtasia, obviously keeping your name and credits?...
Thanks for sharing this - its an awesome guide to get started here...
Good stuff with a clean presentation, keep up the great work!!
Joel Li
Great job, thanks!
Thanks for sharing this, It's Great Job!
I added this guide at Qomun, my free and libre culture directory: If the Pro Guide is going to be released under a CC license too, I will add it too to spread it :)
nice guide, guess i need to move my ass and add some content
nice guide with good really helped a lot
Oh why have I only discovered this guide when Google+ opened to the public??? I joined back in July and had no idea what I was doing and just had to muddle along. I wish I had seen it then :)
Thanks for the guide, it rocked!
Wonderful! Thank you, sharing this with my friends.
Excellent - shared with my circles. Great help
Very good guide you posted... I'm going to look at the updated versions and the Pro version and may share them as well. Thanks!!
nice tutorial........easy, fun and well thought out.
good stuff...thanks a ton
Dude that is genius! Definitely sharing for the noobs.
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Come'on, +Google+
I just shared this and, its still the same 10000.
I love this presentation.  I'd like to get permission to use a couple of your slides for a presentation on using google+ for genealogists.
I have a great need for this thx ;)
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