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The Google+ Start-Up Guide in Your Language

UPDATE: Pro Guide Available:

Thanks to a global group of generous individuals, we now have the Guide in multiple languages!

Click Here to open the Google+ Start-Up Guide in your language:

Here is a list of whats available right now:

Arabic (العربية):
Chinese (Simplified):
Chinese (Traditional):
Chinese (Traditional - Hong Kong):
Deutsch (German):
Farsi (فارسی):
Français (French):
Greek (Ελληνικά):
Hungarian (Magyar):

Want to create one in your language?
Click here:
If you add more languages in the doc, put a link in the comments so that I can add it to the post.

Be a part of Google+ history! Introducing The Google++ Pro Guide I am a big fan of collaboration, design, and helping people. So I wanted to create…
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mass broadcast coming up<G>
Weli A
Cy, you did a great job.
The link for the french version seems to be broken
Thanks ! But it looks like it's still broken ;)
Ok thank you :)
I really appreciate your work !
+Saidur (Cy) Hossain ooops seems like Tagalog has been taken.. I'll do the Cebuano version for this one :) do I need to update the Language list and add Cebuano?
ITALIAN TRANSLATION: Josue Gio: godd job! A few corrections are needed though:
1) Slide 8 should be 9 and slide 9 should be 8
2) Also slide 8: "Dunque, perché dovremmo ammucchiarli..." should be: "Quindi, perché dovremmo ammucchiarli?" (Dunque is better and also let us avoid repetition of "Dunque" a few lines below.
3) Slide 10 should be slide 11 and slide 11 should be slide 10
4) Slide 41 should be slide 42 and slide 42 should be slide 41
5) To make it more consistent, since google+ use it in the login image: "Amici del cuore" in slide 7 should become:"Migliori amici"
6) Slide 20: "È così che le cerchie funzionano" should be: "È così che funzionano le cerchie" (more elegant)
7) Slide 40: "Clicca: Apri" should become "Clicca: apri un videoritrovo" (because here the image doesn't help)
8) Slide 47 "sessiti" should become "sessisti" and there shouldn't be a comma after razzisti (not in italian at least)
Is it possible to get this in a pdf format? That would be really useful... (or perhaps a powerpoint?) Really useful photos! Great job!
Shared de Swedish version now :-)
son cs
eres una maquina:) ich kann german aber jetzt habe ich keine zeit ummmmmm
+Saidur (Cy) Hossain done with the PSD. A couple issues there - guess I fucked up a bit of the design (nothing serious, just the way the text is placed), and also I'm really bad with masks, would you be kind to fix them for my text width? And one last thing - what file sharing service were you using? I'm ready to pass on the PSD and the font I used.
+Saidur (Cy) Hossain: Perhaps it might also be a good idea to name the language in that language: “Deutsch” instead of “German” and “Français” instead of “French”?
Saidur, I've just uploaded Slovenian version but had a little problem with URLs when updated doc with links to translation and album. please could you check that and help me a little bit with that (my URLs are soooo long)
The Icelandic one is finished, link to the album in the google word file.
We need Finnish! I doubt that without that my relatives won't just get it.
i can help with photoshop thing .....but i don't know different languages
When I try to open the .psd file, my Paint Shop Pro says that "this is not a valid PSD file".
Thank you , thank you so much. You all awesome
I'll trans it into Vietnamese :)
+Saidur (Cy) Hossain - Please note that the word "affiliated" on the last slide of the English version is misspelled as "affliated."
Ah, I understand. I had mentioned it earlier and thought perhaps you did not see the comment. Don't mind me - I'm an editor in my day job and things jump out at me. I'm helpless to resist trying to correct misspellings. ;-)
+Kathy Nemaric Appreciate the help! Congrats on being 1 of 2 people to date to point out that typo, clearly only an editor can see it :)
Çok güzel olmuş. Muhteşem paylaşım. Teşekkürler! :)
+Loïc Echene, je t'informe que sur cette page est mise à disposition la version arménienne du fichier PSD Je l'ai téléchargé mais je rencontre des problèmes à l'exploité à cause des polices et parce que je ne comprends pas l'arménien. Sur un autre post, +Saidur Hossain propose à quiconque souhaitant "joué" avec les PSD de se déclarer auprès de lui et de suivre la procédure de Google Doc. Ce que j'ai fait et je n'ai aucune réponse. J'ai le sentiment qu'il est passé à autre chose et qu'il n'a que faire de la diffusion de ses PSD, de la part la version Arménienne qui est publique et de part sa volonté de le partagé avec tout ceux qui souhaite jouer avec. Sincèrement, peux-tu m'envoyer la version Française, j'irais plus vite dans mes travaux. Bonne journée.
De link for Afrikaans doesn't seem to work!
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