Be a part of Google+ history! Introducing The Google++ Pro Guide

UPDATE: New Tips:

I am a big fan of collaboration, design, and helping people. So I wanted to create something that would facilitate collaboration, allow designers to have fun (while getting exposure), and help the Google+ community. Therefore, I present to you the Google++ Pro Guide. The Pro Guide is a fluid presentation of tips and tricks that will expand as more people contribute to it. I have started it off with my first tip, but to add more please follow the instructions below. As far as I know, this is the first of its kind so if you want to be a part of Google+ history in the making, help the community by adding your own tips in tricks in the form of slides.

The Google++ Pro Guide: Tip 1
(this time its embeddable)

How to add your Tip
If you are creating slides, try to have fun with the slide design by adding your own twist. If you are comfortable with Photoshop and want to abandon my template completely, feel free to do so, I only ask that you try to keep the ++ logo in the title slide in some form (hand drawn, vector, etc). In other words, show off your style! Finally, you don't have to call yourself a designer to create some slides. My instructions will clearly show you how to create your own slides.

To add your tip to the pro guide, click here:

As more tips are added to the guide I will create posts announcing the tip and tip's creator :)

I was originally going to just create more tips and tricks in the same format as my Google+ Start-Up guide but I realized there are plenty of good tips and tricks out there already and I can only make so many into slides. For example, +Tom Anderson (founder of myspace) posted a great resource of tips and tricks here: While working with an international team of intelligent folk to translate the original Google+ Start-Up guide I realized the power of the community. In just a couple of days the guide was translated to 25 languages. After a few days of thinking about a collaboration project and consulting with +Craig Kanalley (senior editor at the Huffington post) this idea was born.

Let's spread this around to share awesome tips and to get exposure for all the people who contribute!

More Google+ experiments to come :)
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