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May be they didn't anticipate Heartbleed, go to "settings" and "show advanced settings" to enable "check for server certificate revocation" checkbox
This might be a good time to check this box in your Chrome settings.  Apparently it's off by default.

(More background:
URL Dropit is a web app which helps to save files over internet directly to dropbox,
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Seems that +Anmeldelse: - gratis skylager is going in the same path as the bonus is bigger than dropbox), giving referral bonus of 5GB for both who joined and sent referral link. With initial space of 15GB it easily crosses 20GB. 
Lets see which one wins.
Copy is a cloud for people, friends, and companies. Use it to keep your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere and from any device. Sign up and get 15 GB FREE.
Happy Birthday +Google 
I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 154
Learning the meaning behind words by mapping words into high dimensional space.
I have been working with several of my colleagues, including +Tomas Mikolov, +Kai Chen, +Greg Corrado+Ilya Sutskever, +Quoc Le, and +Thomas Strohmann,  to design and train various models for learning the meaning of words in an unsupervised manner from large textual corpora.  In particular, we embed words in a high dimensional space, by representing each word as a, say, 1000-dimensional vector.  The training process is detailed in this paper:

One of the cool by-products of our training process is that the words arrange themselves in the high-dimensional space in such a way that similar words are near each other in the high dimensional space, and also in such a way that linear operations on these word vectors often produce interesting results.  For example, capital cities all tend to lie in roughly the same direction from their corresponding country (see image).  This often makes it possible to solve simple analogies by performing arithmetic on the vectors and looking for the nearest words in the embedding space.  For example:

   E("biggest") - E("big") + E("small")  ~= E("smallest")
   E("Italy") - E("Rome") + E("Paris")  ~= E("France")
   E("scientist") - E("Einstein") + E("Picasso") ~= E("painter")

The image in the blog post has a nice mapping of some of these high dimensional vectors down to a two-dimensional representation using principal components analysis where you can really see this effect for a few countries and capital cities.

Today, we're open sourcing some code to train models like this on your own textual data (see the blog post for details), and also releasing some pre-trained embeddings:
Using Machine Learning to improve Congestion Control
This is quite interesting work on using machine learning to automatically derive more efficient congestion control algorithms. The derived algorithms seem to both increase bandwidth and reduce latency over quite a number of TCP variants in a number of different scenarios. Very cool!

Remy is a computer program that discovers how computers should share a network with one another. A protocol designer specifies their prior knowledge or assumptions about the network and an objective that the algorithm will try to achieve. Remy then produces a corresponding congestion-control algorithm that runs on endpoints. In simulations, these algorithms outperform the best human-designed techniques, including ones that rely on intelligence in...
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My next 30 day challenge is to wake up early in the morning, "early" meaning 5 AM. What is your 30 day challenge?
Why not try a 30 day challenge?

Thinking about what you want to do in the New Year? Instead of making resolutions, why not try a few 30 day challenges? They're over faster, you learn neat things from them, and they can be a ton of fun. Think of them like experiments to figure out how to be happier or healthier or learn new skills.
#RorschachDoodle I see... a cat and a butterfly above
Time Machine Paradoc!
New comic! Post-Doctor Who, Part 4!
Awesome Combo, Push with Git to Google App Engine Python app.
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Software Engineer at Microsoft
Undergraduate in Computer Science
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    Computer Science, 2012 - present
    Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory
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