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Class should always end with a smile!

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To anyone considering LAZ Parking. On Friday, May 1st, I was ticketed for not displaying my latest parking pass in my window. I had pre-paid my 6 month fee IN ADVANCE. The car that was the ticketed was 

the car registered with LAX. 

I returned the Ticket with all documentation proving that I had PAID IN ADVANCE FOR MY CURRENT 6 month period. The staff at LAZ would not consider the fact that I was up to date with all payments and 

said the fine will still stand. 

While speaking with LAZ staff, I was transferred to a call supervisor who had assured me a different supervisor would be calling me the next day. No CALL WAS MADE. I emailed the staff AND THE STAFF 

CONTINUE TO SAY I MUST PAY THE FINE. (In contrast, if one gets a ticket from the police for expired car inspection or registration, one can have the fine waived with proof of a inspection/new 


It is unfortunate that a company with no competition/guaranteed customers, can show such little regard for its customers.

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On this day in 1992, Pearl Jam filmed MTV Unplugged. Do you remember when you first saw it?

I'm super excited for metamoris pro on Sunday... I hope the guys go all out and really try to finish the fights!!


Citimortgage is the WORST COMPANY EVER!

Ive been duped before. Excited for a fight & then let down. Silva-Sonnen II feels different... it may just live up to the hype

Big day for Team Granados... our boy is graduating Kindergarten! 

what a long day.... 

I'm really looking fwd to tomorrow @ Gracie Thornwood. Many of my best training partners, past and present, are rightfully getting promoted & I can't wait to cheer them on when they get the call! 1 of my best moves ever happened 14 years ago when I took my first free class... Who knows what I'd be like without jiu-jtisu.
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