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Sahar Andrade

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#Motivation  using the pain & pleasure principle - #reinventingyourself
Everything we do in life is based on 2 main emotional states which I call the 2 “P”s principle Avoid or decrease PAIN Bring in or increase PLEASURE
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Sahar Andrade

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#Empowering   #women   #leadership  - Breaking the Glass Ceiling #overcomelimitingbeliefs  
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I totally agree! We can change our life just by changing our perspective! It is up to us how to look at our reality! sg 
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Sahar Andrade

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I please need to help to disable seeing all of my contacts Bdays on my google calendar it is very distracting- Thank you
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Sahar Andrade

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Good evening 
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Sahar Andrade

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Sahar Andrade

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Empowering #Women# Leadership: Breaking the "#GlassCeiling" #reinventyourself  
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Sahar Andrade

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Diversity consultant, leadership training, cultural competence training, Dialo

Sahar Andrade,MB.BCh is a Diversity and Culture Competence Consultant/ Trainer, an International Marketing expert, and a Certified Social Media Strategist.  Sahar is Multi-Lingual (French, Spanish, Arabic, English, Hebrew); a corporate and entrepreneurial Executive Marketing leader specializing in Project Managements/ Promotions/ Branding.  Accomplished in strategic communications & planning, brand development/implementation, market & Product development/ positioning using media relations, direct marketing, cold calling, collaterals, E-marketing, brochures for lead conversion & market retention and competition analysis.  She offers real world business experience with a straight-talk approach to solving problems covering:


  • Cross-Cultural Competence.
  • Diversity management and inclusion.
  • Effect of Diversity & Inclusion on businesses.
  • Relationship between Diversity and Marketing and how they intertwine.
  • How to cross the bridge between the generations gap.
  • Social media strategies for businesses.
  • Social media for recruiters and HR professionals.
  • Culture Competence in Health-care.
  • Leadership Skills and Team Building in cross-cultural environment.
  • Workplace conflict resolutions.
  • Creating a Culture of Trust and Respect
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Organizational Development.
  • Interpersonal skills development.
  • Effective communications within a diverse workforce.
  • Time Management.

She is the creator of the D.I.A.L.O.G.™ signature program stands for: “Diversity& Inclusion in Active Leadership Organizational Growth”, as she believes in "Exchanging ideas through Conversations".  The program uses a unique tool model to achieve higher employee engagement and inclusion goals, thus increasing revenues and productivity Sahar collaborates with cultures in domestic international markets.


Born in Alexandria, Egypt, raised in Algeria and the Gulf Region, Sahar Andrade grew up appreciating and learning diverse cultures and traditions. She arrived in the US in September of 1986, with just one suitcase in hand.


Today, Sahar is the founder of “Sahar Consulting, LLC.”, she is the VP Technology for NAAAHR (National Association of African Americans in Human Resources" the Los Angeles Chapter,  acted for 1 year as Sr. VP Projects' Management and member of the Board of Directors for the International Green Summit and is the Co-Founder of “Children’s Choice” a charity nonprofit organization. Sahar is also a Board member with LAAMA (Los Angeles Airline Managers), as well as acted as VP membership for International Toastmasters the Burbank Chapter 2009.


Living and working with different people & cultures as well as years working for International Airlines traveling all over the world left a great impact on Sahar, and helped her deliver quality information on global marketing, difference in market cultures, international business etiquette worldwide, hoping to give insights on how culture impacts international business, international business communication, and building relationships between diverse employees internationally to enable interacting globally to achieve success.


As a Public Speaker, trainer, and an exemplary communicator Sahar is able to direct dynamic presentations and workshops, skilled at establishing, building and maintaining business development relationships within all departments, and all levels of management including C-level.  Sahar has delivered presentations and speeches in the Middle East, Europe and the United States to corporations, Healthcare organizations, associations and educational institutions on topics such as “Effect of Cultural diversity on Business Etiquettes”, “Social Marketing”, “Cultural Awareness in the workplace”, and “Cross-Cultural Communications”, “Effect of Cross-Cultures on Marketing.  She writes a column for Technorati “Diversity Café”, she is also a featured  columnist at the “Global Diversity Factor”.

Ms. Andrade gave speeches and or presentations in the last 6 months at:

·       USC Campus

·       Woodbury University

·       City Of West Hollywood

·       City Of Burbank

·       Los Angeles County “ Department of Public Works”

·       Association of Fundraisers Professionals in CA

·       Texas Diversity Council

·       California Diversity Council

·       Diversity& Inclusion Conference

·       Women leadership Conference for the City Of West Hollywood

·       San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce members

·       San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce Board members annual retreat

·       A major non-profit organization helping homeless people in Los Angeles

·       Burbank Leadership Alumni Association

·       Burbank Leadership Neighborhood Program (Facilitator)

·       W Conference in Winnipeg, Canada

·       Los Angeles Urban League

· Los Angeles


She has been a frequent guest few times on KFNX 1100AM News radio  speaking about project Management and the effect of Diversity, leadership skills in cross-cultural environments, how to cross the bridge between generational gaps, the relationship between marketing and diversity, and Conflict resolution, she has also been a guest on Hope42Dayradio show about "Cultural Competence& Diversity", and BlogTalkRadio presenting “How Cultural Diversity affects Marketing”.


She has been quoted as an expert on Diversity and cultural competence in magazines as the “Diversity Executive Magazine”, “Diversity& Bar Magazine”, "Medical Office Today", "Connect Your Meeting Magazine", and Teaching Tolerance to Children in the "NY Metro Parents magazine", and as an expert in Social Media in the new book "Find a job through social networking" by Diane Crompton& Ellen Sautter.  A new article in the “Diversity, Inc” magazine is due to be published end of July 2011.


Sahar’s credentials include MB.BCh (Double Bachelor Of General Medicine& Surgery) from the Cairo University of Medicine with a minor in Psychiatry; Certification (CeMA) from  the e-Marketing Association as a certified E-marketeer; a Certification as a Social Media Certified strategist (Inbound Marketing certified specialist) from the Inbound Marketing University; successfully completed a Mastery of Human Resources Studies Certificate Program; as well as being a seasoned Diversity, Inclusion& Leadership trainer.

  • Inbound University- Boston
    Social Media Strategy, 2008 - 2009
  • American University of Cairo
    e-Marketing, 2006 - 2007
  • Medical University of Cairo
    Medicine, 1980 - 1986
Basic Information
Social media strategy consultant, diversity management consulting
Speaks: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and conversational Hebrew. Facilitator, Trainer and Public Speaker
  • Sahar Consulting, LLC
    Diversity/ Leadership Consultant&Social media strategist, 2009 - present
  • Astra Corporate Management, Gulf Air
    2004, 2009
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Los Angeles, CA
Middle East, Europe, USA
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