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You too should care about Net Worth, not just billionaires

Your Net Worth "is, quite simply, a snapshot of your overall financial situation, right now, in pounds and pence."

It's pretty simple. Just add up all your assets (I mean savings, bank account balance, cars, furniture, gold, property, returns from stocks, mutual funds, etc., everything, even the "£500 guitar lying neglected in the corner"), and subtract your liabilities (credit card liability, money borrowed, money owed to friends, etc., once again, everything there possibly could be). 

The figure you thus obtain is your Net Worth. Just list the values of all your assets and subtract all liabilities. Calculating your net worth is that simple.

"In 2010, I worked out my net worth. The calculations were painless. What hurt was the number. I was £12,139 in the red. My debts were massive and I had no savings at all." (emphasis added)

Here's what you should consider about your Net Worth: it should never be negative. That would mean you owe more than you possess, which definitely isn't a very good proposition.

The idea is, always keep your Net Worth positive. And keep it as high positive as possible. And yes, do I even need to mention that it should increase every year?

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Renaissance Florence a better model for innovation than Silicon Valley

Amid all the hubbub about Silicon Valley and efforts worldwide to replicate it, we might be looking at the wrong model to emulate, writes Eric Weiner on the Harvard Business Review.

He goes on to write about how, and why Florence was so great at innovation, and what Silicon Valley (and its emulators) lack. 

"This hothouse of innovation (Florence) offers lessons as relevant and valuable today as they were 500 years ago."

Read it here:

A fascinating Friday evening read.
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Interesting read indeed.
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Active SETI perhaps isn't so dangerous at all

Several renowned intellectuals, including Stephen Hawking, have expressed fear on the practice of "Active SETI", that is, sending out signals into space for anyone searching for them. 

That is in contrast to what we do know. Known as just SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), we listen for anybody sending out signals to us.

"While Hawking fears that giving aliens our cosmic address could potentially bring death and ruin - much like what happened to many groups of Native Americans when Europeans invaded North America, Tarter thinks that aliens advanced enough to skip across star systems and reach Earth will be friendly, not aggressive."

He supports his point with how the human race continues to progress over time, and then extrapolating the same line of reasoning to extraterrestrial intelligence. I'm intrigued. 

It's definitely worth a thought.
SETI Institute's own Jill Tarter pointed out a flaw in Stephen Hawking's fear of finding intelligent aliens

Many intellectual leaders of our age, including Stephen Hawking, say that the idea behind Active SETI should be avoided at all cost, but co-founder and former director of the SETI Institute Jill Tarter pointed out a serious flaw in Hawking's philosophy.

While Hawking fears that giving aliens our cosmic address could potentially bring death and ruin — much like what happened to many groups of Native Americans when Europeans invaded North America — Tarter thinks that aliens advanced enough to skip across star systems and reach Earth will be friendly, not aggressive.

"The idea of a civilization which has managed to survive far longer than we have ... and the fact that that technology remains an aggressive one, to me, doesn't make sense," Tarter told Business Insider. "The pressure of long-term survival — of limiting population ... I think requires that the evolutionary trends that ratcheted up our intelligence ... continues to evolve into something that's cooperative and take on global scale problems."

Read more:
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Probably yes, Al! 
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Sagnik Sarkar

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What if the Earth too had rings?

The rings of Saturn are a beaut, a sight to behold. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune too have rings, but none are as prominent as those of Saturn.

What would the Earth have looked like if it too had rings? (presently it's doesn't, unfortunately)

Kevin Jill, a software engineer who does data visualizations for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, inspired by this question, created the Rings Over Earth collection.

The entire collection's here on Flickr:

It attempts to simulate how it would look like from the surface of the Earth, if only it had rings.

Originally found at this +Universe Today article:

Image Credit: Kevin Gill on Flickr
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Tumbling Down The Road

Trams remain a unique attraction of Kolkata. 

And when these things, still running on 550 V DC from the overhead wires, tumble down the streets of the City of Joy, the ground beneath invariably shakes.

It has to.

View on 500px:
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Why some people have a hard time getting over rejection

It's no secret that some people are remarkably resilient after a breakup, whereas others continue to be "haunted by ghosts of their romantic pasts" long after a heartbreak. And there's also people somewhere in between the two ends of this spectrum.

Research says that it all comes down to your mindset. Specifically, whether you believe personality is malleable, or fixed:

If you'd rather (lazily) comment TL;DR, continue reading below.

People who believe that personality is fixed, that a rejection is indicative of a fundamental, unchangeable flaw in their personality are the ones who have a hard time getting over rejection.

In contrast, people who believe that personality is malleable, that it can be changed, that flaws can be corrected, are the ones who learn from the very same rejection, which quite often redefines their lives.

Same goes with intelligence, shyness, etc. If you think you can change, so can you. If you don't, then you can't.

As much cliched as it might sound, it's true, and so agrees research.
It's not me, it's you? New research suggests that rejection actually makes some people redefine themselves – and their future romantic prospects.
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Guide to Hand Gestures

It is no secret that a majority of our communication is non-verbal, also known as body language. Regardless of whether we realize it, non-verbal cues subconsciously influence our conversation deeply.

In this blog on The Science of People, Vanessa Van Edwards explains 20 common hand gestures and their perceived effect:

Also included is why hands gestures are so powerful, and important.
Do you know how to speak with your hands? Check out our list of the 20 hand gestures you should be using in your next speech or presentation.
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Why we had to repeal the very Government of India Act that granted us Independence for our Constitution to be sovereign

The British Parliament granted India independence on August 15, 1947 by virtue of the Indian Independence Act. It also set up a popularly (though indirectly) elected Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution of India, which it did.

Yet, in what might perhaps appear exceedingly bizarre, the very last Article 395 of the Constitution of India repealed the very same Government of India Act it owes its existence to. And more so, in a situation where it technically had no legal authority to do so. 

Shivprasad Swaminathan, an Assistant Professor of Law, writes in The Hindu how and why this "bizarre" action was indeed very much deliberate:

All this was done because it was necessary to establish the Constitution as sovereign. It otherwise wouldn't have been so.
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Sagnik Sarkar

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A Guidebook For Managing Status in the Modern Day: A Fascinating Longread

As humans, we all crave status. So here's a complete guide (rather, a cheat-sheet would be more appropriate) I came across on how to augment your status in today's time:

Its first chapter deals with ways to augment a man's status. For this purpose, it divides status into 3 types: embodied status, ascribed status, and achieved status. It then lists ways to augment each type. This is just a compilation of behavioral psychology "hacks" you can use.

Chapter 2 talks about tuning our status drive for the 21st century. In today's world, there's so many fields you can achieve status in. So in which do you? The chapter attempts to answer this question.

In culmination, Chapter 3 talks of social responsibility. Having sorted out your mess of fulfilling the inherent desire for status that often (unfortunately) drives many people to misery (and doom), it's your duty to help people struggling with the same. This chapter speaks of it.

I know, it's pretty long, but its definitely worth twenty minutes of your time on a lazy Saturday evening.
In the conclusion to this series, we will lay out suggestions for how to best manage the pitfalls and benefits of the modern status system.
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Floating In The Dark

It's just something. Something floating in the eerie darkness. Something whose identity need not be discovered.

More details on 500px:
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Sagnik Sarkar

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Scientific American: The Problem With Female Superheroes

"From helpless damsel to powerful heroine, but still hypersexualized."

Reminds me of psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. He always used to say literary productions reflect the ideals of the society. Indeed it does. The transformation from "helpless damsel to powerful heroine" reflects the changing ideals of the society with regard to stereotypical gender roles.

The researchers "speculated that while today’s powerful superheroines might elevate egalitarian beliefs about gender roles, their sexualized nature might simultaneously have destructive effects on body image and self-objectification."

The results are pretty interesting, and it's definitely not something that deserves a shortened summary. Give it a read here:

Whether damsel in distress or superhero, female characters still remain a "sexual goddess".
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Autoland Instrument Approach to Delhi International Airport

Just dug this out. Somebody mounted a camera in the cockpit of an Airbus-330 making a Cat IIIB Autoland ILS Approach at Delhi.

Instrument Landing System is a set of navigational aids that guide a pilot to land safely in low visibility.

The pilot tunes into the frequency of the ILS, and based on the radio signals received from ILS arrays and transmitters on the ground, the Instrument Guidance System assists the pilot to make the approach (it's an instrument on the cockpit that tells the pilot to move left/right, or up/down).

Cat IIIB ILS is a type of Instrument Landing System that allows pilots to land safely with a visibility of no less than 150 feet on the runway.

Modern aircraft have an autoland feature that, when set, automatically guides the aircraft to touchdown on the runway, taking care of everything from throttle to the spoilers, flaps, etc. (yes, it an autopilot that lands the aircraft itself).

Notice how calm the pilots are landing through all that fog. And the instrument lights on the cockpit look as glamorous as ever!
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