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I tend to say "¯\(ツ)/¯" a lot in chat, so I added an easter egg to hangouts web chat to make it easier. Start any message with "/shruggie" and it'll convert into ¯\(ツ)/¯ when you send.
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Somebody get this man an award.
I guess that saves a few keystrokes /shruggie
[edit] Confirmed: does not work in G+ :)
Woah... do you work for google on the hangouts team? I thought you were just really interested with all the posts :)
"oh my gawwwwwd" - troll 2 oh my god guy
Why do we not have /defydanger then??
Mind blown. Now we just need this to function in a video call in some way!
You mean as it does in the standard Hangounts chat?
(am I remembering correctly?)
My wife and I tried it on each other just now. #blamesage  for adding all that apathy to our marriage.
and then you'll paste the shruggie into G+ and G+'s autoformatter will eat the _'s
Is this for web Hangouts only? I ask because it's not working on my app
It's web only. Most mobile devices support user-specified substitutions at the OS level or keyboard level, so people can easily set up a substition if they want. Not as easy on web, so the easter egg.
Ah, I see. We'll try the /roll 2d6 on our next gaming Hangout. Is it just d6, or will other die work, like d10?
Any dice, not limited to those that have been made. It can take modifiers, exploding dice, and more.
What? That's ground breaking! How do you set exploding dice? We're playing WW's Aberrant at the moment, so this is critical knowledge.

Also, thank you
/roll 3d6! = 3d6, exploding on 6s
/roll 3d6kh1 = 3d6, keep highest 1
/roll 3d6dl1 = 3d6, drop lowest 1
/roll 3d6kl2 = 3d6, keep lowest 2
/roll 3d6c>3 = 3d6, count successes where success means >3
+Sage LaTorra Why did Google kill the Hangout's Android Widget? Could you pretty please bring it back one day?
I was excited about this until I read the comments and saw it doesn't work on android or video chat.
+Jonn Perry on Android you can just set up a text replacement for whatever trigger you'd like to convert to the shrug characters and it'll work everywhere, not just Hangouts.
+Sage LaTorra I'll have to play with the text replacement; Sorry, I more referring to the dice rolling feature. 
It's the simple things that make me apathetic happy :)

How can I get my mobile dictionary to save this so I can use it later?

Vito: it works in Hangouts web chat. Just start a message with "/shruggie"
+Sage LaTorra​ so with the link you posted it seems to work perfectly fine with the Google keyboard but when I tried to do the same thing with the BlackBerry keyboard it doesn't work which sucks
Ok, went into settings and followed the steps outlined in the link provided by +Sage LaTorra​ and it is still not working...
I had some issues on Android with any substitution starting with "/", so on Android I have it just set to "shruggie"
Ok I must've missed something...I'm actually kind of lost...
This post is about something new in Hangouts web chat. Just start a message with "/shruggie" and it'll turn into ¯\(ツ)

If you'd like the same on mobile, the links I posted explain how you can set up text substitution to turn whatever phrase you'd like to turn into whatever you'd like, including turning "shruggie" into ¯\(ツ)/¯ 
+Sage LaTorra what you suggested in that link for the Google keyboard works fine but doesn't work at all with the Android blackberry keyboard even though I added it in. Weird
I've never used the BlackBerry keyboard, sorry. Don't have any idea how to improve it. 
K, got it.
Unfortunately, i rarely use the android keyboard because it doesn't support swype.
Go into settings and then tap on gesture typing and turn it on and presto swiping! ;)
Thanks Sage LaTorra! Express yourself...hey,hey,hey,hey!
where's my /tableflip ?  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
+Michael Miles /tableflip is rolling out to you right now. Reload later today and it'll be there.
How about /flipoff for 
t( °□°t)
I just updated to v12 hangouts and does not work for me!!
What language do you use Hangouts in? It may be localized to your UI language.
The message starts with /shruggie and it doesn't convert? Hm. Could you get the full version number?
It says 12.0.130004787 updated on Aug 16
It works now. I did a reboot. However I thought I tried that yesterday also.
Seems to only work if person you text is using hangouts
How bout:
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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