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Trust Us... His Bark is Worse Than His Bite
Homeowners place far too much trust in ineffective burglar deterrent tactics. The truth is, burglars are smarter than you think!

6 Burglar Deterrents That Aren't Fooling Anyone--->

#homesafety   #burglardeterrent   #guarddog  
Burglars aren’t as dumb as many would probably like to believe and...
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Infants (0 - 3 months)  - 
Does Your Monitor Alert Your Phone When Baby Has a Fever?
It doesn't? Well it should! New wearable technology allows parents to better monitor their baby while asleep. It even tracks your baby's sleeping patterns to give you an estimate of how much longer they'll sleep for. Pretty cool, huh?

#parenting #babymonitor #infant   #childsafety  
If you’re about to have your first baby, you’re likely in the...
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Top Home Security Mistakes to Avoid in 2015
Many homeowners unknowingly do things that make their home a target for burglars. That could be one reason why four burglaries occur every minute in the U.S. The good news is, tightening up home security isn’t difficult or expensive and can help you reduce your chances of being a target.


#homesafety #homesecutiy #2015
Top Home Security Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 - Many homeowners unknowingly do things that make their home a target for burglars. That could be one reason why fou…
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Interesting! With all the crazy weather this winter has brought, this is a great tip for homeowners. 
Do you know what is formed when water from melting snow refreezes at the edge of your roofline? Find out more from Travelers Insurance:
Ice dams can cause serious damage. Protect your home from the risks associated with ice dams using these tips.
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Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program is Easier Than You Think
The more sets of eyes you have watching your neighborhood, the better. Stay in close contact with your neighbors so they know your daily schedule or if you're going out of town. This way, they can notify you of any suspicious activity on your property. Via +Redfin.

#homesafety   #neighborhoodsafety   #safetytips   #neighborhoodwatch  
If you want to start a Neighborhood Watch program in your community, this eight-step guide from SafeWise will get you started.
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Some great apps to help you feel safe while alone. 
We wanted to share some of our favorite safety apps that we've come across. Let us know what other ones that you like!
These are 5 safety apps that we love.
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Is Your House More Secure Than The White House?
Recent incidents such as the "fence jumper" show some flaws in the President's home security. What you can learn from The White House's mistakes to better secure your home.
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Ha, how about "Lock your flippin' doors!!!"
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10 Tips for a First Time Renter in San Francisco
SF has a lot to offer. But living is not always the easiest, or most cost efficient. What tips and hacks have you found most useful while living in the Bay area?

#SanFrancisco #renter #movingtips   #renting  
San Francisco is a vibrant, beautiful city with plenty of things to see and do. It’s also expensive and can take a little time to get used to, especially if you’re moving from a smaller city. If you’re a brand new first time renter in San Francisco, here are some tips to help acclimate
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Because a Burglar Could Harm Them
8 reasons your dog is not a home security system.


#dog  #pet #safety #petsafety   #homesafety  
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Does Your Fridge Display 'In Case of Emergency' Contact Info?
You never know who might need an emergency number. A babysitter, pet sitter, maybe even a handyman! No matter what, it's best to keep it in a visible place.

#homesafety #homesafetytips #emergency   #emergencycontact  #fridgemagnet
It’s important to have contact numbers easily accessible for you, your family,...
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Have you been waiting for a Safest Cities report for your state? We just released an handful of new reports! Check for your state here:
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Home Security Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not do some improvements around the house to keep the ones you love safe?

#homesafety  #valentinesday #DIY
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