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Half man, half machine, always ready.
Half man, half machine, always ready.

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I just discovered I can restore tabs in Chrome in Android Lollipop.

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The battle join, you must.

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Singapore skyline at night shimmers.
Skyscrapers arrange themselves in a rare “linear cluster” formation. #Singapore

Photo added to Maps by Thomas Burri:

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This is a disturbing pattern of not following departmental policy regarding access to counsel by the Chicago PD.

I am intrigued that the Republicans want to discuss George W. Bush's culpability for 9/11.

Not only was Dubya the President on 9/11 but he was warned of an attack in the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6, 2001:, yet he did nothing in response. Not one thing.

So, please, allow me to be the first to accuse Bush of negligence and incompetence.

Bush's response to 9/11 was even worse. He invaded Afghanistan but then took his eye off the ball to invade Iraq and turned both wars into quagmires.

Then he created the mess that is the Department of Homeland Security, which bungled the Katrina response.

Even before Sep. 11, 2001 he appointed his former campaign manager to run FEMA into the ground. Then he appointed Michael Brown to finish the job. See page 24 of this FEMA publication:

George W. Bush. Terrible President or worst President ever?

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I almost deleted the email about this LinkedIn suit as spam. I like LinkedIn, but they are zealous in vacuuming up the contact information of anyone who has ever known you...

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I wonder what will happen when this piece of bi-partisan reform legislation lands in the House of Representatives...

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Great news! Billionaires with no interest in public policy or government have decided that they should be running the government.

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I suggest re-christening Windows 10 as LifeInvader 10 (h/t  to Rockstar Games). 

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"As it turns out, 75 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can’t locate Iran on a map, according to a National Geographic-Roper Public Affairs Geographic Literacy Study in 2006, let alone be grateful for a complicated diplomatic deal crafted half a world away."
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