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For more information on self-harm!
Cutting can be a parent's worst nightmare which often comes by surprise.
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Coming to the first question today, what is self-harm?
Self- harm or self-injury is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of the body, done without a wish to die.
What forms does self-harm take?
The most common form that self-harm takes is using a sharp object to cut one's skin, but other behaviors include burning, scratching, banging or hitting body parts, interefering with wound healing, hair pulling, and consumption of toxic substances or objects. It is important to note that though suicide may not be the intention for self-harm, self-harming behavior can be potentially life threatening. There is also an increased risk of suicide in individuals who self-harm.
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Let us talk about self-harm today. Self- harm is something that makes all of us sit up, and take notice. However, most of the times, we notice for the wrong reasons.

We feel, "Oh she's doing this just to get attention" or "What? You are cutting yourself? Are you a girl to do that?" or "This generation is only messed up! All these attention seekers, can't take no for an answer!"

And how do we react? "Stop this nonsense! Are you mad?" or "One beating I'll give you!"

Self- harm is not an attention seeking tactic. What then is self-harm and why do people do it? We shall cover these two questions in this two part series, today and tomorrow. We hope that after this, all of us do sit up and take notice, but this time, for all the right reasons.

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Sometimes it gets overwhelming and we need some inspiration.
We bring you a series of quotes, poems and literature. #LoveThyself #TranquilTuesdays
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Want to know more about Rogers? Take a look at the following link!
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Carl Rogers was an American psychologist and among the founders of Humanistic approach or client centered approach to psychology and psychotherapy.

He believed that every person can achieve his/her goals, wishes and desires in life.According to him, each one of us needs to be provided with genuineness, openness, complete acceptance, unconditional positive regard(not placing conditions on whether or not he will be loved. For example, if you do this, I will love you, if not, I won't.) and empathy, to grow. Without these, he said, healthy personalities and healthy relationships won't develop.

Here are a few of his most notable quotes. Good fodder for thought, no?
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Sometimes it gets overwhelming and we need some inspiration.
We bring you a series of quotes, poems and literature. #LoveThyself #TranquilTuesdays
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Coming to the second question of why people self-harm, let us look at a few reasons. These reasons are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive but are commonly noticed. Although some individuals who self-harm do not have a diagnosable psychiatric concern, many individuals experiencing certain psychological conditions are at a greater risk of self-harm.
Self-harm may be a coping response to intense and overwhelming emotional pain that cannot be resolved in a functional way. For some, it might be a means of controlling and managing pain, as opposed to the past when they had no control. For a few, it may be a way of detaching or dissociating from emotional pain or to get rid of their feelings of numbness and to feel something, feel alive. Some individuals may also engage in self-harm to emotionally manipulate others.
Self-harm and it's reasons are worth looking in depth into. What it can be certainly seen as is a desperate cry for help, a plea for aid that cannot and should not be ignored. Let us strive to support and understand individuals who self-harm and give them the help that they need.
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All of us feel the need to share our thoughts and feelings with significant others in our lives. Often, we feel misunderstood.
Read this insightful article by our team on why we feel misunderstood and what we can do about it!
Often, when we feel overwhelmed in our day to day lives, we wish to share our feelings, thoughts and perspectives with people who are part of our lives. We share these for several reasons – to feel validated, to find an emotional release, to ‘sort things out’ as we speak, and so on. Underlying many of
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Let's look at the word of the week!
#ExpressWhatYouFeel #WordyBirdy
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Should you seek psychotherapy only when you have a mental health concern?
Read this insightful article by our psychologist Michelle Pereira, where she offers a unique perspective- of seeing a mental health professional even when you are not having a problem!
#Psychotherapy #MentalHealth
Let me start by telling you what prompted me to write about the gift of psychotherapy. In the last one week, I have had a few of my acquaintances ring me from different corners of the globe for a psychotherapist referral. Most of them were going through some kind of difficulty- be it a troubled
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Let's look at the word of the week!
#ExpressWhatYouFeel #WordyBirdy
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Psychologist and Counselor
Founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space Center for counseling and assessment

Style of therapy: Eclectic- A combination of mindfulness practices, somatic psychotherapy and other classical therapeutic approaches.

Developed Integrated Mindfulness Program (IMP)
Am passionate about integrating mindfulness practices-that have originated in India and are now extensively used by western psychotherapists-into the Indian psychotherapeutic context.

Find it very easy to talk and love and fairly easy to write

Learning Kathak, an Indian classical dance form and absolutely love it 

Have a flair for photography-and an eye for compositions.

Traveling and interacting with new cultural systems is a high for me.

More on me here

  • Post Graduation: Dept. of Applied Psychology- University of Mumbai
    Clinical Psychology, 1997 - 1999
  • Graduation: St. Xavier's College, Bombay
    Psychology, 1992 - 1997
  • Schooling: St. Anne's High School- Fort, Mumbai
  • Trainings in Psychotherapy
    -Integral Somatic Psychotherapy: Trauma Vidya California -Neuroscience and Mindfulness: with Rick Hanson- Sydney Australia -Neurolinguistic Programming -Reality Therapy
Basic Information
Founder and Chief Psychologist- Inner Space Counseling and Assessment
Counseling, Psychotherapy, mindfulness based therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, marital therapy, child counseling, counseling for psychological and emotional difficulties
  • Inner space-Counseling and Assessment
    Founder and Chief Psychologist, present
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