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On a coach.

With Wi-Fi. Yay—

But I forgot my headphones.


Anyway, I'm on a trip and on my way to watch An Inspector Calls in some theatre in Cardiff.

Apparently it's shit.

But at least we get to miss a Geography lesson anyway.

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What? It's just like copyrighting the very word "sky" itself, why even…
Skype is unable to get an EU-wide trademark for its brand because a court believes its name is too similar to the broadcaster Sky's.
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dats some bull))
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So I listen to most of the Marukaite Chikyuu songs and I feel like there is a hidden sad vibe within each individual song, along with a few hints in the lyrics. Russia's is that he's always been in a cold place, England's suggests that he feels betrayed and doesn't give a shit anymore as life is always painfully ironic toward him, China's is wondering whether he actually is himself anymore (is unsure who he is now - confused) and yada-yada-yada. Poland went through a lot of shit in the past with Lithuania and because recent times are so happy to him and he's been separated for so long, he has become too used to it and ends up bossing his friend around, a friend who doesn't mind being bossed around because even though it is painful to deal with he misses the times he had with him and still enjoys his company. HRE's is just sad as all hell and everybody knows why. Because he misses the child he met and wants to return to Earth but can't. And there's this one line in most of them saying 'This is the Earth' and then saying 'Or is this the Earth?', along the lines of that. Not to mention saying that the colours created by a paintbrush makes a brighter world. They didn't mention which world. Which means, what if we aren't as perfect or safe as we think we are? What if the entirety of human-kind needs to change it's ways before it's too late? I know that's a huge thing to think up just going based off of a song in anime, but... It's still there.

And not to mention, Italy sings that it's 'Useless Hetalia'. He could be calling himself useless, but... I'm pondering over this more than normal. Which means something's ringing alarm bells in my head about this. I don't know, it's just a thought...

Oh, this song here? I just found it right after listening to all of them. I find that many of the Marukaite Chikyuu songs include love, friend-wise and love-love wise, so I think that it displays the sadness of it quite well. Not to mention, it says 'All I know is... I'm lost' within this song, which is hinted at in China's and England's songs, so I think that this song is almost perfect for almost all the Marukaite Chikyuu songs and the hidden sadness within them. Thank you and I hope someone shares my opinion or at least thinks with me on this~!
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I agree with most of this. Although the canon name thing can be reconsidered, since Himaruya encouraged us to do what we like, ever since he removed his blog posts about them and doesn't even use them himself anymore.
A list of things I can't stand, just to say it:


USUK (I don't care about Fruk, even though every gay pairing except SuFin and whatever Chibitalia/HRE is called is a NOTP of mine)

Seychelles hate

Things like "2P! Nyo! Neko! In a maid's dress! Sleeping next to you! Bored! Alone! In love with you! America"

Fanon names being used instead of the canon ones (I'm looking at you, most Liechtenstein RPers)

Bad RPers (those with improper grammar, bad spelling, etc.)

Most OCs (be it that they are either terrible, poorly drawn, shallow, or a combo of all 3)

Those who try to do like 5 characters at a time (doing 2 or 3 is fine, but beyond that it is excessive)

Fangirls who overship everything

"Nyos can't be in the same universe!" Excuse me, if I'm not mistaken, Estonia was still a guy, and there's a strip involving Nyo Germany yelling at normal Italy.

"MY OTP IS CANON!!!" No, it probably isn't.

"Sealand is bad and you should feel bad" ok whatever
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Yeah, but there are some people who are entirely obsessed with yaoi that it can get somewhat irritating whenever they just go on about that.

But whatever, it's a free country. XD
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Boo, it's not like you intend to have plans for the unclaimed land yourself.

Pointless post, just procrastinating.
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Dammit, I'm too excited to go to school now after 4 days off (INSET & Mayday).

• New micronation, typical Hetalian excitement.

• Google+ Collections which should be useful for someone like me who urgently requires organisation.

• General laziness.
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Yea, I'll see you after skool

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Nation: Liberland

Full name: The Free Republic of Liberland

Status: Micronation

Birthday: 1st May 2015
(As “president”, Jedlicka announced, 1 May was to mark Liberland’s founding holiday, on which the first 100 settlers to reach the shore by boat would be given honorary citizenship.)

Size: 7 square km patch of land in Gornja Siga on the Balkans

Motto: Live and Let Live
(On 13th April, Jedlicka and his friends travelled to Gornja Siga, a pocket of land along the Danube river, raised a flag, and declared the birth of Liberland, a new micro-nation whose motto is “Live and Let Live”.)

Founder/President: Vit Jedlicka


"Taxes are nil. Trade virtually unhindered. No official currency. Regulations kept to the very minimum. The powers of the state limited to bare essentials and private property sacrosanct.

Czech libertarian activist Vit Jedlicka, a member of the eurosceptic Free Citizens’ Party, spent years campaigning in his homeland for lower taxes and a smaller government. But when the 31-year old economist’s efforts met with little success, he decided to go off the grid.

With Serbia tracing the border along the Danube, and Croatia claiming the border along thebcadastral municipalities of the two countries, Liberland’s new soil is effectively unclaimed by either side.

According to some legal sources, sovereignty over such a terra nullius (“land belonging to no one”) may, in theory, be acquired by occupation. Jedlicka’s team did their research of all the bits of terra nullius that were up for grabs.

The idea has also attracted a cult following online, with social media and the libertarian blogosphere soaring with praise to the new micro-nation, the number of citizenship applications from around the world reached 300,000, of which 20,000 are Egyptians, 65,000 are Turks and many thousands are from Serbia, Croatia, and elsewhere the region.

Determined to prevent illegal crossing of national borders, Serbian and Croatian border patrols have stopped would-be Liberlandiands from entering the area. The venue had to be moved to a nearby restaurant on the Serbian side of the border, with some 30 attendees getting their documents over a glass of beer.

Jedlicka’s team seems determined to strike a deal of coexistence with the Croatian and Serbian governments, however.

In his first diplomatic mission as head of (a virtual) state, Jedlicka tried to meet with Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, but was told she was abroad. According to sources on the ground, while both countries have officially dismissed the micronation as a joke, the Serbians have shown more benevolence than Croatians.

The declarative theory, posits four criteria which Liberland would have to meet in order to be considered a proper country: a government; a defined territory, a permanent population; and the ability to enter into relations with other states.

Even if Liberland becomes the first micro-nation to actually achieve some sort of recognition (dozens of failed attempts include “The Principality of Sealand” and “The Republic of Minerva”), the challenges of nation-building extend beyond his initial steps."

Just in case you happen to seek this information.
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Research done right :33
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Come to think of it, does the Czech Republic, Croatia or Serbia even have canon designs yet? If not, then I doubt that Liberland is going to get much attention as of yet, especially considering that there are many other unrecognised micronations…

Oh well, fanon stuff can still proceed~
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1p and 2p Peru {Admin:Grace} originally shared:
((Pops in Enjoy. Runs off))
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XDDDD Germany tho-
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Reshares to watch later even though I never do
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Hetalians be like: BBY
An uninhabited piece of land between Serbia and Croatia is being proclaimed as Europe's - and the world's - newest state.
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