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I'm surprised at the pitches and grounds for women's cricket world cup. They look like amateurish.
Adding photos of grounds from men's vs women's world cup.
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Audio Only for Chrome is wonderful extension to save video bandwidth and listen to audio from youtube playlists.

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#Poorna is a wonderful biographical movie. Very good direction and acting.
A must watch.... Show to your children as well!

And such are the films which should be promoted, encouraged.

I am clueless on why intelligent people spend huge money and time over making stupid movies like #OkJaanu. Samajhdaar ko isharaa kafi hai!

LinkedIn had 467 million around Q3'16.
Facebook has 1.94 B monthly active users.

Why do Facebook, LinkedIn think that any user who comes to their website is coming for a registration?
You can see that the cursor always lands at name / surname etc.
#UX #facebook #linkedin

Intel showcases drones to be used like fireworks in the sky for Disneyland! Its nice :)

This drone application reminds me of Kilobot project I came across 2 years back (

I think they will be in a way working on co-operative principle to do the formation, get info from neighboring drones.

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Easiest way to learn about #machinelearning is from infants. Observing them do things, handle objects.
I would like to share an experience with my 1 year old daughter. She knows a nail cutter. I regularly sit with her to cut the nails. She learnt it's shape and use.
Yesterday she brought me a plastic clip for clothes. And indicated towards her toe nails. As if she was telling me "look Daddy I got nail cutter".
I was surprised.
It has a clear correlation with the object identification from images/videos. Image shared below.

Another aspect is getting feedback or confirmation. When they do or discover something new, they are so surprised that they want to immerse parents also in this experience. If parents feel the similar excitement, it confirms their experiment. They repeat it. And my observations in this regards are: they will try to associate the experience/sounds/surroundings with that thing/experiment. They learn new word. So I feel it's important that we associate appropriate experience when infants are experimenting new things.

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The transparent/reflective surface is modified in 3D to create any target image from light. This is amazing :)

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This reminds me of the study and proposal we had done which involved analysis of various wireless technologies and their future use cases for automotive giant Daimler. I remember raised eyebrows and critics comment when I proposed the use case of driverless trucks and dedicated highways/lanes for material transport.

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OpenSource is amazing. When you get involved into it, you realize the pain hackers are taking to provide you great software.
Linux itself is one such well known product.
When you search you find more and more of these.

Recently I was searching for open source software to extract text / tables from PDF.
Look what I found: tabula. You need to just run a jar file, select a pdf file to extract data from, select a region of the file, save the data :)
This is just great from the UX perspective as well. And it works well!
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