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Sabrina Taylor
Master marketer helping your online biz see better conversions.
Master marketer helping your online biz see better conversions.

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I can't tell you how many wannabe FA's I've met who were only applying because they wanted the travel benefits.
But are they all they're cracked up to be? Here is my brutally honest breakdown of what flight attendant travel benefits are actually like! 

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I've got a mean case of wanderlust and I get to talk all about it in this interview with +Nathaniel Boyle on the Daily Travel Podcast. Have a listen!

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Ya'll know I'm not one for sharing much - especially podcasts as they're not really my thing - HOWEVER, I really loved listening to this one from +Natalie Sisson featuring Nisha Moodley. 

A lot of what Nisha said resonated with me and I was totally smit with her beautifully soothing voice. (Seriously, almost as soothing as Morgan Freeman's voice!) So go on and have a listen, won't you!!!

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Webinars are all the rage, but from experience I've found it a little difficult trying to figure out which platform is right for me.

This week +Natalie Sisson covers her top 3 tools and gives the lowdown on their features and budget. It's worth 4 minutes of your time so be sure to check it out!

#webinar   #webinartools  

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I finally understand that feeling I had when I returned home from France when I was 16  - RE-ENTRY.
That feeling where you've experienced something completely unique, something that makes back home feel stagnant and a little underwhelming...
If you've ever experienced similar feelings after traveling abroad then you are definitely going to appreciate this podcast from +Natalie Sisson featuring Cate Brubaker via #SuitcaseEntrepreneur   #SmallPlanetStudio

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I frequently get asked what it is that I actually do for a living...well, here's a little Day In The Life Of Me! 

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Had a nice work-sesh with +Natalie Sisson. Thinking back, we should have taken greater advantage of that wonderful pool. 
Next time :) #digitalnomads  
After a long-ish morn/ afternoon thanks to a delayed flight from Boracay I had a great in person handover session with my newest team member Sabrina.

We decided to finish it off poolside at my Cebu airport hotel!

Now I'm beyond excited about getting at least 6 solid hours sleep for the first time in 8 days before my early morning flight to Japan (first time) #digitalnomads #moresleep #cebu

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Live and Work in Thailand! 
My friend's company is hiring and his is an opportunity you won't want to pass up!

Who works on a Saturday?
hand up
Damn right, I do!
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