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Sabrina Steczko
The Prenatal Pampering Water Guru
The Prenatal Pampering Water Guru

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Glorious morning radiant early birds!
Time to rise and shine...
Surf's up... shall we ride the WAVE?

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Glorious Monday morning early birds!
Just checking in to say... it's Sadhana!
Time to Ignite them brainwaves...
Any early risers ready to ride the current?
Shall we dip our toes into the infinite waters?
The WAVE is rippling forth...
Enjoy your practice and have a beautiful bountiful day!
Sat Naam

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It's time to shine!
Glorious Thursday morning early risers...
What do we do at this time of day?
Ignite our brainwaves and Spark the Higher within...
Are we ready?
The WAVE is here... shall we begin?
Have a beautiful day everyone!ļ»æ

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It's that time of the day waky waky early birds it's 5:40 AM!
Time to tune in and Ignite the inner Fire!
Sadhana šŸŒž
Anyone on the same wavelength?
Surf's up time to ride the WAVE!
Shall we begin?
Dive deep into the infinite waters...
Enjoy your practice!ļ»æ

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Glorious morning early risers!
Could not sleep last night so was not able to make it PranaShanti for our communal Aquarian Sadhana this morning. My mind was hard to settle last night I fell asleep at around 3 am instead of rising... but did get up at 5:50 am anyway to do my regular practice here at home.
Ahh that feeling you get after Sadhana!
I just love ridding that WAVE...
Any early birds on the same wavelength?
Sat Naam everyone!ļ»æ

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Glorious Tuesday morning early birds šŸ˜Š
What time is it?
And, who is on the same wavelength?
Sadhana, all done!
Now what?
All fueled up I feel like I can conquer the world here!
Yogi's please share how do YOU feel during and after Sadhana?
Have an awesome Sadhana and great day friends!

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I've opened other SM accounts I'd love to see you there as I explore and learn how to manage all these platforms together, please have fun with me during this process that would be helpful :) Learning is an on-going process just like life <3 I admit I prefer to stay away from SM but I have Learned over the years that as an Entrepreneur I have no choice to Love it... We are all addicted to SM and yet we say we Need it for business... I've always felt mixed feelings about that. But I have found Balance and adjusted my "lifestyle" to this flow with the years ;)
So don't be shy, please interact, like or comment on my posts on the SM platform of your choice down below. Check it out!
Keep shinning, cause that's what We Do Best šŸ”„

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Happy New Year 2017 Everyone!!
May the grace of health, love, joy and continual abundance overflow all year round!
Many changes beginning this year for Sound-Wave.Yoga so stay tuned!
Visit the Page:
Website: http://SoundWave.Yogaļ»æ

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2 hours of morning practice? Check!
Glorious morning early birds - who's riding the Sadhana Wave with me here? Still not done though... yes, I adore rising to greet and honor the SUN... beloved and most gracious RA who shines so generously for all.
Original: Nov 20, 2016.
This is a re-post fromļ»æ

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Love gives you power to merge,
From the finite to the infinite
Love gives you power to trust,
From nothing to everything.

Love gives you power, the powerful prayer
Between you and your creator.
Love gives you vastness,
As vast as there can be.

Love gives you the hold, the experience,
And the touch with your own infinity,
As beautiful, bountiful and blissful as there can be.

- The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

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