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Sabrina Lynn Domenosky
Founder of ReWilding for Women. Adventure Seeker.
Founder of ReWilding for Women. Adventure Seeker.

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The Sabrina Show (We don't have an official name yet so this will have to do.)

Episode 1- "Deep Dive into Your Own Psyche Through Powerful Masculine and Feminine Archetypes" - Interview with Daniel Sowelu

This is the intense inner work that has totally transformed my sexuality and my relationships.  I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you!  I hope you enjoy the show and I'd love to hear what parts resonate with you.  Leave a comment below if something hit you square between the eyes:-)

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In Part 2 Daniel Will Dive Into :
 * Ways to reclaim your sacred sexuality
 * The role of the sacred feminine in the ongoing processes of deep and liberating change
 * How you can unveil and empower your inner gifts
 * Tools to balance the divine masculine and sacred feminine within you

**PLUS Daniel will be outlining the workshops, training events and retreats that are on offer to support individuals through these processes throughout 2015!!!  Special offers will be announced!**

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In part 1 of this 2-part teleconference series Daniel will be diving into the astrology of 2015 AND giving us some tools on how to move with the coming energies.

>>>>>>>>>>>>   We'll Explore   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Relationship possibilities and dynamics in 2015
* How to get into alignment with processes of dramatic change
* Practices that make the most of the year's exceptional healing and spiritual opportunities
*Manifesting our visions and spiritual passion in the physical world  *How to navigate the upcoming challenges  

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Love this recipe!!  Made it for xmas and it was a hit!!!

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I have NO idea how google+ works or what the point of it is!!!!
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